Don’t forget the “G11 killer”

Few months ago Nikon’s UK Senior Product Manager Kevin Egan told AP that they planned to release a Canon G11 competitor with the last batch of Coolpix cameras back in February, but the camera was not ready. Expect this new "G11 killer" to be released with the next batch of Coolpix camera somewhere in the middle of August (unless Nikon decides to make a separate announcement for it).

Today I received also this tip:

"I work at ***. The Nikon rep was in the store and I was pressing him for any info... He told me that Nikon had 3 big cameras to be coming soon, and a G11 competitor had been in development for a while... probably this fall for a release..."

Nikon reps have proved not to be reliable source of information in the past, but this rumor reminded me of the statement Nikon made few months ago and I think it is worth sharing.

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  • Elmo

    3 big cameras…. yes a D700 replacement i hope so…

  • Vladi

    Well if it will be shipped in the fall, it better be the G12 killer, Canon updates this line of cameras pretty often.

  • I wonder how it will compare to the S90. Have the S90, but am not 100% happy with it, so might switch to Nikon if they have a convincing argument.

    • James

      Have you got the s90 grip? Fixes the one gripe I always had with it

      • Thanks for the help, but yes, I have that grip 🙂 I ordered it at the same time as the S90, actually. Grip arrived first! Can’t take pics w/ the grip alone 😀

        I don’t like the way the rear wheel turns so easily. I’ve owned several IXY/IXUS/Powershot models (which the S90 is roughly based off of design-wise) and think Canon really missed on this. Too easy to change exposure compensation. I saw a fix for this on Flickr recently (but haven’t ordered it yet). Thought about operating on one of my other Canons and replacing the wheel, but the sizes were different, so I gave up that idea.

        Button layout. Really do *not* like the Power Button placement. For anyone new to Canon P&S cams, it’s probably not a big deal. For me, I’m used to the IXY layout and the Ring Func button is where the Power Button usually is. So I’m always pushing the Ring Func button when I want the camera on. I still use my other IXY cams, so I haven’t had a chance to unlearn that particular behavior. I understand why they placed the On & Ring buttons the way they did- to keep people from shutting off the S90 inadvertently due to the On being too close to the Shutter button (if the On & Ring buttons were swapped, as I’d prefer). Just personal preference, but it’s something that bothers me.

        On button also needs to be pressed pretty firmly to be turned on. Once again, being used to the IXY family, I’m used to a softer touch to get the cam going. I use the P&S for a lot of spur-of-the-moment shots and the S90 isn’t a spur-of-the-moment camera. Button placement + difficult to push button makes me miss a few things that I might have gotten otherwise w/ my other cams.

        Processor is slow. Minor niggle. Writing to the card (8gb SDHC) seems slower than what I’m used to (definitely the case with RAW).

        Review is too long. Just seems like I end up half-pushing the shutter a lot to get it to cycle past the automatic review screen so I can take the next shot. That being said, I haven’t read the manual (Japanese; haven’t looked for the Eng. pdf online), so perhaps there’s a setting to decrease that.

        Macro. The wide lens just can’t focus as close as its not-so-wide IXY brethren. One thing I carry the P&S for is for macro stuff if I don’t have a macro for the D700 w/ me. This is a bit of a disappointment for me. I like getting shots of praying mantises and Japanese beetles. Deal killer? No. Just another personal niggle.

        The included strap sucks. Up until this point, I’ve gotten used to the IXY straps that have a little thingamajib whatchamacallit doowhammer that slides up and cinches up to your wrist. Very handy! Since the S90 didn’t come with one, I scavenged one from this camera:

        For the average Joe, these are mostly things they probably wouldn’t even notice. Being the owner of several IXY models (700, 810IS, 920IS, D10) raises expectations. I understand there are tradeoffs (ie- macro loses a bit in order to accommodate the extra width). Just makes it less-than-perfect for *me.*

        Don’t get me wrong- it’s a fantastic camera. Colors are great. The width is very, very nice. Having the variable aperture is great. Low light abilities are definitely far above any of the other Canon P&S cams I’ve owned/currently own. Just a lot of little things that keep it from being the ultimate P&S (for me). Not to say that it can’t be/isn’t the perfect cam for a lot of other people.

  • Zorro

    It must have a decent viewfinder to be any good.

    • LGO

      I recommend the use of a Hoodman H-LPP3 HoodLoupe for pairing with a point and shoot camera (including the Lumix LX-3 and Canon S-90) if shooting with a viewfinder is a premium. You not only get a giant electronic viewfinder (the rear screen), you will also be shooting the P&S using a dSLR stance instead of of arms outstretched.

