Nikon D800 with SD memory slot

Going back to our original D800 post - from a reader who actually read the magazine:
"I've been reading Chasseur d'Images (I'm a native french). There is another mention of the D800 in their hands on preview of the D700: They point to space available in the D700's memory card compartment that could hold an additional SD card slot (on top of the CF one) for the "coming D800 with the 24MP Sony sensor".
They're definitely taking the D800 as a given. For the record, Chasseur d'Images only has one issue coming out in summer, for the two months of July and August, and they've been quite vocal in the past about how information embargo is killing the technology press in favor of web sites. My guess is they are realizing they will miss the announcement at the beginning of September, and wanted to include a teaser in their summer issue."
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  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain what the logic behind a D800 scheme is? SD card? Who wants to have one CF and one SD card in a camera?

    Also if any new cameras are going to be announced one would think it would be either a D90 or a clear new flagship. Wouldn’t a D800 just really stymy the buying decision process of users?

  • Taschmahal

    That would be totally non-sense to release a new high-end camera every 6 months or so

  • I honestly think that the new dual memory scheme is to bring the D3 memory slot setup into a D700 style body. There isn’t enough room for two CF cards, but I’m sure you could squeeze in a CF & SD. This feature is very handy for photographers that want a RAW file and a JPEG file. On the D3, you can assign one card to get the RAW and the other the JPEG.

  • ChrisL

    I confirm that Charreur d’Images (number 306, p.136) says this. The context is that they are complaining about only one CF slot compared to two on the D3. They point out that there is space to add an SD. Form the photo, its not a blocked off slot, just possible space where one could be added.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks, I think we got a final verdict – plausible rumor.

  • Blog Admin

    Olympus already offers that option:

  • NRG

    If the D800 (or is it D900?) is the 24 MP camera, then this release is long overdue. Nikon’s last ‘high MP’ camera was the D2x.. and this was launched a few years back.. so this replacement is not in direct competition with the D3 nor the D700. So no 6 month release schedule here.



  • Canon 1D owners.

    By the way, I don’t like SD card.

  • turner

    both of those features work for me. i really want a higher mp nikon. also, i shoot raw and jpeg at the same time, so i would save the jpegs to the sd card. if they release this camera, i will buy it.

  • Arend

    The D700 is a D300 with the D3-sensor.
    I think the D800 will be a D300 with the D3X sensor.
    Sounds plausible, even though it might be a bit too much!

  • Pablov

    I hope there will be some news of at least more solid rumors about this promissing Nikon D800 DSLR

    I’m Really interested on its possible 24MP Full Frame FX sensor, and now that the D90 has been released with D-Movie (video) mode, I hope the future D800 also incorporates that feature, and even at better Sound Quality (PLEASE Nikon… 11Khz, monoaural, is Too Low) and higher frame rate.

    Although they call “Cinematic” to the 24 fps HD Video, I guess 30 fps will be MUCH MORE appreciated… for smoother video

    Also, extending the Video recording Time in the HD mode, would be more than welcome !!

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