A note from the admin: the best of 2010 is in front of us

Photokina is almost two months away, the end of July is approaching and all this could only mean one thing - we should start getting some reliable rumors. The Internet is currently full of speculations and I will continue to filter out the nonsense and post only credible information. We may have few "filler" posts to keep us entertained in the mean time (a new "Nikon in 3D" article is coming up this week). In the worst case scenario, we should have a new line of Coolpix cameras in the first half of August (this is almost a tradition for Nikon). Looking at previous years, Nikon also likes to schedule a more "serious" announcement a week or two before or after the Coolpix press event - either way we are entering the "golden time" of 2010.

I already started noticing few interesting comments on Asian forums from some of the posters I have been following for years. Nothing specific at that point, but the first signs of an upcoming Nikon announcement are present.

On the blog site: soon I will unveil a new "Page 2" of Nikon Rumors - that way I will be able to cover everything Nikon related without cluttering the main blog page.

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  • venancio

    july 20…

  • enesunkie

    Lookin’ forward to page 2!

    • Banned

      Admin, thanks for page 2, and don’t forget us RSS readers!

  • I kind of like the clutter, but I will welcome page 2 as well.

    • Now I start having doubts again, the idea is to more the weekly Nikon links section (and more) to a separate blog so you don’t have to wait till the weekend to get all non-rumors related news. Are you guys saying I should keep things the way they are (I am happy with that – less maintenance work for me)?
      Some of you know that I had a “Page 2” section at the beginning and I eliminated it because it was not popular – maybe I did not learn my lesson 🙂

      • I like frequent updates even if it isn’t exactly a rumor. Nikon sure isn’t going to notify me of firmware updates like this site does. A second page means I have to look at two pages often instead of one. That’s just my opinion though. It’s not a big deal really. I know some people only want the rumors. I’m not sure how they would like only having something to read once every few weeks though.

      • Alex

        @admin, I want you to just force Nikon to bring out that D700 replacement we all want 🙂

      • I say leave things as they are too – I like the format!

        • Discontinued

          Me too.

          • Anonymous

            and me !

          • twoomy

            Ditto that. I’m happy with the site as it is and visit frequently!

        • Delie

          Me too! Personally, I’m up for seeing everything on the homepage.

          Perhaps you could have a ‘rumors’ category, so that if people really only want to see rumors they can just view that category and maybe bookmark the category page rather than the homepage. Maybe also a ‘non-rumor’ or ‘news’ category’ so people can filter the opposite.

        • Why fix what’s not broken? Easy to look at new links posted. No need for an additional page, IMO.

          Maybe if you had a list of previous posts on the L side so people could click on those if they fell behind a bit (instead of going all the way to the bottom & clicking “Read More.”)

          • thanks Fried Toast – I have a list of the past 15 posts, but it is at the bottom of the page

      • Hendog

        Yeah I’d prefer the current format, one blog is enough, even if theres twice as much content on it. Don’t much like the idea of flipping between two seperate things to get my fill of nikon rumors/news.

      • Banned

        I would prefer a page 2 personally. Why don’t you do a poll about it?

      • jay

        Keep the current format

      • gt

        Can you somehow seperate the rumors frm the non-rumors…and keep it all in ONE page.

        I like the idea of the most recent rumor staying in the top spot – while another element is being updated more frequently with non-rumor stuff…BUT

        I don’t want to have to click on page 2. I’d love it if you just had two columns or something on a single page

    • iamlucky13

      Given the debate, perhaps all of the above?

      I don’t know if your publishing software can accommodate this, but how about one page for your rumors, one page for your news/interesting links (or however you envisioned breaking it down), and a third page that shows all the posts from both categories?

      If you want to be fancy, you can even set it up so that a visitor selects which view they see when visit the normal nikonrumors.com URI, with that preference stored by a cookie for future visits.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Bring it baby!

  • Kevin Y

    cool keep the updates to the forum coming

  • Kingyo

    it’s coming..

  • Bonetti

    I just Sold my D200 Today for $700 and was thinking to buy a D300s on friday( thats the 16 of july) should I Wait???? or just go ahead and buy it ???

    • I would say wait for few more days. I really have the feeling that we are very close to an announcement (it could be as early as next week), I am just not sure at that point and I do not want to be wrong, so bare with me until I get the facts (and translations) straight. There is a lot of bogus info floating around.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        I know this is getting odd, but what about the book on the D400?
        Yatego.com has listed it for September 2010 and another for 09.2010:
        http://www.edv-buchversand.de and yet another: http://www.buch24.de
        The last one has conflicting information about the date of release: it says 08.2010 in the results of a “Nikon D400” search and expected for September 2010 when you click on the book for further informations.

