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  • Nikon D5000 vs Canon EOS 500D @ dxomark. Result: Nikon D5000 outperforms the Canon.
  • Nikon training in the UK.
  • Fantasea released a new underwater housing FL-19/20 for Nikon Coolpix L19& L20 cameras.
  • Nikon released new rechargeable Ni-MH batteries EN-MH2-B4 and battery charger MH-73 (source).
  • Nikon released a firmware update for the COOLPIX L100 (source).
  • Have you seen this exotic lens: Zoomar 180mm f/1.3 for Nikon? Here is some more info.


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  • Steph

    Why the “strike trough” on the water housing thingie?

  • anonymous


  • Roger Moore

    Take a quick look at the MTF charts for the Zoomar, though. It may be fast, but it’s about as sharp as a butter knife, even in the center.

    • Max

      I like the comparison! But indeed.

  • heinz
    • I saw that – not credible enough to be posted here, but soon I will have a new section: things I did not post – this would be there.

  • Pawel

    You wrote “released” twice in 5th point – the one about batteries 😉
    Best regards

  • Mike

    Lens made is West Germany. That tells you right there how old that things is. Yikes.

    • TomTom

      The MTF measurement sheet says Okt. 1969

  • Eric
    • Brintkiks

      OMG!?!?! That’s just madness!! What can you possibly do with such a lense?! It looks like something from a spaceship…

  • Chris

    Just curious, what do you do with a 180mm f/1.3? Stalking someone in the dark?

    • chicks maybe?
      anyway this lens is sharp like yogurt bottle. if you take 50 f1.8 and crop heavily you get more details out

  • Daniel

    Will the Zoomar 180mm autofocus on my D40x?

  • No but it will shoot ve-e-e-e-ry shallow depth of field 720p HD video on a D90 or D5000 to say nothing of a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2. 🙂

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