This is not Nikon D3

Talking about advertisement...
Why am I keep seeing this camera? D3? We discussed this model before. Did Nikon actually produce such prototype, made ads and never released it?

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  • davidthenikonuser

    I would say that these are fake. The camrea looks to be the same fake from the link you listed above. Very bad PS job.

  • Bob

    Football player

    Do I win a prize?

  • As an art director I must say that i think its fake. I’m mainly thinking about the ads and how they doesn’t look to professional. The second and third ad doesn’t use the proper Nikon yellow (the frame). Look behind the picture of the camera and see how they have used the stripes that are used in the Nikon logotype. I have never ever seen them used in any other way than in the logo. And most certainly not without the proper yellow …
    And to not use one big picture in the ad is also not likely.

  • Theodore

    The camera looks like it started as an F6 given the top button layout with the digital bits added on top of that.

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