More Nikon AIS lenses discontinued at B&H

The above lenses are all gray market (one lens is a demo?).

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  • Their remaining stock of ’em ran out, so what? They may have just been listed as “discontinued” at B&H but Nikon sure hasn’t made any for a long while.

  • Anonymous

    Darn it, I want a AF-S 85mm 1.8 :(, i hoped that they’re going to release it with the new Dxxx

    • monty11

      What does your comment have to do with the discontinued lenses?

  • Steven

    stirring the pot with no ingredients are we?

  • fotosniper

    man i would love a nice new 24mm with no IR hotspot!
    would go great on a d700

  • Zoetmb

    Nikon (in the U.S.) placed these lenses on “special order” status about two years ago. B&H was apparently sourcing them internationally for a while, but obviously can’t get them anymore. The ones that weren’t discontinued have been backordered for a long time.

    The only one available (as of last week) from B&H is the 50mm 1.2, which they’re selling for $700 (U.S. version). Is this lens worth it? Is it worth twice the price of the AF 50 1.4? or $220 more than the new AF-S 50 1.4?

    The best place to find these lenses is probably not from a major retailer — it’s from an old, dusty, independent photo retailer.

    • Ken Elliott

      I had a 50mm f/1.2 and loved it. It was soft at f/1.2 (duh) which made it great for granny portraits and wedding work. By f/2 it was sharper than any Nikkor @ 50 mm (17-55, 24-70, 50/1.4 and 50/1.8). Simply wonderful glass.

      Moving to FX, I switched to the 85mm f/1.4, another wonderful lens. I sold the 50mm f/1.2 and am waiting for Nikon to release an AF model. If I get tired of waiting, I’ll likely grab the Sigma 50 f/1.4.

      I sure hope this is a sign that Nikon is updating all the old prime lens lineup.

      • M

        Amen to all those points. I recently bought (new) the 50/1.2 from Vistek in Canada for US$550. Agree with its sharpness @ f/2. Also love the jewel-like precision of the AI-s lenses, as opposed to the new, Chinese made plastic normal AF-S ‘normal’ lenses (35/1.8 & 50/1.4). I got tired of waiting for the mythical 85/1.4 AFS and popped for a new AFD. Have had issues with it right off the bat. QC hasn’t been what it used to be; my brand new 24-70, barely used, went back for replacement of the AF mechanism. My 14-24 is heading back next.

        • David


    • Jon Paul

      I prefer the 50mm 1.8D because it has autofocus. If you’re an available light fanatic, the 1.2 is an amazing lens, but you get serious soft focus wide open from aberrations at the edge of the lens (whether that’s good or bad, you can be the judge). I feel like the 1.2 is sharper at f/2, but the same at all the rest of the apertures they overlap. I’ve got both and am selling the 1.2 on ebay because it’s not as practical, and putting the money toward an upgrade from a D300 to a D700 (a more expensive way to get an extra stop). If I had a split-screen focus screen I would keep it.
      You can check out some pictures that I took with the 1.2 here: The ghosting is most apparent on the daisies picture.

    • Jon Paul

      Oh yeah, about your question, I’d get the 1.8–I don’t get the hype about the 1.2. I hope you’re not bidding on my ebay listing 😉 I guess the fact that I’m selling it says as much, though.
      If the money is burning a hole in your pocket, I would get the 1.4 AF-S with the manual focus override–that might be useful.

  • William

    Maybe the updated versions will be released alongside the D300s

    • PHB

      Nah, no new manual lenses.

      But with the current range of AF primes not working on the D40 bodies and being outperformed by the zooms, sometimes for less money, it is clear Nikon needs to sort out its prime range.

      I suspect that we will see all the AF primes superceded by fast, more expensive AFS versions. These will probably be quite expensive and not quite replace the AF versions that will hang around for while.

      Nikon would probably prefer not to have two sets of obsolete primes to confuse matters.

      • David

        “being outperformed by the zooms”

        you don’t shoot much do ya kid?

  • DrB

    Ah well never mind. Who needs ais when there is zf… ?

    • Anonymous

      Ya if you can afford the ZF! super expensive

      • DrB

        Yeah, they do make the eyes water. I dont expect that any FX primes released by Nikon now will be substantially cheaper though.

  • Zorro

    Does anyone really care? All these lenses were well past their use-by date. Modern AF-S zooms are the money-makers for Nikon now because they’re what most users want.

    • DrB

      I dont care either, but not because of zooms. Instead, I dont care because you’d be mad these days to buy an ais lens new, when ebay is swimming with mint 2nd hand bargains.

      Aside from the 14-24, 24-70 and 17-35, the old ais primes still hold their own (and in some cases clearly outperform) against anything Nikon has to offer (as long as one can be bothered to raise ones hand to the focusing ring). It would be a shame if Nikon didn’t replace at least some of them.

  • Ubiquitous

    Maybe Nikon should announce what lenses are discontinued. What a revolutionary idea, but we are talking about “Ninja Nikon,” the “Cloak and Dagger” Corporation.

    • rad

      I thought that title was already taken by Apple? 😉

      • grumps

        Not exactly, at least Apple has good predictable releases every year and not every decade (lenses)! :p

  • Bruno

    It’s about time….
    Nothing extraordinary about this news !

  • David

    So…how about some REAL RUMORS instead of the usual circle jerk?

    • I have some really good rumors and I was not going to post them, but now after you asked for it.. I will be all over them …

      • David


      • STJ

        Ha ha ha!
        Admin – yo umake ma laugh 🙂
        And by the way – don’t let any emails get you in a “down mood” – rumors are rumors – just post all the stuff you want, readers must then filter for themselves. We all want you to get the exact date and specifications for the next lenses and cameras but you do as best as you can. Those that cannot do the filtering are lost on the web anyways.

        • You got the whole idea of this blog, some others will never get it…

  • M

    Taxes are going up, the markets are falling. The rest is baseless speculation.

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