        And what has happened to this Igor-guy? To me this sounded like the best rumor we had in month.

        Can we really be sure there will be no D400 this year? I am not even interested, but it would build confidence to see something at least semi-proish with more than 12 MP – even a DX.

        • This book keeps coming up every few months for over a year now. The Publisher officially came out and said that this was a mistake, not sure what they cannot kill this ISBN.

  • I like the title, easy call considering the start of 2010 was a wasteland in terms of new gear that people wanted

    • Not so sure on the “page 2” thing. For Mac Rumors it makes sense as a lot of news is from thrid parties and isn’t really a rumor per-say. But for Nikon there is less news overall and a new lens or piece of gear is important to note.

      I know if the lomography stuff was on page two I might of never seen it and not purchased a set (which I love btw).

      • Then we all have to agree that there will be no complains when I write about other Nikon related topics (when there are no rumors). Nikon showed us that they can go a long time without an announcements and as a result I have to make some adjustments.

        • Anonymous

          You’ll get complaints and praise no matter what you do. But they’re all clicks so don’t worry eh ?

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Hi NR,

          me too, I go with the flow: no 2nd page.
          Imagine how empty the 1st would have been during the last month.

          Just one suggestion: Have you ever considered to change the writing from # f f f f f f to # c c c c c c ? There have been some complaints in the past, that the white starts to hurt the eyes after a while.

          • I had a darker font color before and readers complaint that there wasn’t enough contrast, so I changed it. Should I move to white background all together? Every time I ask that question I get mixed answers. There is no doubt that white background is almost standard today, but nothing looks better then a spy shot of a Nikon camera on a black background 🙂

          • Victor Hassleblood

            Sounds like you have reached the best compromise already.
            Just keep it that way. Nikon is dark side.

        • jay

          Admin, you are doing a great job. Keep the format as it is. If you add another page, it means another click, which I would hate. Right now I have NR on my browser tab and I only need one click to know if there is anything new.

  • Annatar

    It depends on your need – just buy it if you need a camera now. There’s no credible rumours of a replacement for the D300s and it’s a great camera anyway. If I’d listened to all the rumours about a replacement for the D700 several months ago (and ongoing!), I would still be waiting. But I bit the bullet and bought one and I haven’t looked back! The best decision I’ve ever made. Even if it was to be replaced tomorrow, I’d still need to wait several months to get my hands on one, it would almost certainly be more expensive and I doubt it would be a marked improvement in features. So go for it……

    • I agree, the D300s replacement is not expected at that time, but the D90 replacement may have some interesting new features for a lower price (compared to the D300s).

  • blofeld

    I am looking to upgrade from my D80 to full-frame (D700). The only DX lens I have is the 18-55mm, the rest are all FX (24, 35 f/2.8, 50 f/1.8, 80-200 f/2.8, a Sigma 150 f/2.8 macro). I don’t need > 12 mpx (my 10 mpx D80 was enough, actually) or video (I have the fantastic HMC150 for that). Basically I want the D700 for low light and ultrawides (don’t have any yet).

    I decided to wait for a replacement hoping for the price of the old camera to drop when that happens. My question is: how much do people expect the price to drop? If it’s not significant (say less than $200) I can go buy my D700 and get back to photography.


    • any new FX camera will either replace D700 for slightly higher price or add new one to the lineup. D700 is priced fine for what it offers and will not really drop whatever happens. There are still many people willing to pay close to new prices for used gear.

    • venancio

      go for it if you don’t need anything higher than 12 mp and no video. just look around for the best deal, even if it’s 2nd hand. once you have the feel and the fill, anything new would only tickle your nerve on pixel envy or 1080p envy. an itch for an extra ISO capability can be scratched by the great shots and the fun you’ll have with the D700.

    • Eric Pepin

      im in the same boat as you. I want the D700 but can wait long enough for it to be replaced or something. Even if I ever bought the D700 replacement the D700 would be a great backup camera.

  • Sony announced the NEX-VG10, “World’s First Consumer Interchangeable Lens HD Camcorder”.. available Sep @$2k. (Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, 14mp stills, 1.5X). I hope Nikon has something like this too.

  • ambo

    i’m glad to hear this ‘but the D90 replacement may have some interesting new features for a lower price ‘ .

    really am looking forward to it.

  • Luke

    If a new D90 doesn’t come out within a month or so, it looks like a 550D Canon for me 🙁 Price v Specs atm just leads me to the canon!

    • Bart

      It will be announced within a month, but there will be few months until it hit the stores. However, I’m pretty sure that it will be better camera than Canon 550D.

      • Canonknight

        D90 is better than my 550D exl the video.

