First word on the Nikon D90 replacement

I just got some basic description of the Nikon D90 replacement:

  • 16MP DX sensor
  • same noise performance like the D700!
  • full HD
  • 8p/s
  • new video AF and performance
  • parts of the body will be aluminium

Stay tuned for more.

[NR] rating: 90%

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  • john

    I’ve always believed that with cropped sensors you can have high megapixels but bad high iso. however this also means you can have a fast camera aka canon 7d if I may add. High iso on the 7d sucks, but it has the megapixels and speed, I know this is canon im talking about here. but I really dont think the proposed specs of this rumor is correct mainly on the iso claims, I mean high iso could be improved like the currect d90 vs the old d80, but I dont think d700 levels though maybe the next generation yes, but not the coming generation. high iso on a cropped sensor always has been tricky. to get high iso similar to the d700 you either need new tech or the same sensor. simple as that imho.

  • Kensmokecrakrockwell

    d3s sensor technology + Dx sensor size = d700 iso tech in dx sensor.







  • i_need_a_D900

    this is NOT just a D90 replacement. I think more likely a joint D90/D300S replacement. It explains the D300S rebates.

    If this camera comes out for real and really is 16MP DX, I bet the D900 we’ve been missing would be released at the same time. I bet both bodies would have the enhanced video technologies.

  • SNRatio

    Price points, very approx:
    $600: D3100 DX
    $850: D5000 succ DX
    $1200: D90/D300s succ DX
    $1800-2000: Enthusiast FX 5DII competitor
    $3000-3500: D700s, D4DX,D700xs
    $5000: D4
    $8000: D4X

    End of X00 line on DX, high end enthusiast, like the D90 successor, PLUS pro DX body, instead. Nikon wants to “kill” the D300s now, guess why?

    X00 continues on FX, high and low MP variants, as needed. High end enthusiast FX allows for more “purely pro” focus on X00 bodies.

    D700 performance from 16MP DX: Not fully, but it will resemble at least up to 3200 ISO. Full well cap new sensor, base ISO200 : 32000, D700: 66000. Read noise more than halved, weaker CFA filters (like the D3X), QE increased. 6400 ISO will start feeling like a stretch, but still very usable, except for deep shadows: Low read noise can’t get you more electrons.

    If this is hard to believe, look at the 1DIV. Only about 35% more pixel area, I think.

  • Nicholas

    16 MP is AWESOME!~

  • Same Low Light performance as a D700?? Don’t get me wrong, that would be a dream come true, but I have a hard time believing it. I love my D90 but am ready to upgrade, I was thinking the D700’s replacement, but if these stats are accurate this is all I need. The low light is the only improvement I need over the D90 now.
    If it is true, I’ll pre-order two, and probably do a ridiculous little dance at the same time..
    When the announcement expected??

  • Raza

    I hope it also has a AF motor in it.

  • 90% is a lot. It will be great for Nikon if it’s true but I still need a D800ish camera to come out so I can pick up a D3s on the cheap.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Thank you Nikon but no thank you.

  • spidercrown

    Other than the noise spec, the rest of the spec make sense. D90’s successor has to compete with 50D’s successor since the launch of 7D.

    • i_want_a_D900

      Agreed that given the 7D spec a D90 has to look like what NR suggested.

      The deal is now it renders D700 very, very outdated. considering how many of the D700 users are not pros but amateurs. Something’s got to happen in the FX space.

  • Anonymous

    How if there is a typo error?
    How if there is FX sensor but not DX?
    Possible D700 replacement?

    * 16MP FX sensor
    * same noise performance like the D700!
    * full HD
    * 8p/s
    * new video AF and performance
    * parts of the body will be aluminium

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Total BS. No way is a 16 MP DX sensor going to be as good at high ISO as a D700, not this year, perhaps in three years.

    • Anonymous

      spare us the skepticism

  • Gary

    Remember, Thom Hogan said Nikon was going to surprise the market and in a way that no one had suggested. This may be it or some variant thereof.

  • it means it will have ISO6400, but not at same quality for sure. Definitely not in shadows.

  • Chris Crpwe

    What will we need to loose to get this?? Bye-bye AF motor???

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    who wants the af-motor? to use a slow focussing lens on a 8fps body? somehow this doesn’t match well …

    AF-S is smoother, allows M/A with manual override – use the D700 if you need such motor. It will become cheap as soon as we replacement is announced.

    • Chris Crpwe

      Who needs AF motor?? Anyone who has been using Nikon since before digital days. One reason some people will not just chase the megapixels – Nikon’s retain compatibility with lenses from even before AF too.

  • Anonymous

    * 16MP DX sensor: possible

    * same noise performance like the D700: unrealistic

    * full HD: maybe

    * 8p/s: impossible

    * new video AF and performance: desirable

    * parts of the body will be aluminium: equal to me

  • maceda

    also includes geo-tagging

  • Zupi

    heheheh I am so lucky just sold my D300s for the same price that I bought new one 🙂

    My 2C, I belive D300s will be the end of the line for pro DX, D90xxx will replace D90 and D300s. In the past you also had just 1 model bellow D90/D80 now you have two

    I actually belive that spec are correct minut nonsense that noise is on D700 level.

