Nikon P6000 starting to disappear – is Nikon P7000 coming soon?

Today Canon announced the PowerShot G11 - the surprise: 10MP sensor, lower resolution than the previous G10 model. Maybe the pixel war is over and finally Nikon will get some serious competition πŸ™‚

Back to Nikon Rumors: the top of the line Nikon P6000 p&s camera is starting to disappear from online retailers, even from Nikon's own website (already mentioned few days ago):

Adorama: out of stock.

Amazon: only 5 left in stock at the time of this post from third party vendors.

Ritz doesn't even list the P6000 any longer.

B&H:Β discontinued:



Note the weird positioning of the new Coolpix cameras on the right - it seems that they were ready to release more and pull the plug at the last moment.

A German online retailer has the Nikon P6000 listed as "sol. Vorrat reicht" which means "as long as we have them" - this is typical when the item is low on stock and cannot be re-ordered:


Maybe Nikon will soon respond to the G11 challenge.

FYI the Nikon P6000 was released on August 6th, 2008 and as far as I remember this was the first p&s camera with a built-in GPS.

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  • Alex

    I don’t know, but they need to upgrade the P90.. Seeing that Canon released the new G11 today, they might be coming out with a P7000.. But I really want the P90 to get an upgrade…..

  • NikoDoby

    You think Nikon would just announce one little COOLPIX and nothing else? I hate to say it but good riddance P6000…. Hello DX COOLPIX or Digital SP?
    Hmmm…..October is looking very interesting indeed.

    • NikoDoby

      The G11 specs actually kinda make me feel sorry for all the canon guys out there……
      nah screw ’em !!!

      I’m kidding canonrumors admin…. I’d still like a T-shirt please :^)
      Hey NR admin why do they get T-shirts? Where are our Nikon shirts? :^)

      • nd2010

        I want a nikonrumors t-shirt!!!

      • patience my friend – soon you will be able to get something better than a t-shirt… make sure you are registered to the NR forum… (I know you are)

        • NikoDoby

          Sweet !!!
          Is the surprise that we all get turns taking home your new Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope !?

          • EAJ

            …I guess that would be a “no”…

          • no

        • getanalogue

          what do you mean by “something better than a t-shirt”? Do you know more? Why do you hesitate to share? C’mon go ahead!

          Nevertheless, youre doing a nice job here, thanks!

          • Jeremy

            Time to start a Nikon Rumors Rumors page…

            [NRR] admin

          • no, all this for a giveaway, not for Nikon rumors

  • Will Nikon ever make a competitive camera to Canon’s best in the point-and-shoot market? I would love to have a G11 equivalent I could slap my SB800 onto.

    • Juergen.

      Eric, see my posting above. P6000 and SB-800 give the usual great Nikon CLS flash photos!
      (but the flash is a bit too bulky for the cam – I hold the combo’s weight at the flash and not at the cam)

      • Juergen.

        sorry – see my posting BELOW

  • Juergen.

    The Nikon P6000 is much underestimated.

    It’s a very capable little camera, just the right size to fit into a pocket, whilst the G10 often is the decisive bit too bulky.
    I know because I have a P6000… πŸ˜‰

    However, it’s 13.5 megapixels IMHO is just a bit too much for the small sensor so Canon’s decision to go back to 10 MP makes sense. Also note the flip-out LCD – a feature Nikon will also have to include into the P6000 successor as well as enhanced GPS – take too long to initialize, even in central Western Europe (Germany).

    Canon G10 RRP in Germany incl. VAT was 549,– Euro, the G11 is stated at 589,–, G10 typically sells for 410,– to 430,–, P6000 RRP is 499,– and goes for 370,– to 390,–. Got mine before a slight price increase some months ago for 349,– – a bargain as it can use the infrared ML-L3 remote control and gives nice results with the Nikon flashes such as SB-800, not to speak the RAW files can be processed with Nikon Capture NX 2 so fits perfectly into the Nikon DSLR workflow. Build quality is good, grip perfect, menues good, detailed manual settings – apart from slow GPS, a bit too much MP and fixed LCD a great little cam, a near-perfect companion for the Nikon DSLR user.

    So let’s see what the successor will offer…

    • Anonymous

      the answer to the ‘bulk’ of a flash on the camera is of course advanced wireless lighting – they should build an infrared transmitter into the camera body – single group support

      offer a SB500 – a SB400 with slave capability

      the sensors are too dense – up to date APS-C 6 megapixel with HD 1080p

      put on a fixed 30mm F1.8 lens or offer a micro F mount

      put on front and rear thumbwheels – like the big DSLR’s – and an ISO wheel

      high resolution LCD and optional attachable optical viewfinder –

      12 bit raw lossles compressed NEF or compress raw

      5fps continuous

      in other words, an enthusiast camera that will take great pictures

  • Jon Paul

    I’m an advocate for world pixel peace. Make images, not war!

