D60 replacement in “early August”

Got a report from large camera retailer: in their internal documentation the Nikon D60 was labeled with a replacement due in "early August". This information match the previously reported Nikon announcements on July 30th and August 4th. Nikon D60 has already been discontinued and a D4000 is expected as a possible replacement (a strip-down version of the D5000, maybe without video and swivel display).

The combo D300s +  D4000 + new lenses is the most probable scenario for the two upcoming Nikon announcements.

The other possibility is D300s + a new D3 (D3h, D3s?) but  the latest rumors I received were pointing to a D3 refresh in Fall. It also doesn't make sense to schedule two different events and announce two PRO cameras - one of the event will be for PRO equipment and the other one for consumer cameras.

I don't think any point & shoot cameras will be part of this announcement - Nikon released eight p&s cameras back in February of 2009. The only possible Coolpix release is a Nikon P7000 (replacement for the Nikon P6000, which is almost a year old), but I don't think this would be the case.

At that point I don't have any reliable reports about lenses that may be released at those events.

D300s release NR probability rating: 99%
D4000 release NR probability rating: 75%
D3s/D3h release NR probability rating: 20%
Coolpixes release NR probability rating: 30%

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  • jim

    Hell Yeah! Who cares about P&S anyway!
    Can’t wait for the D300s to hit the shelves! Worthy upgrade from my current D40x…

    • Anonymous

      exactly, if we want a P&S. Canon SD series is the best out there.

  • John

    Please, please, please Nikon, give us a few pro build quality lenses for a reasonable price. Or I will have to move to Canon for their f4 L lenses.

    • rwpl

      do it :]

    • Anonymous

      What I want in lenses is for Nikon to come out with some nice long primes, something between the $1,600 80-400 and $8,000 500mm F/4. There is just a tiny bit of a gap there.

  • Rick

    I think another scenario is that there is a July DX announcement (D300s, D4000 and perhaps DX lenses) and the August event is to announce a number of new FX lenses.

    • rwpl

      more like ‘ I wish ‘ … Like we all here 😉

    • rwpl

      more like ‘I wish’ … like we all here 🙂

  • Segura

    Any rumor of the 17-55mm f/2.8 DX getting replaced? Price dropped recently, so wondering if something new is coming, possibly VR before I drop some coin on a new one.

  • Ubiquitous

    How can you not love a company like Nikon that honors and respects the nobility of stealth decisions, shrouded in veils of secrecy, executed with cloak and dagger? Even their alleged and purported “Press Conferences” can be depicted as Winston Churchill said about Russia: “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Canon knows what they are up to. They are just playing “Hide-and-Seek” with us, Nikon lovers and consumers.

    • Daf

      Many Tech companies are the same..

      In fact Some are worse – AFAIK – Nikon don’t issue Take down / Cease + Decist notices to websites such as this one as Canon do.

      • true, but Canon got some bad publicity (including from this blog) as a result of their Cease + Decist orders. The two sites (canonrumors and fakechuckwestfall) are still up and runing, so I juits wonder what was the reason of those Cease + Decist orders. Maybe there are other cases where they were successful.

      • Ubiquitous

        That is not necessarily quite correct. There might be some tech companies that are extremely secret, the main ones are not. In the midst of the PC revolution, we knew what Intel was working on. Adobe, we know exactly what’s coming down; they even released to the public their Beta versions of Lightroom 1 and 2. Another example is Microsoft – they have been working on Windows 7 and the Beta Version has been released, also. What about Nikon and Capture NX 3? Only Nikon knows, just like “The Shadow.”

        • ArTourter

          Well first of all software and hardware are two different things, you can’t really release alpha or beta version of hardware. Apple in term of hardware is one of the company that behaves much worse than Nikon if you see it that way (others would see it as PR and building the expectation)

          Also, Capture NX is not a Nikon product. it is made by Nik software and branded as Nikon. However I do not know what the relation between Nikon and Nik actually works – ie if Nikon give precise spec and Nik simply codes it, or if Nik has full control over design and development.

