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  • 23.7 x 15.6mm, 2.74-MP CCD (2,012 x 1,324 effective pixels)
  • 3D Digital Matrix Image Control (3D Color Matrix Metering, TTL White Balance and Tone Compensation) with 1,005-pixel CCD
  • 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash for D1 controlled by 5-segment TTL Multi Sensor available with new Speedlight SB-28DX
  • 4.5 fps shooting speed for up to 21 consecutive shots
  • High-speed AF system including Dynamic AF operation
  • Top shutter speed 1/16,000 s and flash sync up to 1/500 s
  • Picture angle approx. 1.5 x lens focal length
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  • I wonder if this would ever be covered under warranty…

    Here is an image of my camera:

    I am pretty sure I take good care of it, so I don’t understand why this would be happening; but if the D700s ARE having a problem with the sealing, then hopefully Nikon will take care of it.

    • Nau

      mine is not so bad but yeh I looked at this issue few weeks ago and was like WTF is that…

      • i wonder if my local nikon-authorized repair center would fix it under warranty..

        or AT LEAST send it back for me and get it fixed through nikon.

  • EB

    Interesting stuff these. I like the D90 Podcast.

    In other news: Kenrockwell potentially getting hosed by a new California law?
    We can only hope I guess… Not that I wish him ill personally, just his position on photography. If his site closes down who will we make fun of?

    • I think South Carolina already passed this law. It does suck if you make your living from a website (like Ken), but NR will not be impacted.

      • arz

        I’m pretty sure KR doesn’t make living on his website. He makes his living off his wife and in-laws (so he doesn’t have to work – and he actually made fun of those socialist eastern Germans for not working hard). His website is pretty much for making his play money.

        • Nau

          …he got few patents as engineer thats where his cash comes from

    • Zoetmb

      If you’re referring to sales tax collection, I don’t know how this negatively impacts Rockwell’s site. The only possible way is that since users have to pay sales tax online regardless of whether nexis exists (the physical presence of a company in the state), some people may go back to buying from a local physical dealer.

      New York already passed this law and Amazon now collects sales tax for New York because they accept links from sites in New York, even though Amazon itself has no physical business presence in New York. I originally thought that the sales tax would only apply if you linked from a New York based site, but even when ordering from Amazon directly, they now charge sales tax in New York. Amazon did not end their affiliate program to get around the sales tax issue and neither will anyone else.

      While no one likes paying more money, the fact is that states were getting screwed on internet sales. It also evens the playing field between an Amazon and a Barnes & and between an online store and a physical store, so in the long run, it’s probably the best thing to do and should probably be done nationwide. Sales tax was always based on where the item was shipped from, but it probably should be based (and this law in effect does that) on where it is shipped to.

      Ken is being paranoid. This isn’t going to affect him at all. Companies are still going to have online ads and he’s still going to get paid for the clicks.

  • Max

    Wow, 1/16000… unless shooting directly at the sun at f1.4 and ISO800, is that really useful?

    • lyr

      Well, I already had the occasion to reach shutter limits by taking picture of a flower full open (f/1.4) and 200 ISO (D40’s minimum). So I’d be glad to have some 1/16.000th.

      Other aspect is sync speed of 1/500th, that even D3x has not, even if that could be useful for some clients aimed, i.e. studio with medium format quality (and close to the 1/800th medium format’s sync speed)

      • Jeff

        yeah but its cbecause its a CCD

    • Char

      I got into problems with f/1.4 and ISO 100 with 1/4000s shutter speed (D80) – the images were overexposed, and it was not an extremely sunny day. Right now (cloudy day) I get correct exposure at ISO 100, 1/3200s and f/1.4. 1/16000s is not of use very often, but if you want to shoot wide open in the daylight, 1/8000s is sometimes not enough. The other option is to use a ND filter.

      The sun is pretty much for sure overexposed even at f/5.6 ISO 100 1/16000s.

      • Jon Paul

        What’s wrong with ND filters, though?

  • Why is the Tamron 60mm f2.8 almost as expensive as the Nikon 60mm 2.8?

    Shouldn’t the Tammy be cheaper?

    • CO

      maybe because the Tamron is 2.0 and not 2.8?

  • Yes, but the Tammy is a DX lens and the Nikon is an FX lens.

  • Mike

    Regarding the D700 sealing; Andy Rouse’s D700 took quite a drenching in Australia by all accounts ( He’s a no-nonsense bloke, so if it was a general problem I’m sure he’d mention it.
    Out of interest, having also used (and liked) Oly in the past, the image of the E1 being covered in beer has a further story. If it’s the one shown on the Oly dpr forum… we’ll it had to go in for repair at a later date from water (sticky liquid) damage and there have been reports on Oly forums of water damage to E3’s.
    BTW, on my part, the water damage tally over the years has been: Nikon D90X, Canon 1D (x2), Canon 1DIIn, Canon 1Ds, Canon lenses x4, Olympus E1, Olympus lens x1. Apart from the D90x which wasn’t sealed to a high level, the others all failed because one or more seals weren’t correctly aligned or ‘pinched’.

