Nikon P6000 available for pre-order @ B&H & Ritz

In addition to Amazon Nikon P6000 now available for pre-order @ B&H & Ritz:

Adorama is still sleeping.
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  • Blog Admin

    It is the damn wireless keyboard… no I was just in a hurry… to get more D90 pics.

  • Siletto

    @admin: “In addition to Amazon Nikon P6000 no available for pre-order @ B&H & Ritz”

    you mean:”is now available”?

    Can you guys get you hands on some more pics of the D90 plz??

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame the P6000 is generally considered DOA (I admit I’m feeling this way as well) because it looks to be a solidly built and beautiful little camera – I’ve been trying to convince myself that the LX3 is classier looking but some of these shots of the P6000 just make it look like a killer little pro unit (look at the hi-res samples):

    All that said, I’m really liking the LX3 – came across this gallery today, some very nice images here for a compact:

  • Rick

    Do you think you can edit the grammer on this site so it’s intelligible? How lame?

  • Blog Admin

    Grammer??? You are asking about GRAMMER? We will try our best Rick. We promise!

    No, actually we won’t. This is a rumor site. Everything happens very fast. Often we have to type the whole post on a cell phone so you, the reader, can get it first and on time. If you want proper grammEr, go to CNN.
  • Anonymous

    “grammer” – Priceless – I hope this guy was serious when he requested “intelligible” grammar and misspelled it. Haven’t spent much time on the interweb thing, huh Rick?

  • Blog Admin


  • Rick

    That’s hilarious! I deserved it!!!!

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