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Nikon Coolpix P6000 firmware update 1.2

I could not find the latest firmware on Nikon US website, but here is the UK version: Windows Mac The following improvements have been made in version 1.2. – When shooting in a user setting mode at an image quality setting of NRW (RAW) + Fine, NRW (RAW) + Normal, or NRW (RAW) + Basic […]

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Nikon Coolpix P6000 1.1 Firmware update released

What was fixed: When pictures were taken with the wide converter WC-E76 and the Wide angle converter and Distortion control items in the shooting menu set to On, the effects of distortion control were weak. This issue has been resolved. When autofocus mode in the shooting menu was added to My Menu and autofocus mode […]

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Nikon P6000 in stock now

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Today’s recap (updated)

No announcement today. Last chance on Monday before Photokina. Besides the earlier hoax, those are the rumors for today: Photoextract (a photo sharing site) has Nikon D800 listed on its camera list. Source reported that Nikon D60 Black Gold could be a Ritz-only package and not a Nikon sponsored campaign. Someone is claiming that a […]

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Is Nikon aiming to drop Mac support?

I know that this will never happened, but I sense a definitive favoritism towards Microsoft. Recently NR reported on Page2 about the patent exchange agreement between Microsoft and Nikon. Remember the P6000? There was a lot of pre-release excitement about this camera, but it seems that the RAW files generated by the P6000 will be compatible […]

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Nikon P6000 available for pre-order @ B&H & Ritz

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