Nikon D90 will have a swivel display + New Nikon S like digital rangefinder

Update: the rumor was about a new Nikon S like digital rangefinder and not p&s S series
Two new rumors from Norway:
- New Nikon S Series like digital camera
- Nikon D90 will have a swivel/movable display
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  • Dee

    Oh my god, so much breakthrough, meaningful information!

  • Blog Admin

    Let’s analyze this 3 months from now – then we will know how meaningful this information was. Don’t forget that discussion – we will get back to it.

  • Proj

    A swivel screen does sound plausible as it will increase the usefulness of live view but why then did they not include it in the D300? And I don’t recall any Nikon P&S’s to use any swivel screens. Seems too risky a move for such a camera with a lot of weight.

    It’s probably obvious by now but it would seem that Nikon is using the D300 as a sort of feeler for the market, testing out live view, the new CMOS sensor, the EXPEED processor and others. After that, they pay attention to user comments and decide on the best features to carry over to the D90 and any improvements the D300 might need that were easy to implement. This means that they value the midrange level of the D90 over the high end level of the D300.

  • Paul

    Sounds like the are trying to improve on Sony’s liveview. Hopefully, they can pull it off…

  • niko

    I really dont want to see any movable displays on any of my cams,… it looks like crap… I hope that they won`t introduce it at any of there prof cams…

  • Mick

    The Nikon Coolpix 5700 had a swivel screen.
    Olympus have one on their E3 (same size as the D300) which also seems to work well.

  • peter

    this doesnt make any sense. LV without a swivel screen is far too limiting. swivel screens will become standard on ALL dslr’s soon enough, its just a matter of when they can get the durability of the screen to a level they are confident with.

  • Bipolaroldie

    I have to agree with Peter. While I’m also not a big fan of liveview, but if I’m going to have LV on my camera I’d like it to be like Sony A350’s (I’ve fiddled with it and it’s a bit clumsy but functional to be fair).

  • curlykale

    They value market share over everything else but a D90 over the D300?
    I don’t think they want to cannibalize the D300 market by selling a D90 with the same image quality but more useful live view? Who knows, NOBODY saw the D700 coming!

  • Thomas

    I think it’s a little late in the game for Nikon to still be deciding on things like swivel screens. Something like that seems to me to be a huge UI/physical layout decision and not something debated at this point. It either will or won’t have it. I agree- not on pro lines, but the Dx0 series is not aimed at pros. Wouldn’t shock me either way and would have little if any impact on my decision to buy it.

  • d-7

    Remeber how the D80 was released after the D200 with almost the same (yet improved) feature-list in a smaller, lighter body? 😉

  • Ghargh

    Live view is not a thing to have an impact on my decision as well, but I think that sooner or later we will see a swivel display on pro DSLR (like in Olympus for example). Otherwise I find LV quite useless. However the introduction of such thing by Nikon in a “non-pro” camera is highly possible as it has a significant WOW factor for amateurs and gadget lovers ;).

  • c

    I hope they dont use a swivel screen. They’re great for the first year then after that they end up breaking.

  • Shutter-Happy

    Digital Rangefinder??? Yeeeehaaaaa!!! =D

  • rangerfinder lover

    Amen to that!

  • RobJ

    So who does this rumor come from? Did someone email it to you? Did you find it on the web? I’m not asking you to name names, but just saying “rumor from Norway” is pretty vague. This leaves us no way to judge the authenticity, and frankly, you could just be making this stuff up.

    I personally think it’s unlikely that the D90 will have a swivel LCD. I agree with others that it would make Live View more useful, but it would also impact the durability of the body and probably add some weight and bulk. I would be surprised to see Nikon go down that road.

  • Blog Admin
    It was submitted by a reader. It is difficult to judge the authenticity of any rumor. Before we post something, we usually exchange few emails with the source and make a judgment that way. We will soon also introduce a rating system, that will give us an idea of the source reliability and “quality” of the rumor. Reports from some readers are always “dead-on” target. It is interesting to note that we have not received a “false alarm” from Europe yet. Most of the “fakes” are coming from the US – mainly PS-ed pictures, some of them pretty good.
    If anyone has a better idea how deal with incoming rumors, please let us know.
  • ram

    why do you talk in plural? “we”?! is there a mega corporation behind this site? 🙂 It might be more downtoearth if you start using “I received…”


  • tibor

    durability should not be a bad point. I personaly own an 7 years old video camera with swivel lcd and it still works perfectly.

  • Blog Admin

    “We” are 2 people: one knows how to write and the other knows how to read.

    No, the truth is one of us knows a little bit about photography and the other one knows a little bit about computers. If this is deeply bothering the readers, we can always say “I”.
  • Cobra

    Digital Rangefinder like the Nikon S? How legit is this rumor?

  • Theo

    Thom Hogan wrote:
    > kdc41 wrote:
    > > > Thom Hogan wrote:
    > > > No, but it does have one surprise ;~).
    > >
    > > Swivel/tilt LCD for a better Live View experience?
    No. Fixed 3″ color LCD.

  • Blog Admin

    I would say 65% chance (non-scientific estimation) – we have received similar rumors from multiple sources, if this makes it more believable…

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