Nikon rumors I didn’t post

I got this idea from a reader and from Gizmodo - once a month, (just for fun) I will list some of the Nikon rumors that did not make the cut. So, here we go:

  • Nikon 24-65 2.0G: there was a listing on craiglist with the a picture from Japanese magazine cover talking about a new Nikon 24-65 2.0G (source). I did not see the magazine cover. Does anyone has a copy of this picture/magazine?
  • Picture taken with Nikon D300s? I don't think so. Maybe the photographer has multiple D300s.
  • Accessories for Nikon flash SB-700. Probably a typo.
  • Nikon D300s manual leak: I got this screenshot of a leaked Nikon D300s manual. I think this is a simple HTML manipulation. If this leak was true, the tipster would have sent me the actual manual.

click to enlarge

  • Another Nikon ad in the shooting? This picture was taken in Tokyo last month and sent to me by a reader. I cannot see what camera is the model holding (hi-res image available here):

Another Nikon ad

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  • silverfire

    The manual “leak” is definitely a fake — all the other text is centered while the D300s is the same as the D300 with an ‘s’ stuck at the end.

  • Brintkiks

    The hi-res image on flickr is “private”, so I can’t see it.. 🙁

  • rwpl

    hehe thx for this post!

  • jimbo

    I’m assuming the AF-S 105-300 f/2.8 VR that’s listed on the interesting guy’s flickr is a 70-200mm for DX? Nothing else is suprising

    • LOL – he changed his list – there were a lot of weird lenses there…

      • I removed the entry all together

        • I saw this post and changed to the list and removed my D800 from it. That list was for messing around with people just wanting to know the gear I use, never thought I would end up in nikonrumors hehehe. I must ask how did you find it?

          • he he – I use the force to find you 🙂

  • ak

    Odd to include a link in a fake picture…

  • Tony

    Can’t see the hi-res photo…says it’s private.

    • I just checked – the photo is public and is already viewed 1100 times.

  • Martin

    I really like the idea of posting rumors “I didn’t post”. I don’t expect every rumor to be true…and I like to see what BS people come-up with. I tell ya one thing. That SB-700 rumor had my heart skip a beat. I’m waiting until fall to purchase a new flash. I hope by then I have a new option…..SB-700.

  • D40-Owner

    The camera in the model’s hand definitely has a built-in flash.
    And that’s about all you can see…. 🙁

  • EB

    Seems like an ironic name for a “post”. If you arn’t gona post them, don’t post them…=P

    Maybe a better name might be: “Unlikely rumors from the past two weeks”

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