          • Ubiquitous

            Intel is hardly software and we knew what the hardware manufacturers were working on – not necessarily the specifics. I’m referring to an era when PC development was fast and furious. For example the Intel 386 chip, was superseded by the 486, and soon after, by the 586 (which became to be known as the Pentium.) Even the then Chairman of Intel said on TV: “The 686 is done; we are working on the 786.” “Heat is our biggest problem. Intel was not the only one, but IBM with the PS2 system, etc.

            Nikon owns the controlling interest in Nik Software and they are the ones dictating policy. I know (that is as far I’ll go with this one) that Nik Software is developing NX3. Even Thom Hogan said that NX3 will come with UI that people might actually like. Nik Software is great, btw. I own their whole software suite for LR and PS. However, when Adobe had LR2 being tested with their Beta Version, NX2 was released in a much different way – sprung out. Only a handful of selected users were in their Beta testing group.

    • Lefty K. Monahan

      “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” … smothered in secret sauce.

  • Jimmy

    How will the video on the D300s be different from that currently on the D90?

  • Char

    Honestly, I don’t give a shit about a new D300s or D4000. BUT new lenses would be interesting – is there any news on them? Do you have any information on what kind of lenses there might be? Or is the “lenses might come” more a speculation because we often saw new lenses along with new bodies?

    • STJ

      Second to that. I don’t need a new body every second year to say I have the latest silicon to capture the light. However what guides the light to the silicon.. and new AFS grade lenses are something that should have been on the menu a loong time ago. Lens rumors seem to be hard to get at though – but hey let’s keep the faith in that Nikon will finally deliver a range a new glass…. I must admit that after so many years my hope is fading a bit…

  • low

    it has begun

    • EB


    • twoomy

      Why does somebody always say that? “It” began long before this!

    • Wake me when it’s over…

  • DrB

    180mm f/2.8 AF-S please. If ever a lens would benefit from fast focusing AF-S, it’s the 180.

    Some affordable wide primes (something like a 20, 24, 28 or a 35) would also be nice. Zeiss already have the high-end wide prime market covered with their manual focus zf range. There is still a gap though for something wide-ish that has AF-S and doesnt break the bank like the 14-24 or 17-35 do. FX compatibilty for new primes is also important IMO, as we can anticipate affordable FX bodies coming on the market well within the life span of any lens that is released today. For me at least, the 35mm 1.8 was a disapointment.

    • STJ

      180mm 2.8 would be nice indeed, and there are way more one everyone’s withing list besides the 17, 24, 28, 35 for example 85mm, 115mm, 135mm and I guess the 80-400 would not exactly get worse with an AFS update. And I won’t even start on the 70-200mm for FX story, but Nikon really has to renew their line. But ok – lets be happy with the 50mm, 100mm macro, the 12-24 and the 24-70 which are all excellent, besides the more exotic long +200m lenses.

      • funny

        nikon has so much outdated stuff they better not give us another crappy DX zoom….

      • Jeff

        what 12-24?

    • please not 180mm!!! make it 200mm!! 😉

      180mm is totaly strange focal length and with tc’s you loose againa

      better 200mm/2.8

  • Daf

    2 announcements = makes sence of what admin suggested, probably 2 of :
    – P&S announcement
    – Amateur SLR announcement (+/- lens)
    – Pro SLR annaounecemtn (+/- lens)

  • mattiask

    WHERE IS THE D400?????????!!!!!!

    What happend, it felt like it was just around the corner and now a crappy D300s with some subpar video is being released. I want something on the DX side that compares to the D700…. WHERE IS IT..!!!

    The D300s appears to be a stalling move on Nikons part. When the D400 finally gets released its going to be 1,5 years to late….

    • funny

      I agree. Nikon needs to update the D300/D700 as in a real update with real new significant features if they want to keep up with the competition. Canon is eating their lunch with the 5DII, which is silly considering the D700 is miles ahead in everything except video and a few MP. Nikon could blow it out of the water with a simple update … yet they delay….

      • rwpl

        lol d300 has no competition (in this price range – what 50D :] no, k7 with 20D sensor ;] no), just like d700 ( and dont start with 5dii because its just not as good as it should be)

        • The 50d is about the same resolution with crappier high ISOs. And it’s slower (the d300 rattles off the frames like a mofo).

