Nikon D3100 is fine, but how about the D90 and D700 replacements?

Reports are pouring in from all over the world that D90 is hard to find - here are some of the emails I have been receiving in the past few days:

"I work in *** and it seems that the Nikon D90 is extremely hard to get hold of in the 18-105 kit. The only kit we can get in is the 18-55 kit."

"D90 out of stock
Got a 100% confidence that Nikon distributor here in Italy, Nital, is in "rottura di stock" (stock breaking) for the D90.
My source also added that it will become available briefly again in the middle of the next week."

"Just wanted to share what has been going on in Slovenia for the last few weeks.
When Nikon D90 came out, it was all over the place. 2 years of silence, now it's back again, extra cheaper. Also, a very big electronics site at us doesn't have them anymore and usually when something like this happens at us (50D was also advertised), a new model gets out soon."

"Our store owner is on the buyers group for a large chain in ***.  He has said the D90 is about to be replaced.  Also the D5000 and D3000 are going to be replaced with a camera that would be between them."

"Nikon D90 Removed from Sams Club
The Nikon D90 lens and camera kit has been removed from Sams Club's website. A store employee told me today that a refresh is coming soon."

Now, about the D700 replacement: I do not have any credible information that the Nikon D700 will be replaced in the next two months. This doesn't mean that it won't happen, I simply don't know yet. Here are some related tips I got in the past few days:

"I was chit chatting with a friend who work in a camera store last Friday, and he told me that the Nikon sales person has told him that there will be no D700 replacement this year but a D90 replacement  and expect to be announce soon."

"I just wanted to buy a Nikon D700 but on most big web shops it's out of stock. Also the combination kits aren't going to be restocked. Only the body has a 'in delivery at supplier' status."

The Australian retailer ECS has a note on their front page that Nikon Australia has assured them that there will be no D700 replacement in 2010. Quoting the local Nikon headquarter on their main page should give some credibility to this statement:

European Nikon reps have been repeating the same story for months now (see here and here). If Nikon introduces a D700 replacement in addition to the Nikon D3100 and the new Nikon D90, then we will have three new DSLR in short period of time. Not to mention the upcoming new lenses, Coolpix cameras and EVIL system. Not impossible, but questionable.

More rebates in Sweden: buy a D700 and get a free SB-900.

Unless I post a [NR] rating above 90% for a given rumor, everything else should be considered only as informational posts.

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  • Nadestyle

    At least in one of the last pictures, I can see more canons than nikons….

    I ll keep shooting with my D80 until the get something new with a little bit more MP and same image quality!

  • mkl


  • I live in Zurich Switzerland and had some prints made in a camera shop here. The guy asked where I took these (it was Iceland), and what sort of camera I was using. I mentioned I had a D200 but was waiting and waiting and waiting for a D700 X/S/ D800, he told me Nikon in Switzerland said all these rumors about a pending new FX are just that – rumors. He thought they would announce one or two things at Photokina, but not the long waited D700 upgrade.

    • albertus

      Will there be a cheaper (Canon 5d -25% would be reasonable) D700x (olr model, old Sony sensor, WITHOUT video??
      I buy it, immediately…

      • nobody

        I think you better expect +50% for a D700x, as compared to a 5DII.

        Video or not, a 24MP Nikon pro camera will not be cheap at all 🙁

      • I can’t imagine that it would be cheaper, my guess is a 700 x or s with higher resolution video to compete with Cannon (not that many people seem to care) or other enhancements to justify the long wait and a higher price. I am sure they are keen to capture as much revenue as possible from the early adopters. Also the closer we get to the end of the year, the less likely prices are likely to fall, its actually the start of the retail buying cycle for the holidays.
        My suggestion if you are really budget conscious is to wait until the new model is announced and then look for a marked down D700 – marketers typically will not lower the price of a camera they are about to upgrade as they want to squeeze the last drop of profit out of the line, but once an upgrade is announced, the current D700 prices should sharply fall.

  • S

    By an extent, most of us here feel tortured by Nikon. We know Nikon make excellent DSLRs, we even currently use their DSLRs, yet we’re always on the look out for the latest and greatest. I was optimistically hoping for a D900 with the d3X’s sensor, but I have a feeling that idea never existed with Nikon’s logic.

    See, I wanted a super high dynamic range, high pixel camera for my 15 day shoot in the Swiss Alps for June 2011. Realistically, I won’t get it, unless I am to pay £4800 for a D3X body alone! And unfortunately, the next generation D4/D400 likely won’t be in stores until October 2011, so, I will miss that too in light of my June trip.

    I hope Nikon can surprise us with something special in October 2010, but I won’t be holding my breath.
    Oh, by the way, can anybody tell me, since 12 mp is rather a conservative amount why Nikon couldn’t up the dynamic range in the D3S compared to the D700 & D3? Would increasing the MP by a small amount have a direct boost to dynamic range?

    best wishes

  • L

    Nikon D90 12.3MP, 3.0″ LCD,
    18-55mm & 70-300mm VR Lenses, 4GB SD Card and Camera Bag
    $1,439.99 Delivered
    After $40 OFF
    Valid through 7/31/10

  • Sorry Kimura-san, but my money is gone!

    Like many of you, I’ve been anxiously scanning the web, rumor sites and Nikon’s own site for new of a D700 upgrade. Last winter I got an unusually large and unexpected tax refund, and had a dream trip to Iceland coming in June. All the stars seemed aligned for me to get my first FX DSLR. Then months of waiting turned into last minute frenzy as the months, then weeks, then days towards my trip wound down. In the end, I took my D200 and got great shots, and, as things go, the money I had saved for a D700X/S/D800 and one or two FX lenses is now gone. That is a lot of money to have sitting idle for six months, and its gone into my house and another holiday.

    Its really quite a relief now to ‘take myself out of the game,’ I feel like the sports fan who is watching the playoff for fun now that his team has been eliminated (an easy concept for me, coming from Cleveland). If I get another big tax refund I might look at what is new next spring, but for now its a great relief to feel this pressure gone.

    Clearly Nikon’s focus now is on corporate development and pleasing investors (hence the heavy flow of news on the mid term plan and stock acquisitions). Working for a large corporation in media relations myself I can easily imagine the corporate HQ saying no major project releases while all these corporate governance activities are taking place. You can tell their media team is running out of things to talk about – just look at the most ‘recent’ news – the space shuttle bought some cameras that were released in 2009 (D3s)? – come on!

    I am sure the marketing masterminds at Nikon are hand-crafting the release date for the D700 upgrade, but it seems to me that customers are very low on their list of priorities.

  • Kingyo

    My guess is that Nikon wants to sell off the current d700 stock as much as possible before announcing its replacement. Why would they need to issue statements to stores about the d700 NOT being replaced? People will buy the d700 regardless. One thing to consider, is that the D3100 will have 1080p video w/ continuous it’s a given that the d700 replacement will have it as well. The D3100 is a good way to test out these new features in the market just before bringing them out it the anticipated replacements (d90 & d700) 🙂

  • TS Sim

    1 of the biggest camera store here in Singapore has no D700 stock since about 2 weeks ago, plenty of Canon 5DMkII though.

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