Nikon D90 listed as “clearance Item, limited availability”

One of the big US retailers, J&R, has listed the Nikon D90 body only as "clearance Item, limited availability":

The Nikon D90 kit (with 18-105mm lens) is listed as "Limit 1 per customer".

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  • The invisible Man

    Premier !

    • Invisible AsianWoman

      I thought i would beat you to it!

      • The invisible Man

        Sorry honey !

    • Bob

      what are we in primary school?

      • Chris P

        No, kindergarden

        • No, daycare

          • Mr D

            No, mother’s womb.

          • Michael

            No, dementia care home…

          • Anonymous

            no…..LA LA Land

      • m

        since more than a year, this kit has been selling at $1032 on amazon.

  • Luc

    firmware update for video one day?

    • Bob

      spoken like a true clueless

  • Invisible AsianWoman

    That means the 18-105 will be the kit lens with the D95!

    • Invisible AsianWoman

      D40 –> D3000
      D60 –> D5000
      D90 –> D8000 new name!

      • D40-owner

        To be honest, given the expected updates, it just might as well be called the D90s

        • Invisible AsianWoman

          True, that will be so called Nikon surprise

        • Invisible AsianWoman

          But if Nikon has a low-budget FF, it has to move D90 out of the way for a year or two so they could use the D10, D20 names

        • andres

          when an XXs model comes out the “non-s” model stays in the market

      • Tret

        No D400 this year?

  • yashika nagahara

    Admin-san will make all-night posting party today?
    Clearance item news make Nikon website maintenance tonight?

    • no, not yet – we may have something at the end of July, if not mid-August for sure (as I already said before)

      • yashika nagahara

        Doumo arigatou!

  • Christoffer


    • Nicole

      But which ‘IT’?

      • I Am Nikon

        the clearing of D90 stock on 1 US retailer.


  • Might be an interesting week here

    • venancio

      a bit, i guess, unless what comes new is a Nikon version of the 7D…

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! I’m hoping for more news on the AF motor absence/presence.

    • D40-owner

      I don’t believe for a second Nikon would remove the AF motor from the D90 line. The installed base of AF-D lenses is huuuuge, even at the enthusiast level.

      • Same Anonymous ^^

        🙂 I certainly hope so! I just thought I remembered some discussion about an entry DSLR without one, maybe that was a d3000 replacement or something, but hey, that was a while ago, before these “real” rumors that will be coming up, I can’t wait.

  • Hugo

    So since the D700 is not a clearance item does that mean it is not getting replaced?


  • Has it begun??

  • Come on Nikon, surprise us!

    • m

      well, nikon been suprising all its loyal customers for months by holding on new releases. what more does one want?

  • Gary

    I think it’s safe to say now that a D90 replacement is imminent. This makes sense: the D90 has been a great seller for Nikon and has a great reputation. Updating the D90 probably will pack the most punch for Nikon from a financial standpoint on the dslr side.

    What will be interesting will be how the D90 upgrade hints at features in the eventual upgrades to the models above the D90.

  • BenS

    I want a new affordable FF body to replace my loyal D80. Lenses that I bought are nikkor primes . Nikon please surprise me !

    • Valentina

      I agree, I want an affordable FF body too. I’m waiting a few more months and hope to get nice news from Nikon. Otherwise the big “C” awaits me.

      • Michael

        so show me “affordable FF body” with big “C”…

  • Wierdo

    Officially selling my D90 for D700….
    Then ill buy the D700 replacement for christmas 🙂

  • niranjan

    Admin any news from fuji new DSLR.

    I have s5 pro. Hope they may bring an update along with nikon new release.

    • no news for Fuji – I think their DSLR deal is dead, cannot imagine why that they could not get an update in such a long time

      • LGO

        Too bad. A new updated replacement for the Fuji S5 Pro would have been a credible and less costly alternative to the D3x … and this perhaps may be the reason why Nikon will not support it.

  • Jack

    It sure would be nice if they released a high res D700-type camera considering I just spend 20 grand on lenses this week. I somehow doubt they will do that though considering Nikon seems to be run by morons at times.

  • niranjan

    Thanks admin.

    Let’s wait…… Till sept or let s5 pro be the ever best DR camera with just 6mp.

    Am happy to get a new one last week may be the only piece left with supplier in UAE.

    Their system showed no balance but I was able to get itand that too less than 700 dollars.

    My nikon afs 50 f1.4 seems loving are amazing.

    Fuji colors hmmmm something special.