          The d300 does actually best the competition in it’s price range on pretty much everything except resolution, but images bear out that it has at least as much detail despite the 2-3mp lag behind the Canon and Pentax models.

          A d800…now there’s a gap. A d700 with a d3x sensor would destroy the competition. I almost wonder if Nikon is holding back on it to be nice to Canon/Sony. No, really, would anybody have bought an A900 if Nikon made something similar for under a grand more? I’ve read articles about the Japanese tech companies consulting each other on when they are going to release stuff, out of courtesy.

          Maybe we’re watching the corporate version of professional wrestling and we don’t even know it.

  • Andy

    Over on DPR someone who will remain nameless but he is often in the know & doesn’t have the initials KR, has mentioned a D300s which has video, along with a D3s, plus 3 new lenses and between the lines I think he hinted about lens updates. I’m sure things will start to leak in a few weeks intentionally or not.

    • Are you talking about jeff-c? I am not aware of another nameless & reliable source at dpreview.

      • PHB

        When the D3 and D300 launched there were 5 lenses in the same announcement. Granted, three of them were ultra-teles which probably share a common set of design parameters. So 3 new lenses sounds about right.

        I don’t see why the D4000 launch would not come with the D300s. Its not like either is a major revision. I think its rather more likely you will see the DSLR lineup announced in one press event and the point and shoots at another. If stocks of the D3 are already starting to run low it would make sense to tell people to expect the D3s at the same time even if it isn’t going to be available till fall.

        Its a pretty safe bet that every AF lens is going to be replaced by an AFS version in the next 24 months. The 80-400 and the 85 f/1.4 have to be high on the priority list.

        I don’t think we will see wide angle FX lenses being launched with DX camera bodies unless there is an FX body in the mix.

        • Zoetmb

          >>>Its a pretty safe bet that every AF lens is going to be replaced by an AFS version in the next 24 months.

          That’s wishful thinking. First of all, Nikon doesn’t sell a lot of primes. As I’ve posted many times before, in spite of what you’d think by the postings on sites such as this, Nikon sells only 1.42 lenses per body. (CIPA industry average is 1.62). So most of those are kit lenses, which are relatively cheap zooms.

          Secondly, since the advent of AF-I in 1992, Nikon has never released more than 9 lenses per year and they only released 9 in four of those 17 years: 1993, 1994, 2001 and 2008. So far this year, with half the year over, they’ve only released two lenses. My bet is we see only 4 lenses this year, 5 at the most. (The average is 5.6). If the economy doesn’t pick up, I predict only 3 to 4 lenses next year. Since some of those will be zooms and there are currently 12 AF primes (including the fisheye), IMO, it will take at least three years, if not more, to replace them all.

          And that’s aside from the issue of whether the short primes really need AF-S for anything more than marketing reasons. And isn’t the new 50mm AF-S actually slower than the AF version?

          • Ubiquitous

            I agree with you, but pray you are wrong. If Nikon, on August 4th, does not come out with some good primes, I’m bolting to Zeiss with ZF 35 being the first one. I have all the Nikon Zooms I will ever need: 16-85 DX VR, 55-200 DX VR, 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 VR.

            I believe that Nikon will announce at least the:

            – AF-S 80-400mm f/4-5.6 VRII, ED-IF N
            – AF-S 24mm DX f/1.8

            I’m really hoping for the:

            – AF-S 85mm f/1.4 VRII ED-IF N (I do not know about this one, mthough)

            If not for the above, Carl Zeiss (Cosina) here I come!

          • WoutK89

            What about the lens firmware added on the newest bodies, maybe that will fix the speed on the 50/1.4, so people will have to switch to a newer body for a faster focus?

          • STJ

            It might be that the 50mm AFS is a tad slower than the non AFS. But it is dead silent and has better optics (according to dpreview). So??

  • shivas

    they said only 2 more bodies this year though, so I suspect the D3h/s announcement will be in fall, and 2010 release. . . .

    I’d get a stripped down D4000 to complement my D200 for low-light shots with my 35 1.8DX. . . .!!

