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The DSLR Camera Remote iPhone app post got more negative than positive votes (this is the second topic with more neg than pos I believe), so I decided to write about it again and maybe convince some readers that this is not such a bad idea. Here are some videos that will explain how this whole thing exactly works:

Remember the wireless USB solution for Nikon DSLR? It will be a good solution for the shooting shown in the next video:

but wait, there is more...


There is another iPhone app by that will allow you to control your Nikon DSLR remotely from your iPhone or touch: MUG Nikon iLive (currently pending approval in the Apple store). From the same guy(s) you can get also Nikon guides for your iPhone: MIn-U Guide: for D3, D300, D5000, D40, D90. Min-U Guides are organized in the same manner as Nikon® DSLR camera control menus and cost $1.99 each.

Min-U Guides for Nikon DSLR cameras include:
• Active D-Lighting • ADL Bracketing
• AF Area Modes • AE Lock
• AF Assist • Available Shutter Speeds with Flash
• AF Focus Area Selection • Control Panel reference
• AF Focus Modes • Custom Settings
• Auto Low-Pass • Dust Reference Photo
Filter (Sensor) Cleaning • Exposure Bracketing
• Battery Information • Exposure Compensation
• Color Spaces • Exposure Modes
• File Numbering Options • Flash Exposure Compensation
• Focus Lock • Flash Modes
• High-ISO Noise Reduction • Flash Output (FV) Lock
• Image Quality • Flash Sync Modes
• Image Size • Image Overlays
• LCD Brightness • Image Playback
• Long Exposure Noise Reduction • ISO Equivalency
• Manual Focus • Live View
• Memory Card Formatting • Manual Low-Pass Filter (Sensor) Cleaning
• Menu Reset • Max Flash Shooting Distances
• Metering Modes • Multiple Exposures
• Movies • Playback Options
• Picture Control • Scene Modes
• Reset to defaults • Viewfinder Reference
• Self-Timer • White Balance Bracketing
• Shooting Modes • White Balance Options

nikon-iphone-app2 nikon-iphone-app3

I hope to get more "likes" this time 🙂

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  • Nikon user

    This post is for IPhone users, but you should really have posts for NIKON users. Having 1 iPhone app post is more than enough.

    • this post is for Nikon users that have an iPhone

      • Nikon user

        But why not making posts then for every new bag or any other piece of equipment that can be “combined” with NIKON equipment?

        • Because this is something new for the Nikon community and I find it to be a very exciting technology. Not to mention that since the app is not yet released, it falls under the rumors category. In addition, few readers were confused how exactly this remote works – the videos should help for that.

      • Nikon user

        Don’t get me wrong, there should be post like this, but not more often than other about stuff that works well with Nikon cameras.

  • Homeslice

    this is only for Canon users (as clearly stated in these videos)

    • William

      and the video was shot using a 5D MKII. but i think it will let you choose brand and model.

    • the Nikon version is coming soon – that’s why I posted this on the first place.

  • QuadraPixel

    woot! I get my iPhone on Monday!!!

  • wingka

    I guess people are just disappointed of not seeing any more news of D300s…
    not really that the news of the iphone application’s bad

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please! What’s that voting system for, then? If we “like” it, you’ll post more, and if we “don’t like” it, you’ll post more of the same stuff anyway? There’s no point in having a voting system if you’re not going to listen anyway.

    • I wanted to see if I will get the same feedback – I did. The good part is that this rating system is consistent 🙂

  • Nicky Nikon

    iPhones are a rip off and only sold on hype. £1000 a year for a phone, no way.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, don’t come to this site to complain…
    If you don’t like the post, then just skip it?

  • Anonymous

    i should be very interested in this app as i have all the necessary equipment (iphone, nikon, laptop), but i hate the idea of needing my laptop with me to take pictures. if there was a simple hardware dongle for my camera (im sure you could make some basic wifi device for less than $100) that i could plug in instead of a clunky laptop, then i would be all over this.