    Next D300s will actually be FF, but we will see soon who was correct.

  • The more I’m thinking of the D90 replacement, the more likely I find it. The best selling Canon cameras today are the 7D and the 5DMkII. The D90 replacement will kill all the 7D sales which will not be updates that soon. Canon will have a huge problem. Shortly after the D90 replacement release Nikon will announce a consumer grade full frame camera with video and maybe D3s sensor. No AF-motor, no sealed body but at the price of a D300(s) or less. This will kill the 5DMkII sales and also those of a possible successor because Canon won’t have a full frame camera at this price point. And many of the D90 successor buyers will switch to the consumer FX cam because they can afford it and because everyone is dreaming of full frame. D700 line will also be updated soon – with a complete new sensor maybe with higher ISO and higher MP. It will stay in the same body. Finally the flagship cameras D3s and D3x will be replaced by the D4 which will be something revolutionary.
    With this strategy I think Nikon will gain huge market amounts over Canon – but we will never know what Canon’s planning.

    • SNRatio

      I think Nikon is addressing the 7D and the 5DII now, but the new Nikon models will surely not kill them: Tipping the balance in Nikon’s favor is perhaps possible.

      The 7D eroded the $1800+ price point for an enthusiast DX model. It is simply not possible to stuff enough interesting things for non-pros – in addition to what the 7D has got – to defend the old D300 price point. And, all else being perceived as equal, Canon is still the default for the majority of users. With the 7D a relatively new model, the D90/D300 successor will surely spell trouble for Canon, but they will probably do the same thing as Nikon: Answer from “below” in the product line – and Canon may in fact just be happy to give up some 7D sales to cheaper models. On enthusiast FF, Canon has a rock-solid position with the 5DII, and the new enthusiast FX offering from Nikon must be extremely good to create really big problems for Canon. But we can easily get a situation where Nikon, for a short period of time, outsells Canon in almost all segments. And, if the “5DIII” finds itself in the same position against a Nikon update version as 1DIV did vs D3s, more permanent balance shifts are possible.

      The rumors indicate that Nikon may have scaled the D3s technology to other pixel sizes, making a 32 or even 36 MP D4X with very decent high ISO even witout downsampling likely, and a 24MP enthusiast model beating the D700 on most of the ISO range. This will raise the bar for a D700s, and a “D700x” with the D3X sensor isn’t very interesting any longer.

      Which lays out a “D700s/D700xs” scenario as possible for first half of 2011: D3s and D3X get “killed” by these models, much in the same way D300s is getting “killed” now. Later in 2011, D4 and D4DX will be released as a combo, similar to D3/D300 in 2007. I think Canon sees this coming, and they are not too happy about what they see 🙂

    • Shompis

      Hey Dave, you should work for Nikon. I mean your plan is bullet proof. Release X and it will kill 7D, release Y and it will kill the 5D MK II, or maybe just release Y and X and it will kill both 7D and 5D MK II in one hit. *Sarcasm*.

      Seriously, the best selling pro-sumer (D90 is not a prosumer, it is in the entry level category despite what anyone feels about it) APS-C camera is the 7D, and the best selling FF is the 5D MK II. It is possible for Nikon to address the 7D with a similiar street price if these rumours about the D90/D300 are true, but then there is the rumoured 60D aswell, so who knows what happens. But don’t hold your breath. Those specs are just rumours, which I think all of us should be taking with a huge grain of salt, even if NR rating is 90%??? geez.

  • I think this is not a D90 replacement, but it is a new breed camera which is positioned between D90 and D300s.

    There is a huge price and spec gap between the two (MSRP $899 – $1699).

    The camera above might have around $1200-1300 price tag and will compete with Canon EOS 50D or its future successor.

  • So D90 replacement may be announced with these features:
    * 16MP DX sensor
    * same noise performance like the D700!
    * full HD
    * 8p/s
    * new video AF and performance
    * parts of the body will be aluminum
    Wouldn’t it make sense that they may announce not a replacement but a new camera body all together that has all these ingredients plus the ruggedness and extra features of a D300s. It could in a sense be our 7D, something between the D300s and D700, DX Sensor, 1080p, good noise reduction, involometor, pro body, multiple exposures, maybe call it a D500? Since the D90 and D300s were so close in basic features to begin with.

  • RSm540

    8 fps? It sounds more like a D400. Admin, is this really a 90% possibility rumor?…

    If the D90 replacement is gonna be so high-speced, then it will surely beat Canon no doubt but it’s gonna kill the D300/D400 as well…

  • Henrik

    Is there any information related to if the D90 successor will have a swivel screen or not? Like the D5000 has.

