Nikon ViewNX 1.2.2 now available

Nikon ViewNX 1.2.2 is now available for download - Windows only. Where is the Mac version? Do we have a problem with Apple again?


  • Support for RAW images captured with the D3X was added.
  • Support for D3X Picture Control was added.
  • NRW-format RAW images captured with the COOLPIX P6000 can now be edited.
  • The effects of lateral chromatic aberration compensation exhibited when the RAW button is pressed to develop NEF- or NRW-format RAW images for display, file conversion, and printing have been improved over those of the previous version.
  • When the Data Execution Prevention function (DEP) under Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and Windows Vista (Service Pack 1) was set to Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:, ViewNX sometimes quit unexpectedly with certain system environments.  This issue has been resolved.
  • When attempting to print Help information by selecting Print the selected heading and all subtopics from the Print Topics dialog, Help information was not properly printed.  This issue has been resolved.
  • When images captured at a white balance setting of Auto and an image quality setting of NRW (RAW) are processed using ViewNX, the results achieved with ViewNX RAW processing may differ from those achieved with in-camera NRW (RAW) processing.
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  • Freehawk

    I know I’m in the minority but I LOVE the nikon software, NX2 is incredible and I didn’t even try ViewNX until lately but it is super fast with raw- really nice. Also- nikon transfer is the best solution I have found for importing and adding metadata to new files- way less buggy than bridge. Only thing is- I need the new mac version!

  • alex

    too bad there are no raw samples from d3x yet

  • Audion

    Come on Nikon, why are Mac versions always second to the PC versions…?

    • bigmouth

      maybe because mac only holds about 8%? and Nikon doesn’t have enough programmers to write both programs at the same time?

  • yrsued

    You are better of using Photo Mechanic!!

    It downloads, uploads, adds Metadata, saves, converts RAW Files and edits

    It’s the standard for Pros!!

    • Wtf?

      Standard for pros in what field?

      Every professional photographer I’ve dealt with uses Adobe software. Anything else is strictly non-standard.

      Not to knock anybody else’s software, but Photoshop IS the de facto standard.

      • alex

        de facto crapto

        i’m glad more and more cameras use 14 and 16bit images

        finally they’ll force adobe to rewrite Ps from its default of 15bit.

        why bother buy a Leaf when Ps cuts half of your data???

        • I can conceive of it, but I’ll be damned if I’ve ever seen a case were a full 16 bits was a make or break case. Especially in a studio where you have controlled lighting.

          In all seriousness, if you could show me a real world example, I’d love it. Ok, that sounds like an asshole challenge, but really I’d like to see it.

          More bits doesn’t improve the dynamic range of your sensor or output medium. I know theoretically what it does do, but I don’t see how it helps unless you want to screw up exposure catastrophically. Why would you want to do that? HDR effects in post? Major burning and dodging?

          Is there a legit reason why anybody needs this?

      • Richard

        Photo Mechanic is nearly-standard amongst professional sport photographers.

        The program is quite robust; it has been extensively revised over the years in response to user feedback.

        When I’m in the media tents at sporting events, I see Photo Mechanic in heavy use among photographers in attendance.

        • Professional sporting events?

          And on what type of machines? (mac/pc)

          • Richard

            Pro sports events in the United States; collegiate sports events here, too.

            I’ve seen PM used on both PCs and Macs at such events.

  • Freehawk

    You can’t work on the photos in photo mechanic. I think it is good for journalists though. And it costs too much.

  • Edward

    A correction to the posting about ViewNX being able to edit NRW format in Macintosh;
    From the Nikon Download Center regarding the Nikon ViewNX 1.2.1 version for Macintosh

    “Note 2: Thumbnail and full screen display of NRW-format RAW images is possible, BUT IMAGES CANNOT BE EDITED.”!
    Way to go Nikon, once again.

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