Nikon S60 ads

I love Nikon ads. We will be slow on rumors in the next few weeks, so I will go off the topic. Here are some pics from the latest Nikon S60 ad campaign (click to see full res for full effect):

The third one is not for corporate surfers - open at your own risk.

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Via FrederikSamuel

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  • blackie neegro johns


  • Zoetmb

    Those are actually really great ads since they combine lifestyle advertising, humor and benefits of the camera into one piece.

    Of course the ads don’t tell you what it does after it detects those faces and since, with the slow lenses that come on those cameras you’re going to be shooting wide open, the faces in the background are going to be out of focus anyway.

    But still great ads. Especially the last one. Every teen-aged boy who sees that ad is going to think that if he only had that camera, he’s going to be able to take pictures of beautiful young girls in their underwear.

    Are these ads running in the U.S.? Something makes me think these ads are actually only for other markets.

    • I haven’t seen those ads in the US.

    • Ernst

      I think you’re a bit mixed-up about “slow lenses.” Slow glass results in more, not less, depth-of-field wide open — because “wide open” isn’t that open.

      • Zoetmb

        Okay, point taken, but even at 4.5 and a fairly wide angle lens, you can’t tell me that those faces in the building “across the street” are going to be in focus.

  • Fun ads! (And they were clever to take any sleazy edge off the one showing the two girls playing Victoria’s Secret model by showing the bratty kid brother behind the curtain.)

    Anyone know in what market they appeared? The originating blog says:

    Agency: Euro RSCG, Singapore
    Photographer: Jeremy Wong
    Executive Creative Director: Charlie Blower
    Creative Director: Victor Ng
    Art Director: Lee Hsueh Ling
    Copywriter: Victor Ng, Stephen Kyriakou

    but the main models (aside from the ghosts, skulls and headhunters) are all Anglos.

    Incidentally: CAN the S60’s face detection detect skulls? I’ll bet they’d get a complaint about that claim in the UK…

  • Those are great! haha


    Too funny! Now if they can just drop that Kutcher guy.

  • mike

    why slow on Nikon Rumors? I thought 5th December was going to result in some new lens announcements? What happened to all the build-up chat about “something not being called D3X” and “new primes”?

    Very disappointed that there’s been so much smoke and so little fire.


    very funny ads.

    come on and have some balls to show the 3rd one on the site. their is nothing wrong with it. PG-13 at the most.

    • Oh, I have the balls – trust me, but many readers are visiting NR from their work computer and this is not good (especially in the US).

  • oh, geez. those are funny.

  • Simon

    Hi there.

    Take a look at this:

    The only question for me now is, who came out first with this idea and who copied it. Nothing “creative” anymore in my eyes 😉

    • It seems that those were done before Nikon’s ads, but I like Nikon’s better.

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