In stock alert: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX (hard to find item)

B&H has it in stock now.

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  • Roy Batty

    Maybe it’s being replaced soon with a DX II version, as it happened to Tokina 12-24 f/4?

    • shayzorblade

      VERY doubtful. This lens is less than a year old.

      And I must say, I am very happy I ordered one when the second batch of them started shipping, a very nice lens 🙂

  • Nikkorian

    Yes, it certainly is an interesting lens!! I was only hesitating so far because Sigma’s got the ultrasonic AF motor. But now that Sigma has announced the 3.5 constant aperture 10-20, I’ll wait a little longer for reviews 🙂

  • For quite some time, Tokina has known of an assembly problem with this lens. Their customer service in CA told me that many of these lenses were being assembled without the proper lens element spacers. This causes odd focus issues and lack of sharpness. They also told me a bulletin would not be forthcoming because they considered the problems “common knowledge”.

    I returned two to B&H (one having been examined by Tokina, where I learned what I’m posting here). I went with the Sigma 10-20mm. There are a number of forums detailing people’s problematic experience with the Tokina.

    If you get a good copy, great. If they have finally settled this issue, great. It would be nice if they would issue a statement including a serial number from which the consumer will know they would not have a problem…

  • netmare

    i looked everywhere for this lens.. and i checked every where and all had the same answer “out of stock”
    i went to B&H and filled up one of those inform me when in stock list… and after 2-3 weeks i did get a mail that it is in stock… i immediately went and ordered one (woohoo) this was Thursday evening, by Saturday noon i wanted to buy one more for a friend and it was already sold out…

    its just in huge demand… and a damn fine lens 🙂

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