Report on new lenses

A reader posted this as a comment to an existing entry (in order to remain anonymous - no email reference):

"35 afs

50 something. Source isn't solid on this. Either 1.8 af-s, 1.4 IF, or 1.2 with electronic vignetting correction for d3 d700 with firmware upgrade.
I have no details on the third."

Then I asked for more details and here is the answer:

"35 afs is having qa issues
Source said 50 1.2 with electronic vignetting control will not be announced till PMA next year. Expect a 50 1.8 or 1.4 afs version."
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  • Jason

    You have to ask, “what’s in it for Nikon?”
    I don’t see them selling these in the sort of volumes that they ship 18-55 zooms, nor to that many entry-level dSLR owners, so it makes more sense as a high-end product. Which implies 50mm/f1.2, 85mm/f1.4 . . . woohoo!

    That said, I’ve been wrong plenty of times before

  • Steven Sow

    I would hope this is coming, you would think that Nikon would want to pair up high performance glass with the D3/D700 bodies, besides I think that we have enough Nikon Kit lenses. And if these lenses are coming, they don’t need to have VR, just AFS and an ED element. But I would have to ask, what took them so long to update the 35 1.4, shouldn’t that lens have been updated like 10 years ago?

  • Steven Sow

    No, I know that, I’m saying that if the new 35 is in fact an autofocus version of the old manual focus 35 1.4, that’s what I would be asking why it took them so long to update that lens, not the current 35 f/2

  • Bryce

    Nikon has no 35 f/1.4 only a 35 f/2. And seriously every copy of that lens I’ve ever used (about 10) has been 100% solid & sharp from edge to edge and has some of the BEST contrast and color transmission ability of any nikon lens.

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