Nikon Coolpix 1000pj replacement ready for release

The Nikon Coolpix 1000pj replacement may look like this

The rumor of a Nikon Coolpix 1000pj replacement started last month (see previous posts here and here plus related patents). The new version will allow the camera to be connected to a computer and serve as an external conventional projector. Two new details surfaced up for this camera: the connection to the computer (when used as projector) will be via USB and the camera will have a touchscreen display (the previous model was not touchscreen).

FYI: Nikon was first on the market (and as of today the only manufacturer) to introduce a camera with a built-in projector.

Announcement date: few weeks away.

[NR] rating: 99%.

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  • Anonymous

    kenrockwell would want one

    • venancio

      he probably would since he’d be able to invision: “if this were in a DSLR, i won’t have to pack a computer or ipad gen2 to see if my shot is a keeper or not, or see if the settings setup for a given scene needs adjusting or fine tuning…”

  • injurytime

    NR admin, any words on new nikon flash?

    • Anonymous

      if there was news he would have shared it already 😉

  • I could find a use for this. Definitely handy. My sales people could use this for presentations in a flash. I might have pick up a few for work.

    • zzddrr

      Yeah, smarter companies ban any kinds of photo devices (includind cell phones after passing certain areas) so Fried Toast I suggest to get the 3M stand alone micro projector.

      • Well, if the sales guys were pitching an impromptu presentation at a doctor’s clinic, I don’t think there’d be any reason for them to not be able to use something like this. The smaller/more compact, the better.

        Thanks for the tip on the micro projector, tho’!

        • zzddrr

          Valid point. In the smaller company size market this Nikon could be a useful tool on the other hand, I am afraid that let’s say samsung or nokia will take the idea to the next level and add a projector to a cell phone. In that case one device would take care of everything.

          It’s off the topic but the Nokia N8 has very remarkable image quality. It clearly beats all cell phones.

      • Anonymous

        your view of who uses projectors is too narrow. it is not only used by companies having “top secret” presentations

        • zzddrr

          Anonymous – 1) You’re right not all companies are “top secret”. Of course, but it is hard to generalize based on less than 10% of cases. Indeed, this could be a very useful tool for many and all I would add to it is connectivity … perhaps Nokia or Samsung takes it to the next level.
          2) Your assumption perhaps is wrong, my view of use of these projectors is not narrow. I am an early adapter type because often these tools unlock efficiencies. Now this could be translated to profit 🙂

  • edch


    • Woody

      Projectors, hand-phones… what other silly functions is Nikon planning to incorporate in their new cameras?

      Come on… release something similar to Panasonic LX3, Canon S90, Canon G11…


    SO THE COOLPUX ARE BACK , iaaaaaa,
    some more FF (Full Face) Pure PUKE here :

    • Anonymous

      not again (*rolls eyes back into head*)

  • Bonetti

    If they are announcing 3 cameras that means there is no Replacement for the D700

    1 D3100
    2 D90 Replacement
    and this cool pix

    • WoutK89

      Coolpix dont count as “1 camera”, P&S are a different league. If it was Coolpix in the 3 cameras, we will not see any DLSRs or EVILs announced


    COOLPUX is super COOL, actually vomit is pretty warm…

    • WoutK89

      And I like to keep my breakfast inside, so thanks for too much information

      • Victor Hassleblood

        What did you have for breakfast?
        Just in case you are not going to keep it.

  • Conan

    Does it mean there is no D700 replacement?

    • WoutK89

      yes, instead of D700 replacement, you will get only Coolpixes in the coming 4 years 😉

      • Delie

        The plural of coolpix is coolpixies – doh 😉

    • Anonymous

      this question is ANNOYS me to no end

    • Victor Hassleblood

      This is it. Are you not pleased with it? Then I advice you to get the D3, D3s, D3x replacement, which is called D3 one hundred, as we know by now.

      • Conan

        lol~~~~u guys r kidding me~~

  • Zorro

    This camera will cause some sleepless nights for Canon executives.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Sweet! Eff the D700 replacement! I want a 3 lumens projector camera to ruin my Powerpoint presentations! When is the Nikon BetaMax VCR camera coming out?

    • Beeeeep

      I think they should incorporate an mp3 player into the next dslrs too.