  • TTI

    hi hi…

    I come here to clarify the issues about D700 sealing problem in Thailand 😛

    In fact, as we all know, Nikon D700 has been tested for its sealing capabilities by many people already, both here in Thailand + Abroad… and it seems to be no problem.

    However, there is a bloke who has been very loyal to Nikon for many years, found out that one day right at the spot he shoot, his D700 doesn’t work. So, he went to Nikon distributor in Thailand to see the point *. After the diagnostics, it seems to be that his ‘sweat’ went right thru the left side of the camera + pop-up flash head, and then short-circuit the board + CPU.

    Funny it may seems, but Sunny Camera (the distributor), mentioned that this is not the defect or camera problem, but user errors. They refused to send the camera back to factory/Japan for further diagnostics. Moreover, they’ve asked the owner to pay for 100 EUR for replacement of parts, even the camera is still under the warranty. Lastly, in the usage manual of Nikon, it even states that water can leak thru the sealings (:P) and will not be covered under warranty.

    IMHO, I think that this ‘exact’ camera is a defect one, as we have seen so many more ‘hard-core’ uses of the camera without the problem. So, please do not panic, but just be very careful about your distributor instead.

    *Note : in TH, we do not have Nikon (Thai), just an authorize dealer, which sucks

    • x
      • TTI

        Sunny Camera = Niks Thailand…

        But it’s not like in other country where Nikon established themselves locally, being part of or subsidiary of Nikon Corp…

        But Niks Thailand is a family-owned business who registered this name for more than 20 years and asked Nikon to be the sole distributor for the NIKON products… They dont just sell only Nikon, but Mamiya, Lexar, etc…

        For easier understanding, just think of them like B&H or Adorama, but they just named themselved Niks Thailand…


    • pop

      In Thailand, most Nikonian and most people who do photograph as a hobby knew about a reputation of Niks Thailand. Most of them knew in negative perception that Niks sold there Nikon camera over price than other market price like Canon did. And they don’t take responsibility in many case like this case. They try to charge service fee in over price also. Most Nikonian in Thailand want Nikon do something in this bad situation, for example, come to open Nikon (Thailand) for control the price, sevice fee, service responsibility, etc.


  • Eric

    The Nikon podcast was really interesting, and it’s nice to see pro-looking output coming out of D90.
    I’m a big Nikon fan and own a D90, but why on earth doesn’t this guy (Noah Harald) use a 5D MkII?
    I suppose the price difference wouldn’t bother him too much…
    Any idea?

    • iamlucky13

      It was definitely interesting, but I have long since gotten tired of people posting videos compressed with obscure codecs that no one has. Quicktime could play the audio, but not the video. Windows Media crashed. My third try was Media Player Classic, which worked, but I suspect only because of the giant codec add-on package I’d installed.

      I’d be interested to hear his take on limitations of the D90, like 5 minute clip length, and the diagonal lines when panning, but of course Nikon’s not going to put that stuff in a promotional video.

      Where’d the talk about the cross-state internet sales taxation come from? Nothing about that in the original NR post.

  • Tim Catchall

    They need to put that podcast out there in a big way. It’s gold dust… he must be one of the very few serious film makers using a D90.

  • NSXType-R

    Wow, 1/16,000 of a second shutter speed? 4.5 frames per second? 1/500th of a second flash sync speed? Okay, so it has a low-ish resolution, but it was pretty advanced for its day.

    Even the D3x can’t match the shutter speed and flash sync on that.

    A 10 year old DSLR put my D40 to shame. 😀

    • Jeff

      because its a CCD sensor and uses sensor as the curtain above 1/8000 th and for the flash sync above 1/250th. if you want to go back to CCD go right ahead. I’ll just mount a copal over a lens and hot pixel it for super fast x-sync

  • Mike

    $5800 10 years ago… $200 on eBay now. YES! That means by 2019 I’ll be able to afford a D3x! I’m sure 10 years ago people were arguing who on Earth needs a 12.3 mp sensor! My 2.7 mp pro camera gets 11×14 with ease! I’m sure that with the speed of technology a D3x will be viewed then as a D1 is viewed today.

    • The Nikon D9 could have ISO 9999999, and an resolution of 9999GigaPixels.

      • Jon Paul

        Much more likely that it will be ISO 13107200, though.

  • Zorro

    NR perhaps you could put your rating (i.e. like/dislike) on each of the comments made here.

  • Zoetmb

    The reason why the Nikon S3M rangefinder is so expensive (and that’s a half-frame camera, by the way) is because only 195 were made, according to Robert Rotoloni, author of several books about the history of Nikon rangefinders.

    That camera was a “last gasp” for the line of Nikon rangefinders, being the last rangefinder (aside from the “Olympic” model and special anniversary editions) manufactured. It was manufactured from April 1960 and was discontinued a year later. The Nikon F was released in June of 1959.

  • Tomao

    LOL that Ebay seller you linked has 20 D1 cameras for sale!

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