All Nikon Europe websites are down

I checked Portugal, UK, Spain, Germany... all down. My guess is that they are preparing for next week.

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  • Anonymous

    before you start storming up rumors… CALL THEM.

    • the sites are down – that’s a fact, not a rumor

    • kkkkk


      • Jeff

        spelling fail

        correction below:


  • afterdarkernikon

    a) d400? b) D5000? c) DX Lens? d) announcement of FX Lens …

    Let the guessing begins 🙂

  • kkkkk

    hmmmm i think is a paper clip…

  • Don

    Why does a website have to be down in order to be updated?…
    They can add new products to hidden pages / categories and then open them to public.

    • Stephen

      I don’t know, but they always do. However, I have been an admin before, and It’s always best to have a bit of down time on any major update so that you can make sure your ducks are in row.

  • kkkkk

    just to people post where and cause a big deal

  • hubba

    while the server does seem to be down, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to knock out a whole machine, all the support sections and everything, just to update a website for possibly a couple of cameras some time next week. i’d suggest that before anyone gets their nighty in a knot that we give it a few hours…

  • odo

    I still don’t know why nikon isn’t able to update his sites without going down!
    they shoul hire a new sys admin

    • Anonymous

      what? and pay someone to rid teh interwebz of all this free hype?

    • yes!! me neither, or at least a “momentarily” go down, not a long one, really……!!!

  • 2ch-hk

    HK not yet down =w=, i just thought HK site were not down at a long period of time

  • Gentoo

    I just checked Belgium’s and Sweden’s, down too. Bosnia’s is up.

    The Philippines one is weird. I think it’s up but there’s nothing there.

  • NikonRumors was down once for 2-3 hours in the past 12 months because of my own stupidity… and I am an “one man show”
    no idea what Nikon is doing with their servers

  • Sergio

    Germany, Austria, USA – the sites are online now … But without new products…

  • afterdarkernikon

    Nothing new so far … wait was this there before ??

  • GeoVu

    70-200 f2

    • Jeff


      yeah, weighs 6 pounds, costs $6000, and has a 155mm (yeah I made it up, so what) filter size. still want it?

  • Mike

    Nikon’s UK site is up – nothing new on it.

  • Again, it’s so often that Nikon’s websites down, will there any fresh news after that?

  • Char

    Nikon Germany is up again, too. Cannot see anything new there.

  • Anonymous

    D5000 how lame is that…

  • madias

    D5000 how lame is that…

  • peter

    lol nikon’s IT geeks are messin with ya admin.

  • rhlpetrus

    They need a sys admin, they go down twice a month lately.

  • Ante

    The next consumer model will be called D5000!!!

    A popular camera store here in Sweden has a special campaign where you get a free Nikon T-shirt when buying a D90, a D5000 or a selected lens.

    • Thanks – I just posted it. Can someone from Sweden call this store for more details?

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