The next Nikon press conference is scheduled for…

... July 30th and August 4th. Double whammy? Maybe D300s on July 30 and D4000 on August 4th (300->3, 4000->4). Stay tuned - I am sure I will be getting more confirmations from around the world in the next few days.

This news comes from Nikon Nordic and the event will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.


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  • Martin

    Think that the d4 is believable… but neither d4 nor d4000 makes sense in my mind.
    still think it would be cooler with a new procamera 😛

  • steve

    Hopefully more than just cameras – it’s be nice to see some updated lenses too!

  • shivas

    yup – it’ll be D300s and D4000 for sure. . . and that’ll be all for this year, sigh. . ..let’s hope they’ll release some lenses too, nice find, something to look forward to on my bday, which is on August 5th 🙂

  • steve

    Definitely the D4000 considering all the rumors out there about it.

  • Dan

    But what about lenses and the SB700???


  • Trevor

    I don’t see why Nikon would introduce a D4000 now or in the foreseeable future, since the D5000 was just introduced to be their entry-level DSLR. Would the D4000 be SUB-entry level?

    And why would they come out with a D4 just a few months after the D3X? Let’s not forget this is a recession. Is the world clamoring for yet another ultra expensive DSLR?

    A D300s makes sense, though. And even a D700s makes more sense than either D4 or 4000.

    • Eli

      The D5000 isn’t Nikon’s entry-level SLR. The D60 is. It’s still being produced, you know. But the D60 will be replaced by a de-featured D5000 (I hope).

      • Mike

        I hope so too, the D5000 is not my ideal entry level SLR, too expensive, and the swivel LCD is not a must , neither is Video. Would love to have a D60 sized body with a more scaled up AF. Actually D60 is good enough for me as a highly maneuverable body.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, exactly. I even have a little hope that the D4000 might have a 6mp sensor “only”. For almost every private person 6 mp are more than enough, even commercially used images barely need more than 6mp.
          This camera would would be a great low noise camera, for (serious) amateurs up to semipros, as a reasonable priced entry body, or a second body to a D300(s).

          • Mike

            True, but not very likely unfortunately, they are unwilling to create mission-specific bodies any more, although they start to come up with new version of such lenses (e.g. PC-E ones)

          • JohnO

            the bottom line is the d60 and d40 have been out for a long time. While this does not mean they are “out of date”, they will need to replace those two cameras with something in the same price range.

            Like you said, we are in a recession. Why would the cheapest camera they have now cost 800 w/ a kit lens(d5000)?
            It makes sense for a company to update its cameras from top of the line down to the bottom, in hopes that some people who would have bought the d4k buy the d5k prior to the d4k’s release, that is the reason it was released first. I’ve heard d60 inventories are dropping but I’m not sure if thats really true. This should be pretty interesting to see what Nikon does.

            PS: remember how skeptical people were of a d5000 coming out? 😉

  • low

    here it comes.

  • Const

    LOL – Thom Hogan and Ken Rockwell were wrong…. again…. what a surprise… The NR Admin was write when he said yesterday that they have no clue…

    • not again this topic…

      • toto

        I am sure after this post they both (Thom and Ken) will change their minds and start announcing the new official date which they got from their secret source inside Nikon (which I call – hilarious. Keep up the good work admin and don’t pay attention to them.

        • getanalogue

          hi toto, of course the source of rumors is NR, others just publishing their press releases. I don’t know anything about Nikon’s press releases, but I am pretty sure that Nikon will come up with another stunning launch. It is their state of mind. Anything else would be discouragiing. Even consumers relying oon sales’ staff advice will be loosing trust in Nikon’s recently gained competence in Imaging

  • ggweci

    I’d pick up a D4000 if it had the same specs as the D5000 minus the swivel screen (3″ fixed instead?) and video for a cheaper price ($200 – $300 less or so).

    And it would be extra attractive if it were all in a D40/D60 body. 🙂

  • uglyface

    what is a d4000?

    • Martin

      the camera that’s supposed to replace the d60, think d5000 without the silly swivelscreen.

      • uglyface

        wasnt the d60 the upgrade from the d40 and d40x? why put out another entry level camera when the d5000 just came out and is priced accordingly?

        • anon

          Because a lot of people (me included) would have bought the D5000 if it did not have the swivel screen and if the size was equal to the D40! D4000 here we go!

