Suspicious Nikon ads


The good news is that the DSLR ad is real... the bad news: it is for the Nikon D80 (source - thanks for the link Daf):

I guess they really did use that slogan. No info on the lenses... yet.

Original post:

This shot was supposedly taken from an advertising agency (submitted by a reader). The lenses are interesting - completely different design (click for larger image). I cannot identify the body either - look at the dial button and the curve of the pop-up flash. Any ideas? I also doubt that Nikon will go with this slogan: "You always said it would be worth waiting a bit longer before buying a digital SLR. Clever old you". What do you guys think?

Disclaimer: this could just be a concept or a fake (I have to start adding this because some readers forget the main purpose of this site).
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