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Suspicious Nikon ads

Update: The good news is that the DSLR ad is real… the bad news: it is for the Nikon D80 (source – thanks for the link Daf): I guess they really did use that slogan. No info on the lenses… yet. Original post: This shot was supposedly taken from an advertising agency (submitted by a […]

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Nikon S60 ads

I love Nikon ads. We will be slow on rumors in the next few weeks, so I will go off the topic. Here are some pics from the latest Nikon S60 ad campaign (click to see full res for full effect): The third one is not for corporate surfers – open at your own risk. […]

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More on the Nikon ad

Some more thoughts on the Nikon “BIG” ad from Japan: I do agree that Otoji, BIG and MX do not fit all together. Maybe Otoji really got canceled, or maybe those are multiple projects going at the same time. The wording “BIG” doesn’t make sense in Japanese, but remember the leaked Nikon D700 brochure – […]

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Nikon against guns

Toronto is using Nikons to combat crime: police department is offering Nikon Coolpix cameras as trade-ins for it’s upcoming gun amnesty campaign. A free photo lesson is included. Toronto Globe & Mail via Nikonians Source of picture. Was this a real Nikon ad?

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This is not Nikon D3

Talking about advertisement… Why am I keep seeing this camera? D3? We discussed this model before. Did Nikon actually produce such prototype, made ads and never released it?

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Now I know why Canon likes more pixels

Not big enough for you? Check the D3 pixels comparison!

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