      Oh by the way, this is also an essential tool for landscape photography in bright daylight! 🙂

  • anonikonimous

    2010 will probably see 1.5 of th 3 cameras announced and(or available, whatever tht means…

  • anonikonimous

    2010 will probably see 1.5 of th 3 cameras announced and/or available, whatever that means…

  • PaulRivers

    I’m am NOT addressing Nikon’s dslr development with the statement, but to be clear.

    But when it comes to compacts –

    Typical Nikon. After years of successfully producing the G-series, Nikon finally tries to play catch-up – to LAST years camera. While they’re preparing to compete with the g11, Canon releases the s90, a camera which takes identical pictures with identical specs (actually at wide angle it’s lens is better for low light by a stop) but in a MUCH smaller size.

    If they were going to put serious effort into a s90 competitor, I would be super excited! But a G11 competitor? It’s alright I guess. Might move them from “non-existent” to “middle of the pack” in the compact camera market. Yaaaaaawn.

  • anonikonimous

    Nikon foolpix line should better be upgraded to foolprooffix soon. G11 killer is not enuff, it should be G12 killer right from the start.
    What Nikon is probably knowingly missing is that Coolpix segment is a market driven push system. It is not sufficient to look for features and pricing against a competitor model (canon) in most real markets. Most features are taken for granted by amateur buyers (I paid 100+ dollar for this baby, so it should have results like a SLR my friend has), hence Nikon Coolpix line though featurewise not inferior, loses to a Canon model beacuse of the price. My .2 cents…

    • coolpux

      canon even got ixus 300hs now , nikon might as well close their compact department.

  • Ren Kockwell

    @ PaulRivers: +1

    The G series is reaching the end of its utility as well. Not sure how much farther one can go at that sensor size. And it ain’t small. IMO, the G11 has already been killed by the S90, the LX3, the DP series from Sigma, etc. A “G11 Killer” needs a bigger sensor, faster lens, quality video and better low-light capability—four things which Nikon compacts are notoriously crappy at. If they have a killer on their hands, they’ve sure been keeping the technology a big secret for a long time.

    • Huh?

      Expect a G12 this year.

    • LGO

      I use both the Canon S90 and the Canon G11. How exactly does the S90 kill the G11? Though these cameras share the same sensors, they are different creatures, e.g., G11 has articulating screen and provision for external flash which S90 does not have, S90 is slim, light and pocketable while the G11 is not, etc.

  • suboniki

    what dslr bodies of nikon are big cameras? d90?
    for me all >= d300

    • Denko

      Could be big in volume (number of sales) for all we know. D3000 comes to mind 😉

      Who knows maybe they have ditched the D## and D### lines completely.

      So with no shame I present this pie in the sky prediction:
      D4, D6000, D8000

  • Let us not forget the G11 killer, you mean.

  • Matt

    G11 killer? Yawn. Big sensor, small body, that’s what we want. Compete with the S90 if you must remain pocketable, outdo the micro 4/3 cameras or I’m getting a Panasonic GF2 once they’re out.

  • Bring on the Coolpix deluxe!

  • Jay A

    I’m expecting a new D95 with cup holders 🙂

  • Gary

    If this is true, then the 3 new cameras would be the G11 killer, the D90 replacement, and the new EVIL camera…which would presumably mean no D700 replacement.

  • ashley dudd

    who care g11 killer. nikon roumor becomes ps roumor? common guys!

    • ato3

      is it a nikon point and shoot that they are reporting?

  • Jun

    He said G11 + 3 dslr

    D90 is pretty sure..
    Probably a d3000/d5000 rep. also.
    But 3rd one, its hard to know for sure, but i would think d700 rep.
    when u look at timelines from nikon it should be about now if they continue the same pace. Im thinking of a past post here when a spanish guy working for nikon said, something in that way. “if you look at the past, how long after the d3 did we release d700”.

    im thinking like this,
    it cant be d300 caus they updated it allready with d300s so its not that models turn.
    d3000 and d5000 in the same time, i dont know but that doesnt make it so big and i just dont think so. d3s is allready here… whats left?
    d700 or a new model..

  • ffip

    Forget about the G11 killer. Give me a waterproof, freezeproof, dustproof, and shockproof S90 killer that I can use in the toughest conditions.

  • I need an M9 killer (pricewise…).

  • WW

    G11 killer is…G12
    Canon is doing very well in this line while Nikon never have anything that beat the G series (I do have a P6000, I’d say Canon is better but I got the P6000 for its smaller size, able to use nikon speedlight and i was hoping Captuer NX can process its raw file (it cannot when I brought it).

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