  • Anonymous

    I do not think that that there will be two DSLR announcements so close to each other. However, they might announce two DSLRs the same day. And I contradict the admin, who thinks that there is only a low chance for a Coolpix announcement. Coolpix announcements 2007-2009:
    That’s approximately a 6 month cycle.

    • WoutK89

      but why do it in a separate announcement then? What kind of ‘BIG’ announcement on Coolpixes deserves a press conference?

      • I had the same thought – that’s why I guessed P7000, which is still a Coolpix.

  • anon

    D4000, finally! I expect it to be exactly like the rumors – with the sensor from the D90/D5000 and the size of the D40/D60. This will be the perfect walk-around body!

  • Those two conferences are the last chance i will give to nikon; no FX camera with at least 16MPixels? Goodbye! i’m tired to wait them.

    • Adam

      i can’t say i’ll leave nikon, but i really would love to see a 16 to 20 mpix with ISO performance in between the d3 and d3x (closer to d3 of course) Frame rate right around 6 to 8 and 9 to 10 dx crop.. I’ve been putting off buying any pro model waiting for one like this. Hopefully priced in the high 5000s to low 6000s… If they release something like that It will probably be the last DSLR i buy for a long time. Then i can focus on lenses which i also wish they would update. Been putting off 80-400 (or 300 f4) for a long time waiting for updates. same with the 85 f1.4. I’m sure i won’t see any of it soon, because they never release what would suit me. lol

  • Ground Rat

    I want at D90s not some crap D4000

    • WoutK89

      pity for you, that is not how the marketing works I suppose, the D90s is probably more like a D5000 at the moment…

    • shivas

      exactly, I would much rather a cheap D4000 with superb high ISO performance for CHEAP!!!

      Market doesn’t need a D90 right now. . .Nikon, and most intelligent marketers, do a trickle down with their products/chips. . ..

      So D300>>D90>>D5000>>D4000

      rinse, repeat. . . .

      D400>>D90x>>D6000 . . . .

      mild updates like the D300s will just punctuate the cycle of DX bodies.. . .

      what they are doing is perfect though, as long as the D4000 is about $499. . .

  • Greg

    What happend to the D400????????

    What will be the difference in video between the D300s/D400 and the D90?

  • steve

    Who cares about new cameras – let’s update some lenses. The soft corners of the 70-200 and screw-drive AF of 80-400 are both screaming for an update!

  • low

    please dont update the 85 1.4…i just bought it! lol

    • rciu

      Even if they did, you can’t regret buying the 85 f/1.4. It’s just too beautiful a lens.

  • jon

    Will be interesting to see what exactly the D300s will have to offer. An update on the D3, maybe with an anti-dust system would be tempting to me, as would a new AFS 85 1.4. I’m in the mood to upgrade this year as my trusty D70s bodies are showing their age (as are my eyes – I need a bigger & brighter finder).

  • Marc W.

    NO P&S?! How am I going to be disappointed?!?!

  • mildred

    Sorry, but you got it wrong: the successor of the D60 is the D5000. The camera to be replaced now is the D40… the most basic model in the whole Nikon line-up.

  • Tim Catchall

    A D4000 just after releasing the D5000? Are they mad? Are they going to go down the route of endless super-low budget models which are all pretty much identical, just like their line of compacts?

    • Mike O

      endless? not at all. they lineup will be d4k, d5k, d90, and up. I think thats a fine market offering. its not like the d40 or d60 will still be part of the lineup when this is released.

  • Nithin

    Please Please!
    let D4000 have the internal motor for AF.
    Lack of motor, d60/d5000 has to depend on costlier AFS lenses.

    • Zoetmb

      The primary market for the D4000 and D5000 are former P&S shooters who are buying their first DSLR. They buy these cameras with a kit AF-S zoom. A small percentage buy a 2nd zoom. Almost no one will buy a third lens. Only the tiniest fraction of these people would ever want to buy an older AF prime or zoom.

      You have to understand the realities of the market before you make assumptions like this. No low end Nikon body is ever again going to have a built-in screw drive. Simply not going to happen.