          • Mike

            You don’t have to swivel the swivel screen. Just like you don’t need to use movie mode. Personally I don’t use multiple shot with auto gain too much, but I don’t b$tch about and ask for Nikon to take it out so I can save $25. Things like swivel screen is there IF you need it. Not to be used exclusively.

          • The swivel screen and video recording are just extras thrown in to lure the P&S crowd. A D4000 as essentially a D5000 with an AF screw however would actually tempt me to replace my D50 as a second body.

        • Andi

          It is not priced accordingly. That’s the point.

          • uglyface

            Really Andi?
            BH has the D5000 listed as $730, D90 at $975 and the newest canon rebel whatever at $800

            so where do you not see the D5000 as priced accordingly? If you want a $500 dslr, go buy a D200

          • Andi

            Oh, the price of the D5000 is according to its IQ but the price relation D5000/D90 is not according to the price relation D60/D80 one or two years ago.

    • phil

      Think competition to Canon’s lineup. The D5000 is direct competition to the Canon Rebel T1i, while the D4000 would be direct competition to the Canon Rebel XS/XSi. The D5000 wasn’t a direct replacement for the D40, while the D4000 is.

  • Ari

    I was so hoping to replace my D80 before I go on holiday in July a week before the first press conference….oh well.


    Whatever new Nikon camera comes out, it must have HD video on it, no matter what. Even P&S cameras have HD video on them, therefore DSLR cameras should also have video on them if it was only because Nikon’s competitors have put video on their new DSLR cameras.

    BUT video done really well. On the pro cameras (D300, D700, D3, D3X), Nikon should put 720p and 1080p at several frame rates: 24 fps AND 30 fps AND, if possible, also 60 fps.
    And stereo sound, and even optional audio inputs.
    And solve adding the different features (ISO, Auto-focus, etc.) smoothly with video.
    On all the other cameras, Nikon should put at least 720p at at least two frame rates: 24 fps AND 30 fps.

    Video on a DSLR camera incites would be buyers to buy cameras, that is a fact. If Nikon would not put video, they surely know that they would lose many sales.

    It would be cool to see an update to the D700 and probably to the D300.

    And Nikon should be bold and start selling an entry DSLR camera to replace the D40 with a full frame sensor and HD video (720p at both 24 fps and 30 fps). The DX format was cool when you could not produce an affordable full frame sensor but, as the years pass, the full frame sensor is now a must on ALL Nikon DSLR cameras (except the D300 for those who are still blindly desperate for a DX sensor!).

    • alwin

      D40-size with full-frame would be cool but it would not be entry level. FX is not a must. DX is cheaper, has free 1,5x tele, is cheaper, and there are lenses made that fit DX only. Did I mention it is cheaper?

  • Greg

    you think it will be the D300s or D400?

  • Ubiquitous

    It is nice to know that Nikon might came out of hiding, at least for a brief period. It gives me hope. However, if no new lens announcements that interest me, like some worthwhile primes, Zeiss here I come.

  • Hey-nonny-mouse

    Timing sounds about right. Nikon Switzerland has just started offering special deals with the D300 until end of August, which I guess is an attempt to clear remaining stock before the new model arrives:

  • Rick

    Presuming there are, in fact, real Nikon invitations going around, The likely candidate would be the D300s, though something is surely needed in the entry level range. If there is another event a few days later I’d like to think that this could be for some new FX zooms and primes where there are some deficiencies. I don’t see Nikon announcing a new DX camera and new FX primes in the same event.

    • getanalogue

      if Nikon is sending around invitations for press conferences for anouncement of a D4000 (and maybe a meaningless D300s) only, they wouldf say good bye to prime league cam manufacturers. They need to launch a successor to D300 and D700. Otherwise, they would loose all the respect tthey gained the past years by launching ubelievably good products. We will see. I still love my Bentley F4 (and Kodachrome).

      • Eli

        WHY do they need to replace the D700? The thing is less than a year old and is known to have the best IQ you can get for under $4,000!

        They should, however, complement it… with a D700x. A camera that uses the D3x sensor for around $3.5K. I know, that’s crazy, but Canon did the same thing with the 5D2 vs. 1Ds3 (actually the 5D2’s sensor is better).

  • Michael

    Last summer they introduced the D700 around the end of July / first of August and then the D90 end of August / early September. I forget the exact dates.

