Just another Nikon ad from Germany (humor)

This is just a continuation of the previous "Nikon ads from Germany" post:



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  • Lance

    I don’t get it – anyone translate German?

    • it’s not the text, it’s the picture – this girl has 2 boyfriends…..

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, I don’t get it either. What’s funny about a girl with 2 guys ?

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    According to Google translate:

    “High time for a Coolpix. Cool photos have only one chance.”

  • Duncan

    Unfortunately I don’t find that funny or even remotely interesting….. haha

  • Anonymous

    any bisexual and multi-timer girl can have more than 5 boyfriends and / or girlfriends so i don’t see it funny.

  • just think of the fun time she will have. or the 3 of them will have with there camera (coolpix) later that night.

    sex and cameras, one great past times. Oh and using sex to sell stuff is also a past time I enjoy.

  • beerad

    dump ad overall. MIght anyone know who makes the sweater hoodie on the left.

    • Anonymous

      definitely not KR3W, maybe hollister or A&F

  • Ray

    The guy on the left is Nikon. The guy in the middle is another camera brand.

    She has the other brand but she really wants Nikon.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I do not see much humor here either!

    I am 58 years old and fortunately I will not live longer than I already have. So I will not have to see society degrade much more hopefully.

    Most all problems that we have today could be solved with everyone having personal responsibility and do the right thing. This includes, but shall not be limited to finance, jobs, family, marriage, etc.

  • Joe Boston

    NR is full of prudes.

  • This is a controversial ad and that’s why I posted it.

  • afterdarkernikon

    It’s controversial and NOT funny at all !!

    • yes, who said it’s funny – but again we have reader from around the world here, so what is not funny to you may be funny to someone else… the bottom line is that Nikon decided to go ahead with that ad.

  • dalila

    well, i guess i’m the only person out there who smiled looking at this pic 🙂

  • Doug

    I take it that with the possible exception of Dalila, nobody here realizes how hilarious this comment thread is to casual observers. Too bad, you guys are missing out on some real belly laughs. Good stuff!

  • ace

    I am writting about Think Tank bag,why are you advertising a bag in your Rummor website,what is the rummor about this bag and how do you relate the bag to nikon rummor,are you trying to sell their bags here?

    • .

      why are you complaining about the bag in this thread?
      what does complaining about the thinktank bag review have to do with a nikon ad?
      are you trying to look silly here on purpose?

      (send an email to the admin if you dont like something – dont post the problem in other threads)

  • For me it’s more funny than contreversial, love the the girl’s expression

    I would definitely have pressed the shutter for that one. 🙂

  • kikkk

    nikon portugal is offline

  • kikkk

    nikon uk ofline

  • kikkk

    nikon spain is off

  • Junsey

    nikon D5000 and nikon D500 in nikon portugal and spain sites

  • ho

    middle guy is the canon guy.

  • Anonymous

    How many of those considering the ad “a failure” actually speak German? No, it’s not the most humorous ad I’ve ever seen, but the message is rather straightforward, and I don’t see any hint of our society degrading in there…

  • Anonymous

    In the United States we’d have a bikini babe laying on the beach with her Coolpix, but in Europe being sexy takes more attitude.

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