      • SLeiBt

        And for the (tiny) fraction that might be interested in trying out a fast prime, there is the 35mm f/1.8 af-s dx.

  • MB

    D4000 does not need and will not have AF motor, if you need one go for D90.
    I think we will see D700 replacement much sooner than you expect.

    • Nithin

      why doesnt D4000 require AF motor?

    • cj

      I think that would make more sense. Updating both d300 and d700 with video and more megapixels, to strike back at the 5d mark II. I think D700 is loosing a big chunk of the full frame “semipro” market to canon only because it’s lack video. By any other regard, it’s a better camera. Nikon has to catch up, and i’m sure they are aware of it.

  • nokin

    i know it’s D3000 (not D4000).
    without D-Movie.

    • Nokin – I never received any info on the actual name and just for reference purposes I called it D4000. D3000 makes sense because they will have a way to upgrade to D4000. If you have more info, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

    • ggweci

      More details please. Don’t tease us.

      Are the other rumours true (i.e. d40/d60 size body, fixed LCD, D90 sensor and AF system)?

  • lenses lenses lenses

    who need a new body every 6months!??

    135mm f2 VR
    200mm f2.8 VR
    300mm f4 VR
    400mm f5.6 VR

    • jon

      Now that’s a lens I’d want for sure – a 135 2.0 VR, combine that with a new 85 1.4 VR and I’d be set for life as far as lenses go for my performance photography.

    • WoutK89

      I hope you meant 200 f4 micro

      • WoutK89

        Who needs a 200/2.8, when the 200/4.0 is still to be updated to AF-s and probably with added VR?

  • There are plenty of good used Nikon lenses coming up on eBay etc in Australia at the moment as photographers switch to canon for the 5d2. A lot of the older ones could still be used on the Canon with adapoters but I guess these sales are financing the switch to Canon. The 5d2 buzz has grown to aroar and what does Nikon respond with? A scaled down D5000 ? Too slow Nikon,,,,the horse has bolted … these new canon users are buying new glass and will never come back….

    • CanPhoto

      If people are moving to Canon as you indicated, this would be great news for the rest of us. We can finally get used Lens for a cheaper price. Currently all the old lens have gone up in value.

  • funny

    wasn’t the D5000 the replacement to the D60? makes no sense to have so many models so buched together.

    • Zoetmb

      Actually it makes a lot of sense. Any good marketer covers the range of price points and takes up as much shelf space as possible. That’s Marketing 101.

      Look at Apple. In their laptop line, they’ve got the white MacBook at (U.S. prices) $999 and then models in the MacBook pro line at $1200, $1500, $1700, $2000, $2300 and $2500. And also with the MacBook Air at $1500 and $1800. Notice that everything is at $200 to $300 increments.

      In their desktop line, they’ve got the Mini at $600 and $800 and iMac at $1200, $1500, $1800 and $2200 and the MacPro at $2500 and $3300. There’s really just a hole at $1000, but they probably don’t care because they sell far more laptops than desktops these days.

      Nikon needs to have models that cover increments across the price points so that no one walks away because there isn’t a model at their particular price point. They need to have a $500-$600 body and I’m assuming that’s what the D4000 (or 3000) would be. They also need a body at the $1300 to $1500 level and one between the D300 and the D700.

  • Jack

    Do we know if Nikon ever plans to lower their prices? What’s the currency exchange doing now? I was planning on buying the 200-400, but since it’s now $1200 more expensive, I’m just not so sure. I was actually planning on buying a whole crap load of lenses, but they’ve all gone up in price. I’m starting to think about buying a Canon body and some lenses instead, so I have both systems.

    • Zoetmb

      Today’s rate is 95.695, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is what the exchange rate is on the day that Nikon USA pays Nikon corporate for the equipment they buy from them. It was over 98 a week or two ago.

      Nikon is expecting the 2010 fiscal year (April 2009 to March 2010) to come in at 95 Yen average to the U.S. dollar. 2009 came in at 101 Yen, 2008 at 114 and 2007 at 120.163, so with today’s rate, we’re down over 20% from 2007.

      I think the dollar would have to hit at least 105 Yen and stay there before you’d see any discounts. And I don’t think Nikon would lower prices at that point, but they might offer rebates or simply might stop continually raising prices.

