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Nikon D90 listed as “New!” at BestBuy

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For some reason BestBuy decided to list the Nikon D90 as “New!” on their website, while the camera is currently sold out online: Maybe testing a new product template? Just a reminder that two years ago, the Nikon D90 leaked on Circuit City and Target websites few days before the official release.

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First word on the Nikon D90 replacement

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I just got some basic description of the Nikon D90 replacement: 16MP DX sensor same noise performance like the D700! full HD 8p/s new video AF and performance parts of the body will be aluminium Stay tuned for more. [NR] rating: 90%

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Nikon D3100 is fine, but how about the D90 and D700 replacements?

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Reports are pouring in from all over the world that D90 is hard to find – here are some of the emails I have been receiving in the past few days: “I work in *** and it seems that the Nikon D90 is extremely hard to get hold of in the 18-105 kit. The only […]

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Nikon D90 listed as “clearance Item, limited availability”

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One of the big US retailers, J&R, has listed the Nikon D90 body only as “clearance Item, limited availability”: The Nikon D90 kit (with 18-105mm lens) is listed as “Limit 1 per customer”.

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I am almost ready to say “it has begun”

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I am almost ready to say “it has begun”, I just need to verify few more things and go through some translations. Stay tuned! Here are just two of the reports I got in the past 24hr: “I work for a big retailer in ***. Today all stores have been told to remove demo Nikon D90 […]

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2 Nikon D90 cameras, 3D portraits

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Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo will have a 3D photography exhibition “Stereo Portrait Project” in Sydney Australia on 27th May (scroll down for the full press release). Here is the technical background: For the Stereo Portrait Project, we used off the shelf hardware and software, from the cameras, lighting, triggering, post production to the printing of the […]

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A better picture for the holidays

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  Skunk 20081231 061106 SW Roadtrip, originally uploaded by Skunkabilly. Two minutes after I published my previous post I found this online – a much better holiday picture: the result of leaving the camera (Nikon D90) out all night for star trails. After it was completely frozen, the camera recovered on top of a Subaru engine – click […]

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