    I am still looking for the D700x so maybe that for a head on competition with the 5D Mark II, and the D300s?

    • regular

      Nop. The D700 was announced just before the summer holidays (on July 1st) and the D90 at the end (Aug 27th).

      It does not make much sense to announce new product when all the customers and journalists are gone in vacations. Also, all the photo magazines I know dont publish in August.

      I say 0% truthiness.

      • Michael

        I was speaking of the dates it actually started shipping. The Announcement dates were as you said, I was talking about the dates in my hand. Thanks for the clarification, I couldn’t recall the exact announcement dates.

  • Anonymous

    All I want for christmas is an updated 80-400VR AF-S…. please?

    • DNHJR

      I hear you. This would be a great seller. Don’t know what Nikon is waiting for.

      • gg

        it is that lens that i grew tired of waiting for an upgrade and have decided to sell my D300 and D90 in favor of Canon. I am going 400mm f5.6

        • Anonymous

          Then why not buy an AFS 300/f4 and 1.4x to go with the D300 for the moment?.

  • Joop

    It looks like we are all still guessing what’s coming up ….
    Here in the Netherlands the d300 is no longer in stock by the greater resellers. But they will read comments on sites like this and be carefull due to the crises.

    And I hope Nikon has a big surprise for us all; a big sensor range finder. wishfull thinking like the posts above;-)

  • Quash

    I vote for three cameras: D300s, D700s and the D4000.

    How can they not update the D700, given the competition?

    • Michael

      I feel they will give us a D700x or whatever, I just don’t know when. The D3 hit the shelves in December 2007 (in low quantity) and then the D700 then hit the shelves end of July / early August 2008. I am hoping one of these will be the D700x, D3x in a smaller body and price tag as the D700 was to the D3. This will go head to head with the 5D Mark II and if history is any indicator, will beat the 5D Mark II. Nikon has the technology, I just hope they do it sooner than later.

  • How about that: a Nikon D3 and D300 refresh, a new D4000 and each of them with a new lens?

    We had some rumors about a D3 refresh, so don’t take it out of the picture.

    • Sergey Shandar

      I also think that it will D300s and D3s. And D4000 (may be it will be called D1000?) beginning of the next year (D60 is still good). No D400, No D4, No D800, maybe D700s/x this year.

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t rule anything out. You had posted that the rumor is autumn for the D3s so I didn’t imagine they were going to announce it so early. With the D3 and the D300 they announced in August but didn’t begin to get them into our hands until the very end of November / early December.

      Since then Nikon has done a much better job of announcing and then beginning shipments in a month or so.

      I don’t rule anything out. I love getting new tools!

  • Swizzy

    Got an eMail today from Nikon Switzerland that they’re bringing a rebate on the D300, lasting till 31st of August. So, either, the D300s/D400 won’t be announced before that, or they have some weird ideas about marketing (alas “punish the uninformed”). Well, that’s all I know…

  • HDZ


  • Anonymous

    Nikon does not produce DSLRs only. So at least on one of these press conference we might see compact cameras or other equipment.

    • Agree on this. In fact, wouldn’t be the first time they do it (IIRC). One day for the Coopix and another for the SLR gear.

  • Ubiquitous

    If Nikon announces the D300s, it is basically extending the “product life cycle” of the D300 for at least another year. I doubt that they will announce the D400. The other camera might be the D4000 to officially replace the D40. I am hoping for lenses, but I do not know. If I had to guess from Nikon’s viewpoint, they might be among the following:

    AF-S 80-400mm f/4-5.6G VR ED-IF N (and the rest of the alphabet)
    AF-S 24mm DX f/1.8G
    AF-S 50mm DX f/1.8

    We, who have both the D300 and D700, these DX lenses are not appreciated. We need lenses that can go both ways like:

    AF-S 35mm f/1.8G (or f/1.4) ED-IF N
    AF-S 85mm f/1.4G VRII ED-IF N
    AF-S 28-50mm f/1.8G ED-IF N (that would be nice like replacing 3 primes – will never happen.)

    If I do not get the lenses I want, I’m jumping over to Zeiss and will not return – I have the Nikon main zooms.

    • Ubiquitous

      I’ll settle for a:

      AF-S 28-45mm f/1.4G ED-IF N (or)

      AI-s 28-45mm f/1.4 ED N

      • Nikkorian

        I’ll be fine with an AF-S 10-200 1.8-3.5G VR ED N.

