Nikon D90 listed as “New!” at BestBuy

For some reason BestBuy decided to list the Nikon D90 as "New!" on their website, while the camera is currently sold out online:

Maybe testing a new product template? Just a reminder that two years ago, the Nikon D90 leaked on Circuit City and Target websites few days before the official release.

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  • Maybe selling it body only is new?

    • eb

      Body only is new for BBY.The SKU is new but not brand new according to their numbering scheme. Newest SKUs have wrapped back to 1XXXXXX.

  • astrorami

    Probably a default setting for newly (or relisted) listed items.

  • astrorami

    Probably a default setting for new (or relisted) items.

    • Re-listing a product that they don’t have in stock? Of course a possibility.

      • Tsen

        I work there and I can verify. It’s actually a sign of a product leaving the assortment–this is a “new” listing of D90 as a body-only option. Before it was in the system as a separate SKU, now it’s getting ready to be clearanced out.

        • Tsen

          First off, sorry if the grammar didn’t quite make sense in that post, I’m running on coffee and no sleep last night. Just so you know, I’ve been keeping an eye on the system infrastructure and there’s no word of a replacement in the system yet, but the D90 is scheduled to become an inactive/clearance SKU on 9/15/10. It’s probably just a placeholder date, as it’s exactly two years after the first active date. It might have something to do with why they’re adding new SKU’s for existing products though.

  • the ”original” D90 is listed at 1199 $ …
    bellow this …899$ … cannot be something better …

    • Jonathan Ventura

      The $1199 D90 on the Best Buy website includes the 18-105mm f/3.5-f/5.6DX lens, just FYI.

  • The invisible Man

    $900 ?
    I paid $788 for mine, so that could be a new product.
    What about my 200mm f/2.8 AF-S VRII ? I already made room for it in my backpack !

  • zack

    How clever! Nikon will update D90 with D90! And it will cost a bit more. These guys are all geniuses

    • fork()

      Well, taking the factorial: 90! = 1.48571596 × 10^138, quite a leap in version numbers ;D

      • The invisible Man

        And don’t forget !
        You should always know you’re lens’s circumference, it’s simple;
        First you have to calculate the lens’s diametre;
        Divide the focale by the aperture (ex: 135mm/f/2.8=4.82mm)
        Then multiply the diametre by 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288
        Have fun !

  • Ralph Daily

    Probably just a screwup.

  • Anonymous

    The reason why it is a new item because it is not used 🙂

    • Canon 60D

      HAHA your right! Admin, pls this info sucks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I think they’ve been doing updates to their site recently. Probably just a glitch.

  • Del-Uks

    D90 replacement will be FX so you can buy it with the new 24-300mm…


    • Alex

      I am waiting for the new Nikon FX 10-1000 f/1.4 L series

      • D40-owner

        Ha! Zooms are for sissies.
        That 10-1000 1.4 is a slouch compared to my my primes:
        – 2mm f/0.7 rectilinear ultra-mega wide angle
        – 24mm f/0.7 PC, with 90º of tilt and 90º of shift
        – 50mm f/0.035 normal, 1.5 meter front element !
        – 2000mm f/1.4 super tele, VR-X (10 stop effective), shares the 1.5 meter filters with the 50mm.


        • Alex

          maybe I should get 990 prime lenses instead! one would be 10mm f/0.1, an 11mm f/0.1….all the way up to 1000mm f/0.1 🙂

          • Wierdo

            Don’t be jealous of my 1-1000mm f.001 w/ xray vision capabilities 🙂

        • SGN

          With ” 2mm f/0.7 rectilinear ultra-mega wide angle” it would be hard to keep you out of the pictures you take!

        • preston

          FYI, lens shift is not measured in degrees.

          • d40-owner

            I know, was too sleepy writing it.
            Shift is in length. So then the uber lens is:
            – 24mm f/0.7 PC, with 90º of tilt and 10cm of shift

      • I Am Nikon

        Nikon will produce those lenses for you but there’s a catch.

        They will take your eyeballs out first.

    • The invisible Man

      I’ll take bets for:
      D900 FX with 24MP
      D550 FX with 16MP
      D90x DX with 16MP
      TS100D for the 3 sensors DX (RGB 16MP each).

  • Jabs
    • This looks more like browser vulnerability rather than a server based one. Anyway, I forward it to my security company, let’s see what they have to say.

      • Jabs

        Hey Administrator,
        The various BROWSERS infect your server or the way pages are handled and it is affecting several web sites.
        It may or may not affect you also.

        • If that’s the case, I am not sure what I can do about it – this is a browser issue and has to be fixed by Microsoft, Apple, etc. I guess I can disable all comments until they get a fix out which could take months.

  • cirtap

    BEST BUY…is a laughable place…WAY over priced products…

  • C Benson

    Or maybe it was a mistake on behave of the web designer.

  • mdevonport

    Or maybe it was a mistake on behave of the web designer.

  • Sai

    Don’t trust them. These are the same people who try to sell the d700 with the 18-200mm dx lens kit.

  • That 1 Guy

    It says both “only available online” and “sold out online”, yet it’s listed as new! Sounds good, I think I’m gonna go pick one up.

  • I think they mean “it’s new when you buy it”..haha even comes with a box!

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    Geez… by now if you believe that real “leaks” occur in stores or companies you must be really naive or want to keep the drama of this site…

    These “leaks” are developed, planned and put in motion by PR teams… they not only use it as a cheap (free) advertising ploy (every geargeek forum posts it and sites like these and from there it goes viral) they use it to measure the hype generated by said “leak” and it serves to see who are the most interested in said leak in case the marketing dept didn´t knew an specific group was craving the “leaked” product…

    I know because one of my majors is in PR :/…. A real leak of a future product may mean they could fire the whole staff at a store or the head on a sliver tray of an executive from the manufacturers rooster… how many news you see about people being fired in Target, Best Buy, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, etc. for this supposed leaks??????… NONE because they aren´t friggin real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Industrial espionage and its similars is a crime that nobody wants to face as it means that they won´t find a job anywhere in the world.. if you think a leak could occur then you must realize that the people in charge of keeping it hush hush would be charged each time a camera or lens is going to be released with criminal charges… :/ Besides Industrial espionage is something companies are REALLY worried and spend millions of bucks to avoid it and they impose severe punishments to those who do it.

    So please take your audience more seriously and use quotes when talking about fake(photoshopped) or supposedly “real leaks”…

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