Some Nikon D3x info (updated)

Update: this one got busted pretty fast - this is an old dpreview parody post - see comments for more details (thanks Dan).
According to Digitalfreak, Nikon D3x should bring us:
  • FX 38.7 megapixels
  • based on the D3 body
  • new sensor: TIMOS (Time Interpolated Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor)
  • sensor pixel pitch: 2.59um
  • multiple cropping options (including custom)
  • same price as the D3
Via Digitalfreak
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  • And here we…
    TIMOS ? Can’t find it on Wiki (and that means it is proven not to exist).
    Price same as D3? Very dubious.

  • Dan

    LOL! You’re dreaming.

    This was posted as a parody on DPReview back in January.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Not a chance IMHO. Nikon would not make a camera with such a ridiculous pixel pitch. Those pixels would be soooo small it would be like shooting with a 14Mp compact digicam.
    Priced the same as the D3. Bull plop!
    Why is such a ridiculously false entry up on this site?

  • Blog Admin

    Oh well – I caught the story today on digitalfreak. I guess this one is busted.

  • Blog Admin

    What do you mean by “false entry”? This is a rumor that we picked on today and that’s why is on this site. This rumor got busted already. That’s it. You have to realized that not every entry here will be/is “dead on”.

  • BG

    Look, it’s very convenient to have this site so that we/I don’t need to scan through dpreview all day to catch the latest rumors. But ridiculous made up stories (this is not a rumor, it’s a joke), and in the end having to scan through the original sources anyway make it much less useful and less of an enjoyment. It’d be great if only stuff that’s at least half credible would be posted (or if jokes would be clearly labelled as such). It’s obvious that not every rumor can be dead on, but something that’s obviously BS is not a rumor… IMO.



  • thedude

    For a “joke” it seems this is taken abit seriously.

    I prefer that it has been posted and then denounced than to have missed it completely, its not like ive got anything better to do 😉

  • MarkDphotoguy

    False entry = could not in a million years be true as there is no logic behind it.
    A good entry would be a rumor that doesn’t leave logic (and physics) behind in its dust.

  • gidi

    it seems very strange such price oppose what it have

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Very true, good point.

  • J Duncan

    TIMO is the Spanish word for a prank. I will not bed on this one. And there is no Time interpolated mos technology. I do not make a lot of sense. Besides we already know D3X resolution. Nikon blow up on that.

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