I am almost ready to say “it has begun”

I am almost ready to say "it has begun", I just need to verify few more things and go through some translations. Stay tuned!

Here are just two of the reports I got in the past 24hr:

"I work for a big retailer in ***. Today all stores have been told to remove demo Nikon D90 bodies from display and send them back to head office."

"I have had a Nikon SB-600 in order for about 3 months now at a big electronic store in ***. I know a guy that works there. He made a call to the head office, and they told him they expect Nikon to announce a replacement at Photokina."

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  • Anonymous

    hell yea!

    • Banned


      I’ve been waiting for an SB-600 replacement for my D700 in so long!

      Couldn’t care less about the D90 replacement tho.

  • wow….D90 replacement or d700 replacement. hope some new AFS f1.4 lense!

    • Canon Fangirly

      I couldn’t agree more. There is no need for Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha to update the cameras – they are all more than perfect. The only thing they have to work on is the lens lineup. AF-S 35mm f/1.4, AF-S VR 85mm f/1.4, AF-S VR 200mm f/4.0 Micro, AF-S VR 800mm f/4.0 …

      • Singapore

        The D90 replacement was a certainty. Give us the specs!

      • longtimenikonshooter

        Nikon can’t even satisfy the demand for 24mm f/1.4G. Now you want to jump to the waiting list for 35mm f/1.4G?

        • David Hasselblaff

          If you order through NPS priority you get the gear within two to six months – in most cases. So not that much waiting required.

      • “Perfect” is a bit of a stretch. There’s always room for improvement. How about a D700 with a focus point spread wider than the D300? The sensor of the D3s/D3x in a D700 sized body? Something with a D3x sized sensor with video?

      • SGN

        Even your blessed cannon can’t make a 800 f/4 for FX !

  • NX2 fan

    I sure hope Capture NX2 gets updated… it has been WAY too long!

    • Banned

      OHHH YES. But I think it’s completely separate from hardware announcements. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Magnuss

      Also I want update to NX2

    • Really? Ok, Lightroom might be double the price of NX, but it’s ten times the piece of software and 10 times faster. The ACR 4.x engine put NX in the ground. And the ACR 6.x engine pisses all over it’s grave.

      Seriously, what on earth would anybody use NX for? It’s slow on processing and has a kludgy interface.

  • preston

    always thought update would come for D90 before D700. It’s their bestseller.

  • NikoDoby

    Whatever happened to “Low” anyway? I think he got tired of waiting and switched to Pentax. The Nikon sandbox ain’t the same without you Low 🙁

    • low

      still here brutha!

      • NikoDoby

        I wish I knew how to quit you! sniff sniff.

  • Hashimoto

    it has begun!

    • Seppl

      Please stop that kid stuff. We all know nothing begunz! Nikon’s energies are so bound in preparing another EEEXTREEMLY successful “I AM NIKON” campaign with lots of photo modells acting exited and lots of new plastic waist products, they REALLY don’t have any time for stinky photographers like you.
      So would you please stop disrupting their PR miracle, a wonder other PR’sies will marble in the future.

  • Hrm, does that mean the D90 replacement is only weeks away from being on the shelves?! 🙂

    • Hashimoto

      weeks away? i highly doubt that! im sure we would have more info on it by now, if only weeks away.

      i may be mistaken though. i don’t know when info gets leaked. maybe nikon purposely leaks info, to gain a buss/interest. not sure though.

  • i_want_a_D900

    D90 replacement is almost a certainty. D700 replacement is not.

    • The invisible Man

      @ i want a D900
      Buy 3 D300 and you’ll get your D900 right now.

      • SGN

        Your math is nice !!!

  • The invisible Man

    Good news, even better news if Nikon decide to do a REAL quality control on it’s lenses and cameras.

    • Banned

      Still waiting on your 3 sensor camera buddy.

      • The invisible Man

        It’s coming……well if my customer is not a liar, Asian people usualy don’t lie, that’s why I maried an Asian girl (and also because Asian girls stay fit longer than others…)
        By the way, about Nikon’s quality control, I remember in the good all times that Nikon used to put a “passed” gold sticker on the cameras and lenses.
        Maybe Nikon is running out stickers, that may explain why we have so many issues now !

        • Invisible AsianWoman

          Honey, we have a lot of those stickers in the basement.