        • Nikkorian

          Oh, forgot to mention “DX” :))

    • You forgot to list the 300 F4 AF-S VR II Nano. A 400 F4.5 Vr II Nano would be a VERY welcome announcement as well!

  • Zoetmb

    It doesn’t make sense to me that Nikon would have two press conferences in the same country six days apart.

    • Jørgen

      The first press conference is to annonce the second.

      • Michael

        Too funny!

  • I hope that it will be at least a 14mpixel ff camera using the sensor found in one of the Sony new cameras now in sale ( i don’t remember which one is),

  • Jimmy

    This is killing me. I need,err, want, to upgrade from a D50 and am settled on just getting the D90 body (which is nowhere to be found by the way). But if the D300s is worth the $$ compared to the “older” D90, then I should wait and fork over for that. But I could use that extra $$ for glass instead of the D300s upgrade over the D90.

    I am so confused!

    • Mikeg

      Jimmy, either of those would be a big upgrade to a D50. I am going to wait untill the D300s comes out since there is a chance that the high iso will be cleaner than the D90 and the original D300. Plus, I want AiS metering support which the D90 doesn’t have. I have a D50 atm also.

    • Nikkorian

      theres such a big difference in price betw 90&300(s) which is only worth paying if you do sports photography almost professionally. or if you need it for your ego. if budget is tight, get a d90 and decent fast lenses.

      • Jimmy

        Obviously my ego!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe one of the annoucements will be a D700x? It’s nearly been a year since the D700 was announced and only a couple of months off when the D3x was announced also. Surely Nikon have plans to re-use the D3X sensor?

  • funny

    wow so essentially 2 cameras nobody wants 🙂 good job nikon.

    how about some more dx lenses priced at 900 bucks while neglecting the prime updates long over due. what’s the harm after all, it’s just a decade or two.

  • Yury

    I hope hey will release new lenses as well! smth like 85/1.2 or 85/1.4 VRII N

  • Ondrej

    Maybe D300s and D90s? I wish.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    OMG a day after my birthday. sounds fun maybe i should wait 🙂

  • i have a big question :

    why they did D700 if they dont do D7 ?

    what is D700 ? a D300 body with D3 ” spirit ” ?

    i dont understand …

    D5000 = D5 ? D500 ?

    D400 = D4 ? D4000 ?

    just tell me about D700 , cause i want to buy it but it seems suspicious.

    • Zoetmb

      A D700 is essentially a D3 in a D700 body. You don’t get all the body quality and speed of a D700, but you get the FX frame sensor, etc. The D700 image processing (aside from the sensor size) is more like a D300.

      I attended a seminar recently about making large prints from artwork. Nikon and HP have a joint venture which includes special software for this. It only works with a D3 or D3x. I asked why not a D700, since it uses the same sensor and I was told that the image processing isn’t up to snuff for such an application.

      If you think you need FX sensor size, but can’t afford the D3 or don’t like the weight/size, than D700 is the way to go. If you don’t need FX sensor size, then D300 or whatever comes next is the way to go.

      But I would advise you to go into a camera store and pick up these cameras and use them. That’s how you’re going to feel the difference. Even in the cases where the resulting image quality isn’t much different, when you use these cameras, the higher-end bodies are like race cars and the lower-end are like econo-boxes. They just feel different. If that’s not important to you, go for the lower-end. If it is, go for the higher-end.

      • Zoetmb

        Sorry..I meant to write, “the D700 is essentially the D3 in a D300 body.”

  • Jack

    I think a D700x with a D3X sensor is quite a ways off. Nikon always takes their time with things like this. I’m guessing the announcement will be something like a D300S and some lenses. As I’ve said before, regardless of what Nikon says about releasing the same amount of products this year, I don’t think they will due to the global economic situation. All companies are cutting back and cutting employees. Why would Nikon be different? Staying with the competition? They already have plenty of products that compete with the other manufacturers.

    • MentalRaymond

      “Staying with the competition? They already have plenty of products that compete with the other manufacturers.”

      Could you tell me which Nikon has 20mp +, ful sensor, and 1080p video to rival the Canon EOS 5D Mark II?

      • Jack

        They don’t need to have a product that exactly meets the specs of another competitor’s product. I think the D3X, D700, D300, and D3 fit the bill in that category. Eventually Nikon will release a camera with similar specs to the Mark II, but I don’t think there is any rush because of all the great cameras Nikon has right now. I take photos that can be blown up to 30×40 or bigger with my D300 that sell really well and my agencies love them.