  • Unfortunately, this is one nail in the coffin of a 2010 D700 replacement. I’m still hoping, though…

    Of course everyone is dying for a 24 megapixel D700 replacement, so I’m betting we’ll see a “D700X” before we see a “D700s”, if we’re guessing at the nomenclature. Either way, I want dual card slots and don’t care about HD video but they’d probably better add it to shut up the whiners.

    I can totally see my “don’t ever need to buy another camera” system being a D700X, D700S, and D300S for when I like the extra focus point spread. Battery grip for speed, 720p video is enough for random clips, and the best of both worlds in low-light and high-resolution. Wouldn’t need another camera body till 50+ megapixels becomes the de-facto standard or something crazy…


    • Oh and dual card slots in all three bodies, since I photograph weddings and really want the redundancy…


    • Trac

      “50+ megapixels becomes the de-facto standard”
      yeh, when they solve that pesky light diffraction physics, and learn now to force photons to act as particles not as waves…

      • LOL. Yeah, in a 35mm size sensor, I’m really not very interested in much more than 24 megapixels. For what 35mm size DSLR’s were designed for, that’s all you need. If you need tons of megapixels, that’s what medium format is for…

      • venancio

        this could be done by scaling down the mechanics of the mamiya or the hass but optimized for FF…

      • Ola Forsslund

        >“50+ megapixels becomes the de-facto standard”
        >yeh, when they solve that pesky light diffraction physics
        You are wrong on your physics. Diffraction does not get worse, just because you are able to resolve it!

        In ten years, 100MP FF cameras will be common. Maybe we will talk about oversampled cameras.

    • Markus

      All…? I’m not dying for a 24MP camera, 12 or 18-20MP is more than enough. People who can’t frame well should have 24 or more and those landscape photographers who are in a sudden need of more than what a 5D Mark II is offering.
      If you really are a professional and need that 24MP, it’s for sale already.

      • I *am* a professional (good grief that sounded arrogant. Didn’t mean it that way) …and I do indeed currently shoot HAPPILY with 12 megapixels. It’s perfect for event photojournalism, if not overkill.

        But everybody else is whining for 24 megapixels, so my point was that if Nikon made a D700s before they made a D700X, there would be another mass-exodus (of idiots, of course) to the 5D mk2.

        Personally, I’m FAR more excited by the thought of Nikon putting the D3s sensor in a D700s, than if they put a D3X sensor in a D700s.

        However since I do indeed shoot landscapes, and my style of portraiture is also very landscape-y, megapixels are a wonderful thing when you need to make a huge canvas. And admittedly, it also helps to shut up uncle bob when he comes around with his 18 / 21 megapixel camera at a wedding where I’m only shooting 12. I mean I don’t really care and I know I’ll kick uncle bob’s butt, but it’s just annoying to get that look, when they see you’re shooting with a D300+D700 and they’re packing a 1D mk4 over one shoulder and a 1Ds mk3 over the other. Dang uncle bobs… 😛

        • LGO


  • Jivee

    I’ll keep you guys posted on developments in South Africa. Nikon SA oddly has items available in stores within a week after annoucement. That was the case with D300s.

    Also, I’ve been saying since Feb that D90 became massivly discounted. From introduction it had only been available specialist photographic stores, but each month since FEB has seen them advertised in more and more big box discount stores, similar to Best Buy etc. Before these stores only ever kept entry level D40, D60, D3000…nothing higher like D70, D80. I think Its fair to assume Nikon has produced more D90 than any other Dx0 camera? It has to be a BEST SELLER, but possibly not as many as the lower models.

  • zzddrr

    Well, after the 6 months of rebate no wonder the D90 is on clearance. The speed Nikon is at right now, I would not be surprised if the D90 would be on clearance for the rest of the year. Sorry, but this reminds me of those stores in shopping malls where they have the sign that says “final clearance” and it lasts for years. 🙂 I hope I am wrong

  • Gerry

    Sorry to go off topic, but are you getting similar “reports” or possibilites for the d700? or is all the “hot” tips and such for the d90 right now?

  • LGO

    Admin .. any idea on the specs of the expected replacement for the Nikon D90?

  • Zorro

    The D90 is a hard act to follow. What if the its replacement is not as good? The D40>D40x>D60>D3000 progression was downhill all the way.

  • phil

    DISLIKE D90!

    still. at least something is going on at nikon. thought they are asleep or have beeen sleeping for months.

