“Nikon D700 is just a distraction, the real surprise is still to come”

Nikon modular camera with insert type interchangeable sensor coming this September?

You can hear it for yourself (yes hear it). Just go to the "listen now" section:
and press the play button. The Nikon segment is between 11:07 and 20:00.
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  • RobJ

    This is a brilliant idea if true. It would basically allow you to own a D3x and D3 in the same camera, plus a modular system could theoretically let you upgrade to newer, better sensors down the road. I’m sure it will be well out of my price range, but I know lots of pros that would buy it.

  • Bryce

    Sounds dubious. It just doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think that there’s a DSLR body with enough quality and versatility to warrant this yet. My bet is no. This is probably a pipe dream.

    There’s still the rumblings in the Medium format of which company is going to try and break in. The rumors are Sony and Nikon. Both make sense. With the stringent noise, dynamic range, and sharpness requirements of medium format users on medium format backs it’s logically going to be either of these two. They’ve been investing so much money into it already. I still bet on Sony, they have so much disposable cash and assets that it’s mind boggling by far more than Canon or Nikon.

    For DSLR’s it’s going to be a 3 man race doon with Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Sony just needs CZ to pump out some more glass to keep photogs happy.

  • Rainer

    There have been talks about a modular digital Nikon for years, so maybe its time has come now. Exchangeable viewfinders and sensors make perfect sense to me.

  • Bruno

    Rainer, i don’t believe that much on interchangeble viewfinders.. as it is an external part, it could become something easier to be damaged.. and for pros this is unacceptable. the sensor thing makes more sense. if you keep the 35mm sensors, there is no need to change viewfinders.
    two things are for sure: one; this thing will be very, very expensive.
    and two; the sensors will be very easy to clean. haha!

  • Craig

    This sounds as reliable as the recurring ‘rumours’ of the F-mount’s demise. This idea of modular DSLRs isn’t new and doesn’t seem financially practical for Nikon in the long-term (and they like to think in the long-term).

  • dc

    Bruno, ahhhh, all pro Nikon cameras before the F6 had interchangeable viewfinders…

  • Edd Cunningham

    A stab at Hasselblad?!

    I don’t think Nikon are that brave to be honest =/.

  • Marc

    And risk alienating the markets they created with the d300 d700, and d3 by releasing a camera that can switch out sensors? Highly unlikely.

  • Piggy

    I Fail to see how ‘modular’ camera could be any good… Technology will evolve…and whatever processor they have in is bound to fail to keep up with whatever new super sensor comes in… And there’s no way they can futureproof the interconnects for sensor…

    Viewfinders…maybe… But sensor…Bullshit..

  • piggy

    Errr…If U have a D3x (or whatever it will be called) …That means U already potentially have a D3 in the same camera already…!!! Assuming the mirror keeps up…

    Want maximum resolution…for wedding…or landscape..or whatever…Set Highest resolution… At the expense of frame rate and burst…

    Shooting sports… Tone down the resolution…Get better frame rate… And Better Burst…

    Or Am I Missing Something crucuial…???

  • Blog Admin

    I don’t think they will risk those markets if the price @ $10000.

  • Adam


    Silly Americans. Always gotta be different.

  • Blog Admin

    Why? How should we say it? Maybe we are normal and you are different?

  • Adam

    Talk to a Japanese person

    It’s “Nee-kon” (short Nee) 🙂

  • richard p

    you know, the knights who say NI. Not NYE 😛

  • Alan Head

    Makes sense to me – Nikon celebrate their history and we’re coming up on the 50th anniversay of the F. So perhaps this would be a retro celebration like the S3 Millenium and SP 2005?

  • Blog Admin

    Japan? Then I guess you are correct and we are wrong.

  • mb

    I think it’s great, but this must have nikon’s full commitment to the componet product line for a long time or it’s going to be a flop. not only sensors need to be changed but also image processor. there has to be some really good engineering behind this or it will be a dead end pipe dream.
    i can see alot of potential if enginered and presented properly.

  • Blog Admin

    Maybe, just maybe, the modular camera and the digital rangefinder rumors refer to the same product?

  • Adam

    If you want to use English rules, think about when you say an “I” as “aye”. Only when the word ends in an e (pike, strike, line etc). Take away the e, I becomes “ee” (pick, stick etc)

  • PHB

    Its nonsense as far as I am concerned for reasons I go into in the linked article.

    Basically there is no reason to upgrade the CPU and sensor independently. Even switching a DX format sensor for an FX format sensor makes little sense as the DX sensor will only predate the arrival of an FX sensor with the same pixel density by about 12 months.

    One could argue for an ultra-cropped sensor with an even greater increase in equivalent focal length. But I don’t see that being very interesting either.

  • Jason

    (1) How would this be an advantage over just getting two (or more) bodies? In what situation could you see yourself changing sensors in the field rather than getting the other body out of the bag?
    (2) Doesn’t the sensor have to be perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the lens within a few trillionths of a degree? Let an oaf like me change sensors and you’d be lucky if I got it in there shiny side forwards.

    I do like the idea of the interchangeable finders, though – the earlier F?s had them

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  • SunnyBoaz

    Actually, in the US the Nikon USA officially made it pronounced (Nee-Kon) with a short “e” sometime January,2008. Thus both in Japan and the US we have the same “pronunciation” of the NIKON from now on!

  • SteveW

    Don’t forget Samsung, they’re a big player with aspirations in the camera dapartment.

  • dumbass inquisitor

    Forgive me – can someone explain what the benefit of an interchangeable viewfinder is please? Is it so that you can compose the shot accurately based on the sensor being used? I’m not sure I get it.

    Love this site BTW, I’m glued!

  • fer


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