    • NikoDoby

      I advocate making love pictures not war pictures!!! Just don’t accidentally email the D700x picture to your wife or girlfriend and the picture of your **** to admin :^)

      • I wouldn’t mind that πŸ™‚

        • STJ

          I guess that depends what **** is πŸ˜‰

        • NikoDoby

          Admin you actually want to see a picture of my b***s?
          Come on man at least buy me a few beers first πŸ™‚

          • NikoDoby, beer sounds good – where are you located?

  • Zoetmb

    1. The odd layout of the international site means nothing. Nikon sites are always laid-out poorly. You’re always looking for meaning where there isn’t any. Next you’ll be telling us that the patterns in tea leaves are describing new Nikon products.

    2. The L19, S710, S60 and S560 have been pulled from the international and Japan sites, but they still exist on the U.S. site and B&H still has stock. However, the latter three are pretty old – they were announced just over a year ago. That leaves 11 in the current Nikon Coolpix lineup.

  • getanalogue

    Nikon is under full fire, from Sony and Canon, and we get – a D300s and a P&S. Nikon is lost and no one realizes – at least not at Nikon’s Board. Old guys with old opinions and no ideas about their customers’ needs. Farewell, I am going to MF, huge pixel sizes and clean images, and slides of a quality completely forgotten that something like that is existing. A superb scanner and an Epson printer, that’s it.

    • Bob Jobson

      Bye then.

    • WoutK89

      I think Nikon is just playing slow, they dont have to play catch-up yet (again?). The D3(x), D700 and D300(s) brought us already more then Canon has brought at the points of their releases. The only problem is the manual video controls (and to some nit-pickers the higher MP-count) so far on the 5DmII. But I am still fine with just making pictures (yes, I am not a movie maker) and therefor dont care for Video on my DSLR. I have a camcorder lying around, which is now 2 years old, and still unused, should say enough right?

      In terms of lenses, I am still playing catch-up to Nikon πŸ˜› , first need to win the lottery to ever get any chance of owning those beautiful gold banded lenses. Now call me a nit-picker, though I am still waiting on AF-s wide-angle primes with 50mm AF-s specs: distance window, weather sealed mount, takes filters and has a decent wide aperture (f/2 for 20, 24, 28 and 1.4 on a possible 35 if that doesnt raise the price too much)

    • Zoetmb

      Let’s look at the facts. Since 2008,

      Nikon has released:
      Bodies: 7 (D60, D700, D90, D3X, D5000, D300s, D3000)
      Lenses: 14 (new 70-200, 50 AF-S, 500 G, 600 G, 35DX, 10-24 DX, 16-85DX, 18-105 DX VR, new 18-200, 60 micro, 105 micro, 24 TS, 45 TS, 85 TS)

      Canon has released
      Bodies: 3 (XSi, XS, Rebel T1i)
      Lenses: 6 (18-200 EF-S, 24 L, 200L, 800L, 17 TS, 24 TS II)

      So what’s Nikon’s problem again? Because it looks to me that they’re releasing new bodies and lenses at twice the pace of Canon. That they’re not making the particular piece of equipment that YOU think they should have made for you? And you solution is to shoot MF? MF is fantastic, but I don’t know what that has to do with the equipment that any DX/FX format digital camera manufacturer has released.

      • WoutK89

        105 micro VR is older than 2008! You forgot about the 400G if you’re talking about the three super teles, which were released back in 2007.

        New list, according to Nikon global in 2008-2009:
        DX: 10-24, 16-85, 18-105, 18-200, 35/1.8 and FX: 70-200-II, 60 micro, 50G, and the 24, 45, 85 PC-E
        New count is: 11 lenses

  • Tim

    I love the design and general featureset of the P6000 (as a compact, it’s far more usefully sized than the G10 or now G11) but I hate the noisy, overpopulated sensor. Canon have done exactly the right thing in concentrating on quality and low-light performance in the G11’s new 10mp sensor, and I really hope that Nikon respond in kind with the P7000. That would be a killer compact, and easily better the G11.

  • getanalogue

    Zoetmb: Ok, might be true. The issue is to launch the RIGHT products at the RIGHT time. Anyway, I presume that Nikon has something very special in the pipeline, I wish them to have it at least. It hurts to listen to all this Canon talk and seeing everyone around me investing a considerable amont in Canon or Sony gear. Also, Nikons should deeply consider to change their sensor supplier instead of promoting / financing Sony’s new business area “DSLR”.