    • DrB

      Exactly correct. Sans laptop, this would be extremely useful.

  • Marko K

    Is this working with Ipod Touch 2g?

    • William

      It should be right? i want to know too… damn i need an iphone hahahah

    • Yes it will work on an iPod Touch.

  • Nicolas

    Remotely controlling a camera through an iPhone is a great idea!
    But needing a laptop for this is lousy…

    This is already what you need when buying the WiFi camera hardware…

    But the day those iPhone apps can directly connect to a Nikon WT-4 or the Canon equivalent (etc…) that will be great….. No extra laptop to carry around

    • no-wifi??

      Exactly! This kind of stuff only makes sense if you’re using a wifi connection from an on-board or small dongle in your camera. Then, on the other end (friend, customer, art director) you can have a laptop, a wi-fi phone (soooo many of those now), anything. Only like that the photographer can be free to move around the set.
      Lousy IPhone maniacs….

  • Nikkorian

    technologywise its exciting. but hey, obviously it’s a niche thing. a comment in your once a week post would do, so everybody reading it knows it exists IF they need it.

  • why the hype?

    I always have a hard time understanding such hype with IPhone stuff, and even less with photographers. This app even needs a laptop!! Is this a joke??
    There are a lot of phones out there with better cameras, better software, better connectivity, the list goes on and on. There’s only one thing the IPhone has others don’t: It’s an Apple, so every Apple-head must have it or be cast away.. Oh well..
    Admin, please don’t post more than 1 IPhone-related post every 2 months or so, this is soooo irrelevant….

    • Ron

      Do you have an iPhone? Yes there are few phones that have specific functions that are better, but they don’t compare to the iPhone as a whole. That isn’t coming from an apple fan boy.
      As far as this post, I really appreciate it. It let’s us know what options there are and what posibilities are coming. This could save some of us a lot of money by waiting for a 99 cent app verses a $300 device.
      Thanks Admin!

      • sam

        well it’s debatable whether this phone or that phone is best overall, for your needs iphone might be best available from your carrier, but for someone else it might not be. eg if i want to gps tracking on to geotag my photos later on, with iphone i can’t really do much else. on some other phone i can run other software side by side.

        again, not saying iphone good or iphone bad, just that people have different needs.

        i think the low rating reflects the fact the iphone hype is way way out of proportion and people are getting a bit tired.

  • David

    I think its good information and you should keep posting. I think part of the confusion/frustration was that it is available for Canon now, but it WILL be coming out for Nikon. The other frustration is that it “appears” to be for iPhone only, but in reality I would assume it works for the iTouch too, so it is really available to everyone if you want to plunk down the $ for an Apple product, even if you don’t have AT&T. So really there is no difference in writing about this than a Windows only or a Mac only product that is coming out for Nikon cameras, but instead of Windows or Mac specific, it is iPhone/iTouch specific.

    My suggestion would be to include iTouch in the title (if indeed the app supports it) as some people just hate anything iPhone. By the way, successful products that appear on the iPhone/iTouch will likely appear on Palm’s WebOS and/or Android in the future (don’t know if that is the case here, but lets not dismiss it out-of-hand simply because it is iPhone/iTouch).

    Again folks, if you happen to have a computer and iPhone (or I assume iTouch), this is great, as it is a $20 remote release for your Nikon that has a LOT more functionality than a shutter only remote release (even wired remotes are generally more expensive $20). Is it perfect (well no, it requires a computer) but why deride every innovation (I still remember when autofocus was derided when it came out, and although its settling down some, so has liveview and movie mode on cameras). I for one will use the feature a few times a year (which means it is completely worth it in my case)

    • heartyfisher

      I would say the webos and android phones have a better chance of not needing a PC between the phone and the camera as they are basically a PC that can make phone calls. I think they are Linux based PCs.

      • KevinR

        That makes no sense whatsoever. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Ridiculous.