      • NisseHult

        Yeah, and a coffeemaker too. ☺

  • cirtap

    The New Nikon Cameras:

    D3100 MP 10
    D5100 MP 12.3
    D700s MP 18
    D400 Mirrorless MP 16
    D4 Mirrorless MP 24
    D800 Mirrorless MP 32

    And IF you believe that….I have some beach front land for sale in Hawaii for 10 dollars a acre. LOL IT IS all a guessing game. and Truly no one knows….what is what. But wouldn’t it be truly something..if I truly came close in what Nikon was doing……

    • WoutK89

      especially considering a new line of full pro cameras without a mirror? Not close at all.

  • zzddrr

    Oh gosh, what the hell will do Ashton with all these Nikon crap?

    • Make TONS of money promoting it. That’s what he’ll do.

      • zzddrr

        yeah, and drive us nuts

        • On one hand, I don’t feel too badly because I don’t have to watch/listen to Ashton shill Nikon products. Haven’t seen a single ad w/ him over here in Japan.

          However, we’ve got our own shill over here. His name is Kimura Takuya. Same thing, different country. Kimura-san might be just a bit more cool than Ashton, however.


    Achton will do some Ketchup ads now

  • Gordon

    If Nikon does not intend to do something with the D700 it is completely cutting of a whole segment of of semi professional and artistic photography unlike Canon. I for one am getting feed up with this corporate arrogance. If they want to apease the point and click market. It may be the only market they will have left.

    • WoutK89

      yes, so many photographers dont even use the D700 as a camera anymore, because it fails to say “click”. IF you want to take pictures, no need to release a successor to the D700 (yet). But hey, I am only speaking in an “I take pictures without bitching what I dont have” kind of way. My D80 still says click when I expect it to, and so it still does what I want, take pictures…

  • Valadice

    Last one was horrible 🙁
    Doesn’t take nice pictures, doesn’t project it properly. What a waste of time.

  • Vladi

    No D700 upgrade in 2010. Canon and Nikon will keep their respective parts of market for themselves: 5d2 for small body high mpx, Nikon for small body high speed. This will change in 2011.
    I got this info cause I work as a geisha in one of Tokyo teahouses where Canon and Nikon presidents discuss their future plans every Friday afternoon.

    • WoutK89

      what kind of tea do they both choose? And what did the tea leaves say in Nikon’s cups?

      • It was sake, lots of sake… apparently, the D4 will inherit the latest technologies from the Coolpixes.. like touch-screen, voice command, fingerprint security access to cards, camera-to-camera control, camera-iphone-ipad interface,wire-less video streaming, and full water and weather sealing.

  • seems like what i have been seeing from nikon recently are coolpixes…

  • chris.evans

    can it take a photo while projecting, this is the question!

  • Makoto Kimura


    • Leave me out of this.

      • Iceman

        All CAPS…that’s harsh

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Eggs, beans, mushrooms and tomatos too please.
      And some orange juice. Did I mention tea?

  • Nicole

    Something must be happening soon in the Coolpix line. The brochures cannot be downloaded today from Nikon’s website. (All 3 variants just give a page not found message.)

  • Bart

    Lol , Canon will shit their pants if they see this beast..
    COME ON NIKON ! Wheres that god damn D700 , D90 and D3000 replacement ?!

  • Click

    The “Natives” are really getting restless here !!!! Someone may have a need or use for this but seriously, will this sell in any numbers or volume?

    The weekly “Rumors” started off fast and furious and then this… YAWN !!! Boring !!!

  • Zblorg


    1. Take a photo of a skeleton, or maybe heart surgery
    2. Put on White shirt
    3. Project photo on self in dark room!

    SHAZAM! That is why we all need this camera!

  • John

    The Nikon 1000PJ is one of the biggest commercial flops ever for a P & S Camera. Sales numbers probably 1/18 of any other nikon p & s.

    • Source of data for this? Very well may be true. Or maybe not. Have numbers to back up this statement?

  • Kensmokecrakrockwell

    Screw ashton.If i see him in the streets im gonna slap the SH*T out of him. And them tell him to make me a peanut butter and jelly samwich. I prefer the canon wopershots over this sh*tpix. No conex for external flash? Junk it. Now. External holographic projection????!!!?? Help me obi wan kenobi …my balls hurt!!! I”ll keep shooting with my d300 thank you. ISO 3200 would be nice.YEAH RIGHT……Maybe ashton could fry that bread for the samwich after he gains conscience from the gratuitous backhand pimp-slap.

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