iPhone DSLR Camera Remote app update

iphone-dslr-camera-remoteDSLR Camera Remote app for iPhone (v1.1) adds several improvements, including Nikon DSLR support. Expected release date: mid-July, 2009.

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Note:  in order for this app to work, the camera must be tethered to a computer.


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  • David Pritchett

    I could see something like this -really- being useful for video. Program in a rack focus (with ease in/out on the end points. Gold!

    Obviously that’s not gonna happen any time soon… but, I don’t see a lot of use for this otherwise.


  • Quash

    Where’s the Blackberry love???

  • Jon

    this would be great to have for weddings. My assistant could use the iphone hooked up to a camera attached in the balcony or some other hard to reach places and take take remote shots during the ceremony. I like it!

    • fotosniper

      couldnt you do that with a cleon wireless remote? no need for a 300$ iphone

    • I love the idea of the using the app to shoot from a balcony. But if i’m setting up a camera in the balcony, i’d just rather set it to shoot every 10 seconds and have 2,160 photos over six hours. That way I’m not distracted thinking about shots from the balcony. BUT, it certainly has the cool factor. And that cool factor often wins over current and potential customers.

  • Me


    If I had an iPhone

  • LordBug

    But it has to be tethered to a computer!
    For many years I’ve dreamed of a remote which has a full colour screen which allows you to easily access all the settings and fire the camera, and if the iPhone or any other large screened phone could do it, then my dream would be realised. But needing the middleman of a computer is just crap. It’s akin to the Comfort Wipe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crfGXmxJ1vM), and by god is that a horrible “invention”.

  • Skeptical

    Ken Rockwell has new apps as well. LOL

  • /guy

    how about from the iphone through an eye-fi card to the camera for a wireless path? i’d buy that in a heartbeat.

    the new eye-fi pro cards can do ad hoc wifi, so theoretically it could comm with the iphone, but i suspect the problem would be in relaying commands through the card to the camera.


  • Alex

    it’s $20 now, unfortanately… I think it used to be 10 for the pro version

  • steve

    I think most have seen it, and it may have even been posted here, but this guy: http://petetek.blogspot.com/ has wireless USB hooked up to his camera, and is running nikon capture through the wireless USB connection.

    Why can’t someone (smart) write and iPhone app to communicate with the wireless usb, and ditch the computer for the iphone?

    (I know it is a lot harder than it sounds, but conceptually it could be done)

  • Willis

    Now that the 3.0 software is out and you can connect the phone directly to the camera, I can envision some pretty cool apps coming out. Somebody has to make a cord though which rules out the home brew crowd.

  • DrB

    I think if I had this I would use it. Once.

  • adr

    let me get this straight, you need a computer and a phone to take a picture.

    sounds like a simple straight forward idea to me. why didn’t anyone think of it sooner.

  • David

    For those with all the equipment already in place (own camera, computer and iPhone/iTouch), its makes for a pretty cool remote release for less than it costs to buy a corded remote. That is pretty nice. Now, if you don’t have one of the required pieces of equipment already, the business case goes down the drain 😉

    Me? I’m looking forward to getting the Nikon version when it comes out.

  • Pablov

    I was missing this place 🙂

    BTW, why people would dislike this post ? is very interesting, and good to keep up to date. So I like it.

    Cheers 🙂

  • KMT

    We have a working iPhone app for Nikon DSLR remote control pending approval in the store now…

  • bruce

    Why the negative comments? Uh, maybe because the price is DOUBLE what the Canon users had to pay for the app. What looked interesting before now looks overpriced.

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