        • lorenzo

          My Asian gf is not that thin anymore… I should probably do something about it 😀 (= wait for an Asian GF 700s, ot the supposed-to-be fabulous Asian GF 900?).
          Or maybe I should go for a mirrorless (=thinner…)

      • Carlos R B

        Also waiting…not so much, since i wont have the money….even more expensive than an D3X, right?

    • Hashimoto


      nikon lenses and pro/mid range cameras have always been superb. nikons entry level, not so much though.

  • Hashimoto

    i think that not weeks away. i am sure we would have more info if it was weeks away. i think we should expect to buy our D90 replacements in about 2 months.

    there are always rumors of replacements. pls correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the d90 replacement due in about 2 months? if so, i fail to understand why so many people wanted to see a replacement earlier this year.

    can’t wait for d90 replacement. besides the 1080p video, and full manual video controls (i’ll be SHOCKED if this is not an option), i can’t imagine how else the D90 can be improved.

    maybe more focus points. anything else?

    this is gonna be good!

    • layner

      Here’s my take on the D90 upgrade:
      – Same sensor/better noise (SW tricks), or a 16-ish Megapixel, same noise
      – More AF points, better tracking
      – Manual video, but won’t do 1080p. Rolling shutter effect improved
      – Minor tweaks

      What we wish for, but will NOT see in the D90 update:
      – More that 16-ish Mpixel
      – MUCH better High-ISO noise
      – AF Fine-tune
      – 100%, viewfinder
      – Meter with Manual lenses

      • akvisuals

        D90 with its 12mp already has the best high iso performance of any APS-C camera to date. If Nikon manages to put out a 16mp successor with the same iso performance, plus all the other video gimmicks, and throw in 14-bit raw, then I will be a very happy puppy.

      • Singapore

        Better AF and HD video (with adjustable compression) are on my list too. The D300 AF unit would be extremely nice, but I doubt it.

        • SGN

          Wasn’t there talk of a 31 or something point AF unit?

  • phil

    and d700 replacement. my mind my body my hands and my eyes are begging…

  • Anonymous


  • layner

    Missing Low…. It just doesn’t “begin” in the same way without him…

    • high

      who’s Low?

      • layner

        Low was the guy who used to be the 1st post on many, many Rumors, and his post usually was “It has begun…”

        • jason

          well where as LOW gone ???????lets start a rumor lol

  • AF-s 35 1.5 please please please nikon…

    admin, what are the odds for a 35 this summer?

  • han

    Nnnoooooo……. I just bought SB-900 two weeks back…

    • They’re from a different class. I would assume that the SB900 will still remain on top.

  • Click

    YEA !!!! Nikon D3s “It has Begun” if you believe it go to any of the major online retailers and attempt to purchase one…. Out of Stock or Unavailable….
    Same with Nikon 24mm f/1.4 …. Out of Stock or Unavailable.

    B&H still has D90 body or it kit both available for immediate shipment
    Nikon D700 back in stock with package deals (Rebates) @ B&H

  • The invisible Man

    Ok, as everyone is requesting something, here is my wiches:

    200mm AF-S VR2 f/2.8 1M minimal focusing.
    300mm AF-S VR2 f/4.0 1.5M minimal focusing.

    New D700 with 18MP+ 100% viewfinder & mirror up.
    If that can cut the price; I don’t care about video and 10fps shutter speed.

    • SBGrad

      300mm AF-S VR, yah, I would get that.

    • Invisible AsianWoman

      200mm AF-S VR2 f/2.8 1M minimal focusing.? Who’s nose are you shooting?

      • The invisible Man

        Honney, what about shooting snakes, turtles, birds, flowers, etc….
        Also don’t forget what you learned at school, longer is your telephoto lens, smaller is you angle.
        That mean, if you shoot a bird with a 105mm or a 200mm (with the subject having the same size on the picture) the results will be different.
        Peter, I think you should pay me for all the technical support I’m providing here….

  • NRC

    I’ve been watching craigslist postings selling SB-600s. I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t jumped on any…

    I suppose I’ll just rent a SB-800 for my upcoming event.

    • The invisible Man

      What about SB-900 ?
      Very powerfull, great if you do reflected lightning.
      No shadows without having to setup the studio !

      • NRC

        It’s all about WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wife_acceptance_factor)…

        I can get away with buying a $200-250 flash, but a SB-900 at $400-450 just ain’t going to work right now! 🙂 Especially since I’m trying to convince her that I need to get the D90 replacement when/if it comes out!

