Thom Hogan: 3 new Nikon DSLR by the end of the year

Same rumor, different source (someone reported this few days ago):
"I'm betting that we'll between now and the end of the year we'll see a consumer-priced DX camera, and perhaps two very high priced FX cameras."
Thom Hogan via dpreview
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    For 2008 announcement & shipping:
    A high Megapixel DSLR
    A replacement for D80
    A replacement for D40

  • Blog Admin

    What is your source? Please give us more info – email me if you want.

  • NNatic

    I say no way. D80 replacement absolutely, D40.. nope… why? maybe if it is replaced by the already excellent D60.

    I have no source but cant possibly imagine why they would replace the D40 now.

  • richard p

    especially considering nikon’s stated focus on pro-level gear, unless that was the japanese sense of humour I failed to grasp. which i doubt.

  • Blog Admin

    Got more info? If you know the models, you should know the specs, release dates, etc. Give us more info on the D40 – I will have to agree that replacing the D40 does not make a lot of sense. Where are you located – Japan or US?

  • kikmeister

    either way, all these new cameras are likely to burn a deep hole in our pockets. hopefully not so much with the rumored consumer DX camera, which i hope is an update to the D80. D40 replacement? I doubt it, but then what’s the D60 for? all this suspense is excruciating!!

  • DAC

    I guess D90, D3x and no more.. others maybe in year 2009..

  • Theo

    • Nikon D3x – the flagship megapixel monster.
    • Nikon D90 – because D80 is 2 years old and they have to fill the huge gap between D60 and D300 (it’s 1:3 in price!).
    • Nikon D40 replacement – because of segmentation, I guess the new model will be the new entry level OR D60 will sell cheaper and the new model will fit between D60 and D90.
    • Another FX? Maybe D3x’s younger brother – the D800.

    What we all care about are primes 😉

  • Ken Durie

    I’d like to see an updated D40 (still with 6 Megapixels) to include direct access buttons for focus mode, drive mode, white balance, and metering mode and to incorporate active D-Lighting. I prefer my D40 to my D80 – just wish it had those buttons.

  • Bruno

    my guesses:
    D80 replacement; for sure.
    The 24mp monster; everyone is expecting that.
    and ?????; here is the thing.. maybe a live view version of the D60? so the D60 compete with Canon XTi, and D60 with live view to compete with de Canon XSi? and this D60 LV would stay between D60 and D90… souds a bit plausible. and nobody expects that.

    about the D40, i believe more on the end for them with a D60 considerable price drop, and this “D60 LV” being announced/launched after photokina. maybe even at PMA 2009 (but that would go against Hogan’s predictions).

  • KillerPM

    I am guessing:
    – D90 (D80 Replacement)
    – D3x (24mp D3)
    – D900 (24mp D700) *maybe*

    I don’t know why they would release 3 models. It doesn’t make sense. The 3rd Model is going to be new from what I guess. Nikon seems to be creating new SLR product lines.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Here is my take:
    -New flagship (not called D3x, Nikon already said no D3x hence D3 not D3h) will be a modular design with swappable sensors. 1st three sensors 12Mp FX, 24Mp FX, 6Mp FX B&W ISO 51200. Probably to be announced at Photokina.
    -D800 (or 900) 24Mp FX (sony sensor from A900) D700 style body probably to be announced in September
    -D90 12Mp DX (same as D300) hopefully August most likely just prior to Photokina.

    *also thrown into the mix will be a 70-200 f/2.8 update (expect that Nikon will put the lens hands of many a photog at the olympics), 50mm f/1.4 (or 1.2) AF-S, 35mm f/1.4 AF-S (I hope this one is true) and 85mm f/1.4 AF-S.

    I don’t know if Nikon has the production capacity to handle all this new stuff but at the same time their D70 onwards have had such huge market share in sales that its not out of the realm of possibility. I just hope that if all this stuff does come out that we don’t see any quality control issues like what Canon has had on their bodies and lenses over the last couple of years.

  • Blog Admin

    All of this is in line with the rumors we have been getting. My personal opinion – there will be a D3x.

    Is your source reliable, or this is just your personal opinion?

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Nothing firm on the camera except a blog I read eleven months ago where the gentleman (who worked at a plant making Nikon DSLR components) described the D3 in detail prior to its official release. Not a big deal but when it turned out he was right on the money for the D3 I went back and tried to find the blog again but couldn’t find it. What’s interesting is that he had also described the modular camera that keeps popping up in rumors and described a 12Mp module and a super high ISO B&W module. I don’t think there will be a D3x because when asked at a press conference why the D3 was D3 and not D3h a Nikon spokesperson stated that there will not be a D3x.
    If a modular camera did come out it would be outside the D# series family since its design differs radically. Plus a sports photog does not need more than 12Mp (few photographers do).
    The press conference transcripts may still be up somewhere, I’ll see if I can find them and post.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    I remember where I got the info for there NOT being a D3x but something different. I read a transcript from the press conference when the D3 was announced and in it is where the Nikon spokesperson said unequivocally there would be no D3x.
    I tried to find a transcript but hit nothing but dead ends.
    Wish I had harder evidence other than my memory (which is pretty good btw). I guess we’ll see in a few months.

  • Bruno

    80-400 AF-S would be great. i’ve been playing with one of those last year, and the only thing that misses is the quicker focusing. it already is a hell of a daytime sports lens.
    but, as nikon takes an eternity to do so, i’ve been gathering money for a bigma for a while now. nikon updating this lens would be a very welcome surprise.
    *the thing that i most photograph is a local racing series, so quick focusing and a versatile zoom range is everything for me.

  • kikmeister

    this is the best news i’ve heard so far.. it seems a strong possibility that D90 would have a 3in LCD and new kit lens, perhaps VR equipped. Other than that, a CMOS sensor is nice plus better WB tuning and better weather resistance.. is all this too much to ask?!

  • Jiran

    I’ve heard from Nikon sales agent, D90 will be Publish in September. So let’s wait…and hope the ISO will be as good as D300’s.

  • drobcheck

    i assume, that these 3 will come:
    D800 – D700 with 22-24mpix
    D”not known” – a modular system based on D3 body with exchangable sensors, that would for higher price ($7K-$9K) allow the user to change only the chip. It will come as bundle with the D3 and/or D800 sensor.
    D90 – replacement for D80

  • DAC

    an exchangable sensor? impossible for now.. haha sensor are the most expansive part and not dust prove.. maybe 2 sensors inside one camera are possible.. but that cost a lot..

    and I don’t care about the new DSLR but I do hope the new release lens – 70-200mm f2.8 VRII Nano lol

  • tyler

    hi @all,
    i believe the d90 (and maybe some pro-model(s)) COULD be announced at the IFA-fair (consumer electronics) in germany. this fair ends at september, 3rd. and at this date there should be a nikon-press-conference…

    my hope:
    announcement at sept., 3rd.
    availability: around the end of september (photokina-fair – also in germany)

    that’d be great…

  • If the new 70-200would also include closer focusing then the previous version, it would be great. However if Nikon doesn’t quickly release a VR version of the 300 F4 and an AFS version of the 80-400 (100-500 would be preferred), then I think it will push a lot of people (me included) to the new Sigma lenses.

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