Congrats Nikon!

Of course we still love Nikon! Congrats on the 50th anniversary of Nikon F-mount!


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  • Anonymous

    Christ, could they have picked a more awful song?

    • Anonymous

      I reckon the singer must be the producer’s boyfriend or something cos that is AWFUL.

      • Anonymous

        And what about the voice-over ?! Gah, sounds like a wannabe cinema announcer !

        But the vid is great with the sound off. A bit like my D90.

  • Weston

    cool video. Now I’m wondering if i’ve always pronounced it wrong, is it Ny kon, or Nee Kon

    • Anonymous

      Depends on if youre pronouncing it in the ‘proper’ japanese or not. The correct pronunciation would be “nee ko-n” not “ny-kon” or “nee kahn”

  • Jack

    No! They didn’t announce anything cool! I’m going to give away all my Nikon gear and buy a Toyota! All hail Toyota!

    • Ravell

      If you’re giving it away, can I have it? Could use a few more lenses! 😀

    • Aaron

      man…i am also quite disappointed…

  • StillWaiting4D800

    The song was so annoying

  • This video has been out for months but still brings a tear to my eye.

    • den

      yeah cause the singer does not hit one note….that is so terrible!!! it also makes my ears bleed. i think we allready had this discussion three months ago?

  • tommy boy

    my goodness haha!
    this is more than pompous.

  • Adam123

    I didn’t realize it’s been out for months. Explains why no D3X. Dontcha think they could have updated it to include their flagship???

  • Maxk

    Why they didn’t mention the D-90 – first DSLR ever to record HD video…?

    Yes, We love Nikon!

    As it seem Nikon will be the DSLR king for the next years…

    • Rodrigo

      probably because the video was released before the Nikon D90!

  • Anonymous

    umm, admin, this is the THIRD time you post a link to this video.

    the first time they played this video is at the announcement of D3 and D300 which is over an year and half ago.

  • no, this is the SECOND time I am posting this – as you can see there are still people that haven’t seen it

  • I have offered this videoclip, for understanding that “Don’t worry, be happy”
    *about “PMA Nothing” and much sadnesses…

    we love Nikon!

    ** this older movie presented in 2007

  • Impeccability
  • Adam

    A reminder to you Yanks.

    Listen to the vid

    It’s Nikon.. Not Nikeon!

  • shivas

    thanks nikon for the worst PMA ever!!!

    seriously, only 1 lens and no bodies. . .I guess we shall wait. . .

  • Anonymous

    That video has been playing every time I walk into the Nikon service center in Hong Kong…

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