Is Nikon aiming to drop Mac support?

I know that this will never happened, but I sense a definitive favoritism towards Microsoft.
Recently NR reported on Page2 about the patent exchange agreement between Microsoft and Nikon.
Remember the P6000? There was a lot of pre-release excitement about this camera, but it seems that the RAW files generated by the P6000 will be compatible only with Microsoft Windows. Read here for more details on this story (thanks for the link MR).
fyi - I am a Mac user.
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  • rubens

    i will change to canon in a minute if nikon drops mac support!

  • I will never follow Nikon down the Microsoft road. Ever. And Nikon would be absolutely stupid to drop Mac support, considering a ton of professionals use Macs. If Nikon starts showing huge favoritism to Microsoft in their professional lines of cameras; I’ll switch. I’d hate to switch. But I would.

  • I too would switch to Canon if Nikon were to favor Microsoft over Apple. But the last workshop I went to that Nikon sponsored was also sponsored by Apple. Each Mac in the room had NX and Aperture running, with classes for either one.

    That was in late 2006. So I doubt this is the case.

  • James

    I see the original post as flame bait. It would be suicidal for Nikon to do that.
    I am a Mac convert and I use Aperture but I also know that the pro market is less that 1% for both Canon and Nikon. We can not ask Nikon to ignore Windows users since it is a majority of the market, Keep in mind that it is a two way street–Aperture could not process D3/D300 files until 2.0 came out. This several month delay was not Nikon’s fault.
    The Nikon wireless transmitter WT-4A will not work on the new Apple OS Leopard. Not sure it this is gamesmanship between the two or not. At the end of the day, Nikon will survive without Apple and vice-versa—I just do not see any reason for that to come to fruition.

  • If my memory is correct, Microsoft and Apple also have a patent cross licensing deal.

  • SB

    This just seems stupid for Nikon to do. Macs are making up more and more of the landscape now, as are Linux machines. Given how MS treats its ‘technology partners’ (ahem, plays for sure), Nikon is certainly going to get the worse end of this deal. The thing that scares me is what happens if Nikon announces a firmware update for an existing camera that drops NEF for NRW? A Mac/Linux user could be screwed.

    Anyway, this is just bizarre thing for Nikon to do, can’t really see any benefit for them.

  • Me too, although the value of my Nikon bodies, lens, accessories were >> my mac book pro, I will change to Canon for rest of my life if they do so!

    FYI, I am definitely a Nikon fan, but I really hate this kind of act!

  • Anonymous

    Your time is coming 1 button mouse users! hehe

  • Renee

    Nikon would be stupid if they did that, even as I’m not an Apple adapt nor supporter, anyone should be able to choose his/hers favorite OS for doing hers/his work.

    Nikon where smart, it should support Linux as well, or at least be more supportive towards applications running on Linux which like to be interconnected with a Nikon Camera.

    Next to that, more and more small computer (acer atom and asus eee-pc) are more than nice to do some timelapst/tethered shooting. Nikon should be less protective about the area’s where Nikon camera’s are applied..

  • Bjorso

    The best thing for Nikon and others to do is open up for open standards. It’s the user who should decide which computer platform to use, neither Nikon or Microsoft! Any new rawfile format is one too many, the market doesn’t need them. Why not support Adobe’s free standard and use DNG? Then it’s up to the user to prefere Win, Mac or Linux.
    If Nikon is going to be a Win only company in the future, then I will be one of their ex-customers but I don’t think they dare to ignore at least the Mac platform?

  • Dean

    I really hope that this isn’t true, I have a bunch on Nikon gear (new) that I’ll be selling if this is true. Just as Nikon was making me think that they turning things around. I have the money in the bank for the new 20+ MP camera just waiting. Now well have to wait and see. But on the other hand it would cut out a large % of the market if they did this. No one is going to learn a new OS they just change camera’s. I have one windows machine I use to send things to the lab and I hate it. I need to go get some air……

  • I was kind of sad to see that announcement as I am so very sick of windows and everything MS I am about to throw my 10 or so pc’s out the (glass) window. As soon as apple releases the new MacBooks I am on the mac train. Come on Nikon, don’t go with a dying horse, mac’s have always been the graphical choice for photographers, seems strange to go with a company largely disliked by a good bit of their customer base? I personally have bought my last PC.