  • Anonymous

    Pequenas alteraçoes pa paguina
    a imaguem do atalho para as dsls foi alterada, mostra apenas D5000, D300, D3s e D3x. – Falta D90 e D700, o que significa que em breve estarão descontinuadas!

    • Anonymous

      Small Changes in:
      the image used in the shortcut DSLR was changed
      shows only D5000, D300, D3x and D3s.
      Lack D90 and D700,
      which means they will soon be discontinued!

  • akvisuals

    The stills quality of the D90 is unmatched. Nikon should focus on making the video alot more better and attractive, they were the first, this is their chance to be the best.

    • if unmatched means that canon and sony have it better for less moneys, then yes.

  • Peter

    about time for a d90 replacement.

  • Wojtek

    Will a D90 replacement make the D300s obsolete?

    The 2 are very close to each other now, any improvement on the D90 will make it a better camera than the D300s, at a lower price point.

    Once D90s is released, it will not make sense to buy D300s

    • Dave

      really ? af-fine tune
      51 af
      handling (more buttons for example)
      speed ?

      what do you think about d90 replacement ?? close to the d3s^^

  • Rob

    I think the D300 will get a new sensor before the D90. Then this chip will trickle down the Nikon line, just like the 12 & 10MP chips did. So I think the D90 will see only a minor update.

    • Michael

      or the new D90 will get sensor from Sony Alfa 550:)

      who knows – D400 may be a budget full-frame camera…

  • cirtap

    I heard through the Nikon Grapevine…..There is going to be 4…that’s right kiddies…4 new cameras appearing by the end of the THEIR year. They are called…

    1. the replacement for the D90
    2. the replacement for the D700
    3. The ALL new Mirrorless DSLR
    4. The ALL new D4


    • Not entirely implausible seeing as we’re only a couple months into “this” year so far.

      D90 + D700 coming up.
      New mirrorless @ the end of Nov.
      D4 ~March 2011

  • pami

    In Switzerland a cash back is running for the D90 till end of July but the camera is almost sold out. Nikon does not confirm any date for next delivery…..

  • Acend

    Nice, give me a D90 successor that I can use for video and as backup for my D700. Give it to me now =P

  • Rick

    Great timing! I’ve been looking to upgrade. I think my equipment will find its way to craigslist soon..

  • gonzalo

    Nikon always had a lower camera-replacing timeline than canon…
    Just wait…

  • Zoetmb

    I sure as hell hope Nikon is tying up their manufacturing lines with new models of both bodies and lenses, because they’re sure not great at keeping their current lines in stock. Looking at several large New York dealers, the D3s is out of stock and the D5000 is about to be. Approx 24% of the Nikon lens line is out of stock and 40% of the lenses with a street price of $1000 or more are out of stock.

    There is something seriously wrong with either Nikon’s manufacturing or their inventory system, unless the issue is actually with Nikon USA. It’s not like this is the iPad and iPhone and they’re hard to keep in stock because they’re selling like hot cakes. I sense (but can’t prove) that Nikon’s manufacturing operations are a disaster. Who leaves so much money on the table? If someone could prove that there’s no demand for the OS products, then I could understand, but I don’t think that’s the case. Who else (aside from Red) has products that they can’t supply a year after announcement?

    I usually think people who threaten to leave Nikon for Canon are silly. But one good reason to leave is because you can’t get the lenses you need that Nikon purports to make (never mind the lenses they don’t make.)

    Out of stock at both B&H and J&R: 18-35D, 20mmD, 24mmD, 105 2.0DC, 17-35 AF-S, 24 AF-S, 300 2.8, 300 4.0, 400, 500, 600, 17-55DX, 85mmT-S, TC-20EIII (and the EII is no longer available).

    After all their success over recent years, I guess Nikon doesn’t want sports shooters (or birders) to use Nikon anymore.

    • NRC

      Didn’t I see a post somewhere here on [NR] that Nikon had met its quarterly US sales goals and thus stopped shipping products until the next quarter?

      Yes, that sounds absolutely insane, but it would account for the large number of out of stock items.

  • S*cks.. my the glorious days of my D90 is soon to be over.. 🙁

    • Your D90 won’t take good pictures anymore? Terrible news! That does indeed, “Suck.” Better sell it now while it still takes OK photos.

  • Yoohoo

    What the hell, I just bought a D90 for $770.
    But anyways, it’s still a fine camera to boot.
    So no regrets whatsoever.

  • choob

    I was in a camera store today where they were reorganising the display cases and heard the manager explain to one of her staff that this is because it will now be offered with the 18-55mm for £100 cheaper.

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