  • David

    Just a follow-up note, someone said “what’s the point of the voting system if for a ‘No’ you will just post more of the same?” Although I liked the info about the app, I also agree with the sentiment of that poster somewhat. There is no need to try to convince us with more posts to the main page, the ‘convincing’ can be done in the comments section.

    With that said, just because more people say ‘don’t like’ than ‘like’ doesn’t mean that you should never post about it again. I assume you are using that as a level of interest guide and that you will take the # + the nature of comments and the total number of votes and comments into consideration (if someting promotes a lot of good and interesting discussion, even if it got a majority of ‘don’t likes’, then future posts are probably something to consider. So i would probably not expect another post on this app until it actually launches in the app store with Nikon support.

  • Note to myself: no more iPhone posts!

    • heartyfisher

      Haha! .. The masses just doesn’t understand what a visionary you are! They didnt understand that its not just the Iphone taht you are posting about .. but the potentail that this technology concept has to revolutionise photography.

      So now you are going to lay defeated by the mundane normality of the masses who has no vision…

      • I do not want to contradict myself – I always said that I will go with the majority of the readers, no matter what the topic is.

        • heartyfisher

          Right.. you want to grow up to be a politician ..ok. then.


          • I think in 5 years this functionality will be standard feature in every cell phone and digital camera, but like many new technologies people are afraid of it at the beginning.

  • Zoetmb

    This is the problem with ratings – they confuse the content of the post with the quality/relevance of the post.

    Unless one thinks that this site should have only fantasy rumors and no facts, I believe posts like this are fine. Or would you rather have 14 more posts about a Nikon D400 based on a typo or a fake Photoshopped image?

    Whether or not you like the iPhone or whether one would prefer a non-tethered remote is completely irrelevant to whether this is a valid and worthy post.

  • Wireless Employee

    I work for a major cell phone retailer, therefore spend a lot of time using and comparing various devices. There are things that my 5 year old LG can do that iPhone can’t. The only reason it sells it the piece of fruit slapped on the back. That’s it.
    Every major carrier has had downloadable software for years. Apple comes up with the cute term ‘apps’ and people call it revolutionary.
    Every major carrier has had touch screen phones for a while, too. Apple makes one and its revolutionary.
    If you find everything else ‘too hard’ to use except the IPhone, that just means you’re an idiot. Read a book, take a class, and the next time you buy a product with ‘i” in the title, I hope the battery explodes in your pocket.

    • Let me guess – you are not working for AT&T. Every other carrier lost many customers because of the iPhone – I was one of them (switched from T-Mobile to AT&T just because of the iPhone). In my case (running several blogs) there is no better solution out there. I agree that there is a lot of hype around the iPhone, but you have to understand also that this is the best tool available for many people out there.

    • also I would like to know about the features on your LG that are not available on the iPhone and I don’t think I should read a book or a take a class in order to learn how to use a phone…

    • David

      So this misses the point and really points to why the other carriers really miscalculated with Apple. You are right in that the other carriers have phones that provide similar technology or even greater technology. However, the best technology does not win, it is the packaging, integration and marketing behind it all. I look back at Commodore as an example. Remember the Amiga? Best technology at the time from a graphics and multimedia perspective. They also bragged about the best SCSI implementation, but then they didn’t create the story and put the marketing and support muscle behind the rollout so it never grew above a niche player and eventually everyone else caught up from the technology perspective and blew them away from every other perspective.

      Point is, nobody else packaged all the technologies together, supported development, provided a market for apps and put the marketing muscle (and mystique) behind the rollout of a phone than Apple did. That is what makes the iPhone family such a force to be reckoned with, not the technology itself.

      Palm figured that out (finally – I used to be a Treo owner but they lost me when the 3G came out – so the ‘Pre’ was too late for me, but they are figuring it out and offering a compelling alternative to the iPhone).

      Anyway, this is a Nikon site, so I think the DSLR App announcements are relevant regardless of which phone platform. I look forward to seeing the announcement on this site when the DSLR App is actually available for Nikon.