      • Luke

        A few months! Awww! lol I miss a good chance at a sporting event at my school. Damn.

  • Dave

    i thought, there will be a d300 replacement?!?! d300 is older than d90, if you don’t look at the “s”. Mmh i want a fast dslr, which is weather resitant an can make 1080p/30s videos. I think there is no hope, that d90 replacment will be weather resitant right ??

    • Hendog

      Actually the D90 is older if you change the 9 in to an 8. Lol, you can’t really ignore the “s”, it’s a progression of the D300 model so that would surely delay the D400. Would be nice to see a replacement though. The D90 replacement won’t be weatherproofed. If you need good quality video and weather resistance NOW you could go for the Canon 7D (weatherproofing is pretty good).

      I’m still waiting for my beloved D700 replacement like everyone else… please come soon.

    • VJ

      Funny, I’m waiting for the exact same specifications…
      As an amateur, I don’t really care about FX/DX (both will suit my purpose just fine), but I have a very good 17-55/2.8, which is a DX lens…
      So all I want is a weather sealed DX body with good AF engine and HD film capabilities… My D100 – yes, you read that correctly – is in dire need of an upgrade. 🙂

  • phil

    the D700 sucessor will certainly be more expensive when launched. for the moment there is a cashback in Belgium of 200 euro when buying one. the price in most shops is 2000euro so this brings us to a net price of 1800 euro. the new model will never be released at 1800 euro. when launched the D700 costed >2500euro this was with a strong euro. now the euro declined and probably the price will even be much higher.. even so with 700 euro of difference i pay half of a 24-70 2.8 nikon lens. ;-).
    So basically i am really thinking of upgrading my D200 to a D700 by the end of the month …

  • Aste

    One suggestion.
    Dont know much about programming a web page but would it be possible to have “tags” or “tabs” for example rumors only that filters the main page. Could it be also easy to maintain since just when updating the page the news is tagged also with “rumor” and be found easily just pressing a button on a page. Something like that

    • I am not sure this will help a lot because the main default page will still have to load all posts anyway – this will be more a way to filter info and I have that already implemented on the right hand side under categories.

  • Dave

    yes this would be a nice solution…

    an other question…does anyone know this shop

    i mean, that i saw this ad on NR Blog. d300s for 560 € ?!?!?
    think its a fake right ??. there are a lot of other low prices for dslrs.

    • Canon 60D

      hmm, nice price! maybe, the shop has sold out the rest of this body, because the NIKON is ANNOUCED soon succesor ^_^ yeah

  • NR Admin:
    I like the current format.
    Photokina is 2 months away. I don’t want to sound down but am not expecting a full sensor replacement for D700. I pray that I am wrong though.

    • gt

      you’ll get that in 2011

  • netidolweb

    nikon, pls release the 70-200 F4 VR

  • Christina

    Well done Admin!

    In a way, you have just given me permission to relax from hypervigilent to casual curiosity! Knowing that “Christmas” is coming shortly. I can even afford to leave the comfort of my laptop and take a few needed refreshing dips in our local waterways.

    thanks and keep up the good work!!

  • lahcanski

    Have you heard any rumors about the next generation of the D700?

    also, I have the 24-70 f/2.8 lens and the zoom ring stiffened up and has a one very stiff spot. Has anyone reported this type of problem? (I did not drop it or in any way exerted force on teh lens…)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, WTF wants Nikon with the crappy D3s, D300s, and D90 video?

    Check this out: http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/14/sony-issues-nex-vg10-first-interchangeable-lens-hd-camcorder/

    At approx 2k this beats everything so far. Now it seems that the sony guys are taking thins seriously unlike Nikon

  • anony

    2b3l10801.4N my secret code.

    u guys better start saving now !

    550D, wut ?!?!

  • Anonymous

    I’m on pins and needles waiting for Nikon to come out with another new crappy point n shoot that does nothing except stick around for 2 years and give Ashton Kutcher something to do! 🙂

  • The invisible Man

    From Chasseur d’Image forum:

    Nikon D7000 in september, no viewfinder but large screen.

    Better buy real DSLR while they still exist ! (why the hell did I sold my D700 ?)

    • jay

      This will never happen on a DSLR – the viewfinder is what the mirror is for.

  • DD

    Is there a possibility of D90 price drop if Nikon launches a successor?

    • jay

      I just bought a D5000 on eBay from Nikon’s “refurbished department” for $400. It’s practically new and comes with warranty. It has better IQ than the D90 plus video. I recommend everyone to get it while it lasts.

      • gt

        except the part where it can’t handle AF-D or AF glass.
        in my opinion, it makes it a waste of money

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