        • NRC

          WAF link got mangled – here it is for the interested – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wife_acceptance_factor

          • The invisible Man

            Here is what you can do to get your wife agreed for a SB900:

            Take her to a nice place, park, beach, etc…
            Use your best telephoto lens (105mm micro in my case).
            Take bunch of pictures of her at f/2.8 (to make it look like models pictures).
            Get back home, give her some nice pictures to put on facebook.
            And, when she ask you “do you think I look good in that one ?”
            You answer her : “yes honney, you’re beautifull but you could look even more beautifull if I had a better flash that I could use to do day light fill in fash shoots”
            SOLD !

        • Michael

          WAF doesn’t affect me – i’m single:)

          • yes it does. WAF becomes “Woman acceptance factor”

        • Reality

          Re: WAF

          Could not agree more, this is THE limiting factor..!

  • Anjz

    Yabba Dabba Doo!!

  • low

    yah baby, lets do it admin!

    • NikoDoby

      Leeeroooyy Jennkinnnnsss!

  • I believe it about the SB600 as I’ve heard it before. However, I like the SB600 so I hope the replacement is at least as good. I never got on with the SB800 and haven’t dared to try the SB900 after hearing about its problems.

    D90 – couldn’t care less. D700 is unlikely, unless it’s in ‘S’ guise which is not a major advance.

    A Nikon rep at a show told me to hang on for a new 24-120mm f/4 though how likely it is this year I don’t know.

    • Alex

      What problems of the SB-900 are you talking about, the thermal shut off? If you really wanted you can just disable the feature if it bothers you that much. For me the 180 degree rotation in both directions already puts it ahead of the 600 and 800 in my book.

    • Jivee

      Yeah, ive got problems with my sb900. I had 2 upgrade my bag because it was a bit bigger than the Sb800. Or maybe it could have been that i bought 3 more lenses? Ah, thats it.

      Oh wait, no, the problem was my sd8 battery pack woudnt work because of the different plug shape (need sd8a). No, thats not it either because i reshaped the plug with a craft knife and needle file.

      No, no, now i remember. My d90 does video, but the sb900 doesnt have a video light! Thats my problem with it! But i solved that with an LED mod on a canon VL-7.

      My second problem is that i dont have two more sb900s (still have 3 sb28s), but im working on that!!!

  • ich bins

    … sounds like Xmas wishes …

  • No-D700s-is-coming

    Its begun for mid-range DX DSLR camera. Arrgh! Are they going to milk the D700 for THREE years? D90 is two years old and so is D700, so why is D90 getting the love first?

    • Click

      Probably because: Volume and profit.

      I would assume Nikon makes more profit or does way more volume in a lower priced, lower quality DX camera than they do selling a FX full frame Semi Pro body such as the D700.

      Just my 2 cents…..

    • Singapore

      Because people are actually buying it instead of only dreaming about it.

      • No-D700s-is-coming

        yeah, maybe, but I bet their margins on the D700 and FX is more than the D90. The huddled masses get placated first I guess.

  • Big

    Big Whoop

  • Raza

    Anyone have a guess as to what price range the D90 replacement is gonna be? Might sell my D60 to upgrade the body. lol

    • Singapore

      Around 1000€ for the body probably.

  • Say it! Say it!

  • m

    Why would Nikon come out with a D90 replacement with new tech before it was used in the DX00 line? I mean new tech usually starts coming from the top cameras and getting to low-ends with time. And D90 replacement would then dramatically (even more than now) cut sales of D300s (which contained only cosmetic improvements to D300) …
    D90 replacement would then be way too far ahead of the DX00 line.

    • Erick

      Well, the D90 was the first to introduce video (before any of the “higher ends, d300, d700, d3). Let’s not forget that.

  • jjolddahgoo

    Sweet! I’ve been waiting for the D90 replacement for a while now!

  • ZRH

    There is just no way Nikon can show up to Photokina with only a new flash and a new D90! That wont cut it. They need a ‘Homecoming Queen’ (new FX camera), not parading around the 3rd and 4th runner-ups!

    • Canon 60D

      Maybe d90FX ?

  • Jivee

    Actually, u think maybe the sb600 replacement would build in a video light? Something like the CREE Q5 LED would be great.

