Nikon D90 kit price: $1299.99, you can almost order it

Eyewitness report:
I have some D90 info. I work for Circuit City. While checking our DSLR
inventory I noticed that the Nikon D90 with an 18-105mm VR lens was listed as an
active SKU in our system. The price came up at $1299.99. I
started a ticket and it was actually letting me special order the camera. The
Web ID for the camera is NIK D90KIT18105VR. I don't know if this will stay in
the system but anyone should be able to special order a D90 from a Circuit City
store using that SKU if it doesn't change.

That's it folks. D90 is not a myth!
Don't order it online yet - I tried already, it does not work.
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  • NNatic

    Not too bad i guess…i may wait until around Christmas… or I may get ansy ha ha

  • oscar

    Dear Mr. Circuit City-
    Thanks for the info! Based on your past experience at CC, would you be able to wager a guess as to how long products may take to appear in stock after a SKU is entered into your system?

  • Theo

    Any info on the body-only price? It must be there too 🙂

  • Deep


  • Bruno

    nice!! and the price is with the 18-105. if Nikon releases a version with 18-55VR, or 16-85, should it be what? 1099US$?? if the thing stays that way, i see a new camera in my bag. finally!

  • Bruno

    too low kick. 1199 sounds better.

  • oscar

    I don’t see Nikon offering this with the 16-85 – and if they did it would be more than the 18-105 kit. The 18-105 is a kit level lens while the 16-85 is $565 at B&H – compare this to the kit 18-55VR which is $190.

  • Justin

    The 24-120mm VR is a $500 lens. This kit looks like it will come with an 18-105mm VR lens. While I have no facts, I would guess that the 18-105mm VR is no less than an $300 lens. That would put the body only D90 and no more than $1000.

  • Jimmy

    Sounds just right to me. The 18-105mm VR must be worth at least as much as the old non-VR 18-135mm.

    I just hope that the optics of that lens are good or I’ll want that 16-85mm..

  • ShizzzA

    Not that bad )) Hope it comes to Ukraine at the same price )) Though i have loads of doubts ))
    Waiting is so painful ))

  • eyrieowl

    any bets on whether circuit city logs actions taken in their system and can audit to find the leak? hope not, or at least that they’re not motivated enough…

  • Blog Admin
    On this ancient AS400 mainframe system (is it)? I don’t think so. But even if they do, do you know how many people will search for this today? And even then, the source did not do anything wrong – it is the IT department that will take the hit.
  • eyrieowl

    well, hopefully they can’t. the description of actions taken (opening ticket, etc) would seem to make it more possible, though. details i’d be scared to share if it were me. now where’d i put that tinfoil hat….

  • T-Dogg

    I didn’t take that picture, but based on my two years of CC work, I’m guessing it’ll be about 3 months before it’s available for sale, and another 3 before it’s available in-store.

    And it’s DPS, not AS400

  • Joe

    so 3 months (christmas) it will be online and then 6months i can walk into a store and get one?

  • Anonymous

    “so 3 months (christmas) it will be online and then 6months i can walk into a store and get one?”
    sooner and sooner.

  • Tokyo Joe

    “based on my two years of CC work, I’m guessing it’ll be about 3 months before it’s available for sale, and another 3 before it’s available in-store.”

    No way. It has to be available for Xmas sales, with advance full marketing to consumers, so we’ll see it much sooner, almost certainly by PhotoPlus Expo at the end of October.

  • Anonymous

    This might have been mentioned before,but is the best guess for this camera 12megapixels and a 1.5 factor on the lens?I guess it would be kinda dumb to make this one full frame,that would affect sales of the D300 I’d guess.CMOS?

  • Blog Admin

    Just fyi – Nikon D700 was available one month after the official announcement, I don’t see why the D90 should be any different. Nikon will try to make their money during the holiday shopping season (Black Friday Nikon D90 deal anyone?)

  • Danonino

    Who in Gods name cares about a ApsC-sized-sensor camera?!

  • Hofbrau

    Good news at last!!!! Can anyone tell me, how can be pricing without an official announcement? I think it is due any day now… I’m sure we don’t have to wait that long: the d700 was announced July 1st, and it was available in stores at the end of July (talking about Hungary)!!!!!!!

  • Petr

    I thought they’d launch it at Photokino in Cologne end of next month with later or immediate availability.

  • atlantagreg

    Folks, this “rumor” and post by the supposed Circuit City employee has been posted by “whoever they are” in tons of forums in the last few days. Now, it MIGHT be legit, but take it at face value since it’s being splattered all over the place.

  • tofu anonymous

    So I stayed up last night and watched the different press releases and review sites pop up on Google about the D90. It was kind of entertaining.

    The 18-105VR lens will sell for $399.95 – $399.99 seperately and the body-only price for the D90 is $995.99 – $999.95.

    It also has been rumored that the D90 will not replace the D80 kind of how the D60 did not replace the D40.

  • rick

    Its in the store now at CC. I just bought the kit last night at $1236.99

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