      I understand the reasons for the price increases and I understand that Nikon doesn’t want market share that comes without margin, but lens prices are really starting to get ridiculous.

      • Jack

        I understand it too, but their prices were already higher than the competition and now they’re reaching levels where I just can’t justify the high price. It seems weird to me to raise prices this much in an economic slowdown where people would have trouble buying their stuff at the old prices. Again, I do understand some price increases, but this is ridiculous. Why is Nikon’s stuff more expensive than Canon’s anyway? There must be a reason. Is it just that they’re a smaller company? Is that also why Canon has more lenses?

  • Mike

    I hope Nikon will release a new DSLR with the D40 form factor. I love my D40 and I’m fully satisfied with the results that I get with it. Unfortunetly it managed to preserve too many memories from my last months trip to Cuba – a black spot on the mirror and dust in the VF just to name a few. There’s actually not much of that in pictures it bugs me however when I’m taking them 🙁 And photography should be fun, wright?

    That leads me to thoughts about getting a second body / replacement. I love the D40’s form factor and as my hands aren’t too large, I’m not actually willing to get anything bigger – that includes D5000. So something with it’s specs and the D40/D60 body would be just great!

    However as many people are making wish lists here I’d like to add my 5 cent. Me liking small size doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like better specs. I’m through with my dream of a D40 with a revised 6 mpix sensor and the processing power of the D3. I think that would lead to 9 fps, almost noise free ISO 3200 at a 1000-1200 $ pricepoint but I accepted that it’s not going to happen.

    I still hope though, that the D3000/D4000 will not be the younger and poorer brother of the D5000 but an equal alternative concentrating on photography. I’m talking larger VF (D300 size and quality would be superb but I might be asking too much), 5 or more fps, ISO range between 50-6400, second dial wheel up front, optional grip, maybe some kind of a built-in tilt flash (just like Panasonics L1 and LC1 used to have – there were some rumours about it) and a combined programm/ISO dial like on Canon’s G10. What it doesn’t need would be an articulating LCD, video, art filters and programs like portrait/landscape/etc. LiveView would be nice but not essential. Oh yeah, if it wasn’t obviuos from my post – some kind of anti-dust.

    Santa, if you read that, please talk to Nikon! Pretty please 😀

  • Ubiquitous

    I had the D40 and loved it until I got the D300. Today, I cannot return to a D40/D90 form factor even though they are great cameras for their size and weight. The biggest problem for me is the viewfinder, which is everything in a camera, imho. I can control everything from the D300 viewfinder except WB. In addition, the 100% view and brightness makes it impossible for me to even consider the D5000. Even my D700 has 95% view and you never know what you get until after you see the photo.

    The D300/D700 form factor is great for heavy lenses like the many of the zooms: 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 VR. On the other hand, they are not that great for the AF-D primes: AF-D 24mm, 35mm, 50mm. These lenses, imho, are too small for these cameras. In addition, the barrel turns when focusing making them difficult to get a good grip. The D300/D700 need bigger AF-S mid-range primes. On the other hand, the AF-D mid-range primes are fantastic for the D40/D5K type of cameras, but these cameras do not come with a built- in motor. OK, manual focus them – no focusing screen.

    What is Nikon doing? Sitting on their hands to undo the runarounds they created. They have introduced just one lens since the D40/D40x: the 35mm DX f/1.8. In fact, it is the only DX prime they ever came out with.

    The success of any camera/lens manufacturer is their whole system. Some might prefer the DX 35mm f/1.8 while others the AF-S 35mm f/1.4 or even the AI-S 35mm f/1.4, if they were available. You cannot go by what Nikon is doing: “If it sells, make it, and if it doesn’t, discontinue it.” You do not market lens by lens, but the whole system.

  • Zabbu

    I hope the D4000 will not have the same body that looks like fatboy D5000…

  • Biziclop

    I bet the “new lens” will be the long-awaited AF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6G DX ED III with a plastic mount, available as a kit lens only, permanently attached to the new D4000. 😀

    • kristupa saragih

      yeah that’s all we need.

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