    I’m busy modding some old manual units. Done a few Canon VL-7s, and its superb. Problem i have is switching between video and photo means switching lighting units. I think il just strap that canon video light to the sb900…and have a genuine CaNikon.

  • Carlos R B

    Im hiting the refresh button on and on…LOL…just hope the D90x doesnt “just ad hd video….please be something else also…

    • Canon 60D

      Please calm down… take the rest ;d

  • Alex

    D90 and D700 were announced in the same month weren’t they? I really hope the same happens with both their replacement models.

    @Low, you are quite the celebrity on here!

  • Anonymous

    I want my D4 now!

  • philippe

    Why would it be so hard for nikon to make a camera with metering? All canon models have metering for non-metering lenses..

    Make a D90s with metering bastards

    • Lenses don’t meter. Lenses have chips that convey focal length and aperture information. On older lenses, a nub on the aperture ring engaged a nub on a spring loaded ring on the body. This had been part of the F mount since the 50’s or 60’s up until the “G” lenses were introduced. This allowed some bodies to use older lenses that didn’t have chips. Even manual focus lenses.

      “All canon models have metering for non-metering lenses..”

      I don’t know where you got that, because ALL EF mount lenses are chipped. Even their shift lenses.

      You can certainly mount and use pretty much any lens, except non-ai ones, on your d90. I still use some manual focus lenses on my D90 and they work great. Sure you don’t get aperture priortiy, but…BFD.

  • alvix

    yess yessyess….! let’s hope for ..something…

    ah..plse Nikon, dont forget my copy of NX3 …more speed and efficiency…64bit and I’m done…can even pay for this…not too much…since I already paid for your terrible NX2 thank you…

  • Gargoyle

    OH YES!!!

  • andyh

    many thanks for the encouraging news…
    i know i asked a similar question awhile back…but was just wondering…

    do you still think there will be a d700 update this year (and by photokina)? i’m getting the sense from the stuff i’ve read that there will be a new FX camera, but not one that’ll be replacing the d700.

    the d700 is just about perfect for my needs, but i could really use the video abilities for my projects.

    once again, thanks for your work!

    ps- dont worry, i won’t hold you to any of your personal opinions

    • Unfortunately I have the same answer for you: I do not have any reliable info that the D700 will be replaced before Photokina. If you ask for my opinion, yes, I think it will be replaced.

      • andyh

        yep, thats all i expected. thanks again =)

  • Folks; don’t get your hopes too high. We’ve been down this road and then had bitter disappointment. An emotional roller coaster.

  • Anon

    i can’t afford d90 replacement, so i don’t really care. i really want a 24mm 1.8 dx lens (dx because it will be cheaper). hopefully used price for sb-600 should also go down alot

  • injurytime

    Finally … SB-600 replacement !! ~~

  • Only reason to replace my D90, if the new model has a built-in GPS. Hate to connect/disconnect my GP-1 unit…

  • Gareth

    RE: out of stock 24 1.4.

    i live in osaka. i have only seen one shop out of stock. i tried 3 copies at another store for focus issues and 2 copies at nikon plaza. many other stores have numerous copies.

    on my d700 it wasn’t nice. this is probably due to focus on at least one of the copies i tried. but to be honest when focussing on distant objects with only 12 megapixels you are going to pixelate before it looks sharp. i tried at f 8 on a tripod and wasn’t happy.

    i am going to rent a 14-24 2.8 next week for the fireworks on the yodogawa and if that is sharp I can only assume that the focus was off on the 24 1.4.

    either way i am VERY interested in a 35 1.4 as i think that is a much more useful focal length. you really have to jam the 24 in peoples faces if you want a good shot. for most candids this is no good.

    so waiting for a 35 1.4

    and yes the sb700 as well

    then i will have everything i need save some crazy expensive fast 400/500/600mm

  • Iceman

    The loud thud you heard last week was me dropping a load of cash for the D3s. No regrets. If that sensor makes it to a smaller body everyone can shoot great pics…oh wait you already can. I checked and the image quality of my d90 and d300 didn’t change.

  • Anonymous

    It has begun. Ya right. Maybe the design for D700 replacement has. So we’ll see another pro level camera for under $3000 in another 5 years?

  • Nikon Boy

    God why that takes so much time?! I will not find the time to enjoy this new flash and I am waiting for a new model by Nikon for a long time. Next year I join the Israeli army, this is my last year to enjoy, Please Nikon, just do it!

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