  • Zorro

    I hope the G11 starts a new pixel war – downwards. Nikon’s P6000 replacement should have a 6 or even 5 megapixel sensor.

  • Anonymous

    I was turned off by the P6000’s so-called RAW-shooting capabilities that were not NEF compliant. If Nikon had introduced a high-end point-and-shoot that would appeal to Nikon DSLR users, then the P6000 missed the boat by an ocean.

    Let’s hope we can say good riddance to megapixel wars!

    My wish list for a high-end compact point-and-shoot is similar to what others have already suggested:

    APS-C sensor that has decent dynamic range and decent low-noise high ISO performance.

    NEF format–fully compatible, such that you can fully use all features of Capture NX 2 to post-process images–just like NEFs that DSLRs shoot.

    Fast shutter release–comparable to a DSLR.

    Last year I bought a Canon G10, and I must say that like the size and feel of the camera, but I found the performance to be mediocre for some situations and fantastic for other situations.

    15 MP in that small sensor meant poor performance at high ISO, with lots of ready noise from the base ISO 80 on up. The lens also readily suffered from major chromatic aberrations when in landscape mode.

    On the positive side, it works very well in macro mode, with tight sharp images across the image. Chromatic aberrations seemed to disappear in macro mode. The G10 has regular dials that you can quickly and easily set ISO, Exposure Compensation and Exposure Modes.

    Now we hold our breath. With the Canon G11’s announcement, Canon has “blinked” and has apparently listened to complaints about the G10. Has Nikon done the same, or are they relying on clueless and conflicting marketing blather that plagued the specifications of the P6000?

    BTW, my DSLR is a Nikon D700, which I am crazy about. Because the P6000 offered no advantage or benefit as far as the “Nikon platform” goes, I bought the Canon G10 as a carry-around point-and-shoot camera. At least the G10’s CR2 Canon RAW format was fully compatible.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand why people feel such a need to write so much about the P6000 when they don’t actually have any experience with the camera, and are just re-spouting what was said on the websites. Not that I’m a fanboy, but misinformation is misinformation.

      The P6000 is a great little camera (with room for improvement), but the above, lengthly, post is wrong on a number of points showing that the person just likes to seems to want to sound knowledgable:

      1) It took them a few months, but it *is* fully compatible with Capture NX2 where I get quite a bit out of the sensor.
      2) I have never noticed signicant CA (for a compact-type lens) in the hundeds of pictures I’ve taken.
      3) It offers plenty of benefits as far as the “Nikon” platform goes, especially using my Nikon flash, using Capture NX to edit raw files, and keeping the Nikon look-and-feel to the controls and interface.
      4) It is significantly smaller then the G10, which was a main priority to me.
      5) It has issues as does any small sensor camera, but the noise cleans up well if you know what you are doing and have realistic expectations (for a camera that I can keep in the pocket).

      Having said that, I’m very impressed with what Canon did with the G11 and S90. If the S90 had been out when I bought the P6000, I would have gotten that (the G10 is just too big for my needs — it won’t fit in a pocket). But I think Nikon got the form-factor right, and the the lens is sharp on the P6000, and am looking forward to the next iteration with a *hopefully* larger sensor, cleaner sensor.


      • Juergen.

        Yes, as a P6000 user myself I can underline what you said!

        Main advantages for the Nikon DSLR user are NEF/RAW conversion with Nikon Capture NX 2, same as with the DSLR files, also the wireless remote control ML-L3 known from many DSLRs like e.g. D50, D70 or D80 can be used, all CLS flashes like SB-800 can be used, many dedicated controls, familiar menue system etc.

        Drawbacks e.g. are slow GPS, useless LAN, slight CA (as can be seen in 100 percent view) and only one NEF picture buffer.

        So although the G10 offers a bit more reach at the long end (140 mm equiv. instead of 112 mm) it’s a no-brainer for any Nikon user to buy the P6000 and not to buy the G10 as one would miss known NEF/RAW workflow, remote control, CLS and more!

        Only those Nikon users who rely on the questionable P6000 “reviews” instead of making-up their own mind buy a G10, the smaller form factor of the P6000 adding to its pluses: I have a bag full of Nikon DSLRs and – ahem – some bags full of lenses so the P6000 fits ideally as a complement and can be carried easily all the time.

        What we can learn is that it often is not soooo very clever to rely on “reviews” rather than to make up one’s own mind…

  • David C

    Here’s hoping for a P7000 with 10MP and 720p video. Admin, call all your sources in, we need some info on when this thing might come out and what is actually consists of!!! I need a compact with RAW capability and I don’t want to have to go the G11 route….

  • Mickey

    What I REALLY hope is they release a P6100 in the same body so I can keep my underwater housing! πŸ™‚

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