  • widemos

    Ummmm, what mouse? I use a tablet and a pen. Abandoned that prehistoric animal already…


  • Steven Sow

    I’m just wondering why Nikon even developed a new Raw format, what was wrong with NEF? And I hope Nikon wouldn’t be stupid enough to ignore Apple completely, if so, I would be following the exodus to Canon

  • Klaus

    Nikon needs to realize that it’s in the camera business, not the software business. Not only is their software terrible, I would be shocked if it accounted for even 1% of their revenue.

    They don’t need to “support” anything, they just need to publish their specs and provide a C API for free (in all senses of the word), without the onerous NDA. Voila: overnight, every vendor can claim native support for Nikon’s cameras. Guess what, that would be GREAT for Nikon.

    I cannot fathom why they think it’s to their advantage to force people to use their crummy programs. But this wouldn’t be the first time they made a bad move that cost them dearly.

  • FYI I have managed to get the WT-4A working with OS X 10.5 which was very tedious to say the least but I now have it going direct via an airport card or via a router.

  • Lars

    Another sample of bad journalism. There is nothing platform-specific in a RAW format – it’s just data. Bad spin by Nikon marketing, that’s all.

    All the major players reverse-engineer raw formats anyway

  • Klaus

    A RAW format could be made platform-specific by taking advantage of one of several outrageous laws. For example, encode the file and patent the decoding mechanism. Or encrypt the white-balance data (wait, they actually DID that) and sue third-parties under the DMCA.

    And providing access with their own SDK is a joke. First, you have to sign a crazy NDA, and second, they only make the SDK available for a certain OS on certain hardware.

    The RAW file is the digital negative. It’s ridiculous that we’re made to reverse-engineer our OWN negatives.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I thought this page supported standard forum coding. Here are the links:
    MS-Hoya deal:

    MS-Olympus deal:

  • Klaus

    It’s not a ridiculous concern. Nikon actively blocks open access to their NEF files through undocumented features, encryption shenanigans, and an SDK with a restrictive NDA. And then there’s the new Windows-only Coolpix. Their track record sucks.

    I doubt they’ll drop Mac support only because that would be a really bad move financially, not because it isn’t in their nature.

  • dumb. dumb. dumb. why alienate a growing market? It’ll be a G10 for me!

  • I for one am a very loyal customer to Nikon. I have been using nothing else but Nikon. If this is real i will have no choice but to fully convert my system to Canon.

  • Ben

    WTF Nikon?
    I know maybe a dozen people with Nikon DSLRs (know them, like in person, not over the internet.)
    None of them use Windows.
    Even if only 10% of the people whom shot with Nikons use a Mac, thats a decent loss of profits.

  • Charles

    Has anyone been to the Apple Store on-line? The cameras on offer are Canon and some P&S’s. There is not a Nikon to be seen anywhere. Not surprised that Nikon would want to rattle Apple’s cage, though I would be disappointed if Nikon went that way. Cut me and I bleed cider.

  • randini

    Sorry to bring up an *old* topic, but thought I’d point out that Adobe recently released Camera Raw 4.6 beta which adds support for the P6000 raw files (it also adds support for the D90, D700 and a fuji). It is available here for both windows and MAC USERS:

    A user on dpreview posted that he’s using the P6000 he picked up in Japan and has already processed a couple of NRW files with this in his MAC. (link: )

    Like I said, rediculous paranoia. The MS-Nikon agreement had nothing to do with Nikon dropping Mac support.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks for the link. I will update the original post. Again, we deal with rumors and speculations here. This is how it is going to be. Period!

  • randini

    I hope you don’t change (at elast not in that aspect). Thank you for rounding up and reporting the rumors as they are. I’m sure it’s no easy task & that you get a lot of greif for it.

  • Blog Admin
  • Lars

    Also, let’s not forget that P6000 isn’t even on the market yet, in most parts of the world.

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  • crobi

    What is the problem with the rAW, did now with the update in last October itÀ’s ok on Mac?

    I’m a mac user and want the p6000 since iPhoto use the geotag now, but is there something not working with the mac now?

    • No, don’t worry – everything is working. Nikon just doesn’t provide Mac versions for some of its software. You will be ok.

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