    Personally I don’t really see the benefit of having live view unless the screen is a swivel screen which would make it useful for shooting for example close to the ground or above the head.

    • I agree. I was using a friend’s D5000 the other day and really wish I had that on my D300s!

  • Fabian

    Yeah I dont want to see somethig more expensive around… They REALLY should keep the pricing at D90 level, and i guarentee I will buy it… Otherwise its to similar to the d300s, so iam really excited how that is going…

  • Man, wouldnt it be great if these rumours were true!

  • My d90 will be worthless to sell used! haha. Those specs are pretty fantastic and I can’t imagine the new d700 replacement! (if we ever see one)

    • I think the d400 is dead and they’re just running with a few , cost friendly, super DX’s like this new model.

  • Evoid

    The specs are quite plausible if you consider the following –
    16 mp – no problems there .. tick
    Full HD – technology is already out there … so a tick.
    ISO same as D700 – up to 1600 ISO same .. after which the FF gains the advantage.
    8F/S – 6 frames with body but possible to get to 8F/S with new not yet anounced Grip .. tick
    New video AF – very likely seeing Nikon pioneered HD video in DSLR’s … tick
    Parts of the frame will be aluminium – this is a way of bringing the D90 closer to the 7D in the market stakes, and adding a touch of quality to differentiate it from the Canons or Sony’s.

    The D400 comes out next year with the usual magnesium body … 18 MP sensor …. 10 F/S with Grip …… just enough bells and whistles to entice the new D90 owners to upgrade again in 12 months or so.

    my 2c worth.

  • Wer

    This is wishlist, not specification. The max speed will up to 5,5 fps. D300s has 7 fps and is higher model than D90. With 16Mpix 8fps require faster processor and faster I/O controler to write photo on memory card. D3s has 11 fps, but in 8Mpix resolution.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Will the new camera support non-AFS D-type lenses? That for me is a key question in choosing a camera.

  • sjfolk

    I’m really curious about the fps on the new d90…
    Currently looking for a camera in this range and right now the new d90 seems to have a little boost over the new canon 50d. As a sports photographer for my school, fps can really make a difference. Has anyone heard anything about this at all?

    • sjfolk

      correction: what i meant is has anybody heard any different from what was posted?

  • Fishbone

    A Nikon D90 replacement better than the current D300s? I doubt it…

    • David Mulligan

      It has happened before. The D70 was better in most ways than the D100.

  • nick94

    so if this is announced august 17th-19th, does that mean you will be able to buy it soon after, or is this simply an announcement?

  • nathan

    what about the price of d90 replacement?
    anyone know anything about it? admin???

  • baked bananas

    a cropped sensor with a high iso rating like the d700? It already exists. Look at the eos 1d mk iv. Sell your d300s cuz its a comin.

  • rhlpetrus

    This looks like a D400, the D300s’ replacement, not a D90’s replacement (check the fps rate). And it makes more sense for Nikon to bring a new generation sensor at the higher level body, they’ve been doing that since the beginnings of digital.

  • Ethan

    I got tired of waiting for Nikon to improve their dslr line to include 1080/24P video so I bought a Canon T2i. I think it’s a great camera. For $850 including a kit lens, it’s a great bargain too. I’m not switching to Canon, but using it in addition to my Nikon D300. I’ve shot some great HD video with it and the audio isn’t as bad as people say, just get an external mic like a Rode Videomic and you’re all set. Still, I’m interested to see what Nikon introduces over the next year. I would like a Canon 5D2 equivalent, if not, I’ll probably buy a Canon 5D2 and maybe a 7D based on my experience with the T2i. I’ll still hold onto all my Nikon lenses and speedlights hoping their DSLRs will catch up to Canons, but if they don’t, no sense waiting or fretting about it, just buy canon equipment, it works great though the UI takes a little getting used to. I’ve used Nikon for 30 years, but all my fellow film school cohorts love the Canon DSLRs for shooting video and after I shot with my T2i, I understand what they are talking about.

  • I think Ethan’s point is excellent. My guys in my company follow Canon T2i videos every day and we own maybe a dozen video cameras. We shoot all stills with Nikon to this date. Nikon better get this video gap closed or it is going to lose significant business. The fact that I wait for a Nikon DOES NOT MEAN other buyers will. I shoot a lot with Nikon D90, D300 and D700. HD video is here to stay. Nikon needs to improve here and MAYBE the D90 replacement will save the day for Nikon. Problem is a LOT of buyers will get a Canon T2i and then switch to Canon. holding this introduction for an August release is risky but probably necessary for Nikon.

  • biho

    I feel that this replacement is actually a full frame camera without a motor. So they are aiming at cheaper FF cameras and raising the bar of competition. A sort of upgrade to D90 and downgrade to D700!

  • rob

    I have been eyeing the Canon T2i also as it appears to be quite a good value but this camwea also gives me hope that Nikon will do a great job of besting this camera. I think it is crucial for Nikon to really make a splash with the D90 replacement.

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