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The good news is that the DSLR ad is real... the bad news: it is for the Nikon D80 (source - thanks for the link Daf):

I guess they really did use that slogan. No info on the lenses... yet.

Original post:

This shot was supposedly taken from an advertising agency (submitted by a reader). The lenses are interesting - completely different design (click for larger image). I cannot identify the body either - look at the dial button and the curve of the pop-up flash. Any ideas? I also doubt that Nikon will go with this slogan: "You always said it would be worth waiting a bit longer before buying a digital SLR. Clever old you". What do you guys think?

Disclaimer: this could just be a concept or a fake (I have to start adding this because some readers forget the main purpose of this site).
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  • ClevaTreva

    AdBlock blocks the picture because of the name! Found it by examining the html code of the page.

  • Nikkorian

    with that dial…. could be the d60 follow up. isn’t that rumored about already?

    • rthomas

      How about an entry-level FX format camera? That WOULD be a game-changer. The lens looks like an AF-S zoom but I can’t identify it…

  • Peter

    It looks reasonably convincing except for the bottom left corner. Why would that either be cut off at an angle ( exposing the desktop which is a different colour to the wood at the top of the picture ) or something is lying on top of it that looks like it has a wood finish.

    Middle lens : 80-400 AF-S ??

    • WillyPete

      The prints were on a chair seat (top), and the table in the bottom left masked them.

      It’s taken through a window. I’m on the pavement and these were in the basement studio.

  • Alex

    Doesn’t the small lens at right-top look like AF-S 17-55 f/2,8 DX?

    • uppis

      I was thinking the same..

  • verde

    There is a date on the page 8/9/2006

    • Laurence

      Before that date, do you see the letters “mx3” ?

  • CS

    Actually, I don’t doubt the slogan….they use that type of ‘humour’ in some of their UK print ads…

    • Laurence

      I don’t doubt it either.

  • Was there a Nikon DSLR launched around August 2006?

    • Peter


  • Loose & Obtuse

    Looks like somebody trying to fake an MX cam with the deep body of medium format.

    The slogan is ridiculous and causes me to outright dismiss this. It would be a slap in the face to those who already bought their cams.

  • Daf
    • Laurence

      Yep, that’s it. Busted.

  • Laurence

    Source: DPReview

    “Nikon Japan has today started a teaser campaign promoting a new compact 10.2 megapixel digital SLR which will be announced on August 9th, we can only guess that this would be the natural successor to the D70/D70s.”

    The D80 doesn’t have a rounded pop-up flash like that in the above picture though.

  • noelet

    might as well be an ad for the d90… targeting those who have impatiently waited for the d80 successor.

    • well this on the picture is not D90 for sure – I compared them already.

  • somebody

    too bad this one is busted… I’m waiting for a “full-frame-D90”
    I think: one day we’ll get one. Might take some time though..

  • Daf

    Was from an Ad agency in London called DCH.

    So maybe a site to look at from time to time (only coolpix + D70s on their Nikon page)
    or here’s a video they did ifor the D90

  • def

    I think this slogan means “buy now”, which is message for those who don’t have DSLR. Therefore it is D60 successor, I think.


    Well it would have been better if the picture of the ad showed the whole page. What really is the point if you can’t see the whole thing.

  • Lance

    What of the lenses then?

  • sarajevo

    This is almost quite funny. But imagine if Nikon were really about to launch a new medium format system (camera body and lenses). Does anyone seriously think that they would do this by praising their loyal customers for having the foresight not to buy a D3X ? Silly old us..

    • pete

      no reason MX cant co-exist with the D3x. a 40mp hi end MX nikon could cost up to $20k. just another step in the system.

  • Upgrades

    I don’t know, I think it is an ad for the new canon 5d mkII

  • Nikon Dork

    I think someone would show the whole page. This seems like a joke. Who knows. More like the Zeiss baloney they pulled a few years ago – it’s coming etc..

  • D80 Marketing (UK)

    That was one of ours, for the D80 campaign in UK. I worked on that account. Boy, that’s old.

  • raio

    I think Daf is right: old D 80 ad.

  • Ali


  • Ali


  • Dave

    I can’t believe Nikon would use a slogan like that.

    • Joe

      Well they did, here in the UK at least. Made me chuckle when flicking through The Guardian Saturday magazine those two years ago.

  • God… can’t you read the other comments??? It’s not fake, it was a Nikon ad… some years ago.

    • Daf

      he he

    • Energizer Bunny

      They keep going and going and going….

      Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history will repeat them in the future.

      They aren’t reading, just commenting!
      Too Funny

      Admin, you might want to post on the front page that it is busted (not new) / old.

  • Daf
  • Erez

    The camera is a D60/40X follow up.
    As for the lenses – the big one is the awaited 80-400 VR AF-S and the smaller one looks like a 24-105 f/4 or something not far off..

    I’m pretty sure it’s a real ad that we’ll see in the near future (PMA?)

    • Daf

      Ha ha the 24-105 f4 is a Canon lens!

      • Joe

        Who says Nikon aren’t making one?

  • pete

    that slogan has already been used.

  • Joe

    Yup, that’s the old D80 ad they ran here in the UK. Not sure about the lenses though, don’t recognise the ad. Smaller one looks like a 17-55/2.8, and the larger looks like the 300/2.8.

  • brandon

    The small lens is the 17-55 2.8, the large lens is probably the 300 2.8 VR, could be the 200-400 VR. Nothing new here.

  • Brandon

    The small lens is the 17-55 2.8, the large lens is most likely the 300 2.8 VR, could be the 200-400. Nothing new here

    • Joe

      I suspect it’s an ad for the three new lenses they brought out when they announced the D2H back in 2003 – 17-55, 200-400 and 10.5 fish. In fact I’ll eat my keyboard if on that lens ad there isn’t a 10.5 fish.

  • dino

    For what I see:

    1) No idea which camera is, although the “scene” dial on the left makes me thinking of a consumer DSLR;
    2) what really drives me crazy are lenses. It’s clearly visible a telephoto but the lining of both lenses showed is different from whatever we have ever seen in Nikon design.

    Maybe some truth is in the AD, however I think if it’s true we’ll know it soon.

  • Alex

    I agree with brandon on the lenses. I doubt anything here is new. Why would they have a picture of new lenses behind a picture of the old D80 anyway? I think the bottom lens is the 300mm f/2.8. The D80 was released in 2006, and the 300mm f/2.8 was released in 2005, so it’s more likely to be the 300, rather than the 200-400

  • Alex

    (forgot to mention, the 200-400 was released in 2004)

  • Jeroenw

    That slogan.. it’s cheesy, it’s no fun at all. I’m thinking north american market 😀

    Anyway, it’s very common to try some slogans out by printing them on final artwork. Pictures look nice and very nikon.

  • Niloy

    I swear I saw this on a print magazine ages ago. It was probably something older than the D80, though.

  • The lens at the top right looks like it’s the new 70-200mm f/2.8 there has been rumors about and the other lens you can see looks like a longer telephoto but it could be a new short zoom. The lenses do look different to the current range of lenses, smoother body and different zoom/focus rings.

  • mike
    • WillyPete

      I think you’ve nailed it.
      I sent this picture in because I couldn’t suss out what the lenses were.

      You cleared it up for me.

      If I see any more prints in their office, I’ll try grab a shot or two.

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