  • Remington

    Okay, so here’s my dilemma…If I don’t really need what the rumored specs show such as:

    HD video
    Slightly increased FPS with grip
    Auto and Extra High Active D-Lighting modes
    Oh yeah, and I already have a cache of CF cards no SD cards
    And, I’m in the market for new gear prior to some traveling and social events in July, August & Sept.

    Should I just buy a D300 now? The 300s does not look that much better other than the HD Vid. Not to mention that a July 30th announcement means likely a fall product release.

    What would you do?

  • MentalRaymond

    Nikon need something on the market to compete with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, PERIOD. The closest thing price wise is the d700, and although the d700 has awesome iso features and full frame, it carnt match the Canon in mp or video. If the best Nikon can do is re-release the d300 with another card slot and video then who is this supposed to be aimed at?

  • nir.exe

    A refreshed D300 with the same sensor is more likely to be announced,
    the way i see it, the market doesn’t need another entry level body – hens the D4000.
    On the other hand Sonys’ DX 14 MB sensor haven’t been used on any of Nikon cameras.
    My hunch is if not on the next body – the D300s (screen shots we saw here pointing out it’s the same sensor), probably on the D400 DX on Photokina 2010.
    I guess Nikon will announce some new lenses on August despite the recession cause’ by the time it will actually hit the stores the recession will be behind us..

  • MentalRaymond

    I know there is a recession on. But whats the point re-releasing a camera with the same sensor over 24 months after the original just wish small tweaks? Im wanting to upgrade from my d80. I want over 16mp and HD 1080p video with full frame….guess that just leaves the cannon 5D Mark II then. Good move nikon.

  • MentalRaymond

    If the d400 is more likely being released at Photokina 2010, why release an updated d300 now with less than a year to go before a full range update? If i bought a full priced d300s now only to find it was being replaced less than a year later, that would grate me a little.

    • Dragos

      Wasn’t the D700 announced roughly a year after the D3? How many “advanced amateurs” or whatever the name is for people with passion for photography (or for photographic gear, doesn’t matter in this case) bought the D3 because they really wanted a FX sensor camera and not because they wanted a PRO level camera? How many of them would have bought a D700 instead? I guess many. I know I would have been angry having spent 4 grand to find out that essentially the same camera with dust-shake can be had for less than half a year later… (repeat again: not in the case of pros who really need all the advanced features of the D3). So why not a D300s and a year later a D400? A perfectly reasonable proposition and that’s what is going to happen!

      • MentalRaymond

        I think this is slightly different though. Its like buying a d3x and then finding out a year later that a d4 was coming out with far superior specs for the same money.
        The gap between a d2 and d3 and their respective x models was a year, the d300 has already been out nearly 2. I imagine with d400 will have far superior features then the d300s, so yes, i would feel pretty upset getting a d300s instead of waiting for the d400.

  • panmoria

    We’ll soon see the D500, no worries.

  • JP

    I hope they will announce the D700s/x, it’s a pitty that the event wasn’t in the beginning of june so you atleast could use the camera more often during your summerholiday.

  • Foto2902

    What make sense in my mind is a D700x (22 MegaPix) and a D300x (16megaPix plus video) But let see

  • TTI

    D70s was release about 1 1/2 year after D70 ?
    But I know that D80 followed about 11 months or so after the release of D70s…
    So it makes sense that Nikon will repeat the same old pattern again…

    I think this release will be D300s… and D3s ?
    Coz these 2 cameras were announced during the same time… so it can be repeat again this time…

    For me, D4000 doesn’t seems relevant… given the price in Southeast Asia… D5000 is just about 15% higher than the release of D60… Thus, I think Nikon positioned D5000 as a direct successor of D60… however, still keeping the option open as they still continue to produce D60 as an entry-point DSLR for at least 1/2 year…

    But for long-term, I think D5000 might be the base-point for entry level DSLR, as sharing the same production line and material can somehow benefit more to the ROI of the company…

    Here in Thailand, some sources of information is saying D300s would be on the release for sure… but they have no news about the other body… (you know, all DX is produced in our country :))

    Some rumors even mentioned that they have see the box printing diagram of new 18-200 but has no sources to proof this…

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