    • Bungopony

      Indeed there are those that would purchase an iPhone just because it has a piece of fruit on the back. There are also douchebags like you who would NEVER purchase one for the same reason, no matter how nice or easy it is to use.

      Why would ANYONE want to read a book or take a class to learn how to use a phone? You really are the dummy here.

  • grumps

    To NR Admin: A Suggestion
    I voted for this post and no I don’t have an iPhone. (I heard it here first)
    However, may I suggest for every NON-Nikon product, can you post a Nikon rumor to balance it out. I check this site often, but can’t help but feel it will just turn into a gadget site IF there isn’t a counter balance, away from rumors… that being Nikon rumors. Just a suggestion!

    • I hear you – the problem is that I don’t control when I will get a good rumor, this is why I am trying to entertain the readers with other interesting, Nikon related topics. Would you rather see 2 posts per week (rumors only)? Maybe I should rethink again having a Page 2 for all non-rumors posts. If you’ve been here long enough, you probably remember that at the beginning I did have a Page 2 blog but it did not go well, so I pulled the plug.

      • grumps

        I hear you too, and totally get it. I’m just saying that would be ideal and discourage some of the other discouraging readers on your site too. Obviously quality of those rumors are important, as I guess the smarter readers are roughly able to predict whats next … and your next Nikon press conference posting will point us on a better time line 🙂

  • CanNik

    Don’t have an I phone but that is a nice app. Windows Mobile 6 user here.

  • GlobalGuy

    This post was annoying. You only needed 1 or 2 videos. You definitely didn’t need 5. And why double post?? We understood this the first time. It would have been far better if you posted something about other Phones that can do this or people who are working on it. Google Android phones please. A lot of people hate the iPhone specifically because of how closed it is. Don’t make this a MAC site.

  • johansson

    lol – how small-minded some of you are!
    you sound like little babies:
    “bah … this is a nikon site … bah… we only want to here things about nikon … bah …”

  • 3space

    Good stuff! keep the iphone and all related nikon post coming. I hope one day there is an app that can control the focus motor and allow me to record and play back rack focuses for timed shoots..

  • Oi

    First of all I want to say great job admin!!! This site is fantastic, I check in regularly to see what is going on in the WORLD of Nikon. So keep posting rumors and new product concepts like this. Who knows, maybe Palm or Windows Mobile or Symbian will release better software and hardware for controlling our cameras. If they do I hope to hear about it here! Yes I own an iPhone and no I will not use this app with my nikon cameras, it just doesn’t suit my needs but it is good to know it exists. I might see it being more useful if I could manipulate my camera’s settings without the laptop.

    If Nokia would release a phone with similar functionality to the iPhone and the same or similar app base I would switch back. Until that happens the iPhone is the best mobile device for me because of the flexibility to run third party apps like this. If I ever need it, it’s good to know the technology exists. Maybe someday ATT will fix their network to allow us to use the technology that is available today.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and keep posts like these coming, if it’s nikon related send it our way. And yes I also think that video on a dslr is worthwhile and will only enable us to become more creative with our work. I look forward to adding digital photo frames to my wedding work which include short video clips along with stills. And who knows, maybe I will use my phone to control the recording of those clips…

    Thanks admin, this post has given me some great ideas…

    • I am secretly agreeing with every word you wrote (yes, I like video in DSLR and yes I like iPhone apps) – I think I have to close the comments at that point because this will trigger some unwanted discussions 🙂

      Thanks for the support!

  • Jason

    Man… you’d think that every person who comes to the site has to read every word and watch every video… Somewhere I picked up this obviously specialized skill: the ability to skip what I’m not interested in and move on. Wish I could share it with some of you.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the problem with “votes”. People seem to be more apt to vote on something if they DON’T like it. Those of us that don’t mind will just briefly scan the post or even contently read and watch every video and move on. It’s the way of the internet. The trolls will rush to bash anything they don’t agree with more than normal reads rush to “like” something. It’s the “if you don’t like something, complain” mentality.

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