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  • Jabs

    Those are some great shots of Earth.

    • Ditto

    • GlobalGuy

      The auroras were perfect. And the mountains and cityscape amazing.

  • NikoDoby

    Of course I knew all those 5 things about Nikon! Too easy 🙂

  • Kevin

    the wireless monitor is a steal!

  • longtimenikonshooter

    So they don’t shoot Hasselblad in space no more?

    • Eric Pepin

      I wouldnt be surprised if they still do for limited applications, but when you have a D3X and 300 f2.8 lens on hand it already destroys anything that was used to shoot the moon landings by a large large large marging drum scanned or not.

  • nikonbeliever

    Thanks admin for the link. Those pictures of earth from space are great!
    The oil spill is so massive. I wonder how many square miles the spill is. Wow!

  • The invisible Man

    The Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM FLD PDC GTH K LD USD BWX MYX UIM ZSQ VXR TC KN seems to be a very cool lens !
    But I wonder if it also does FUOC (for use on cameras).

  • Not again! I will look into this.

    • Can you clear your browser cache and cookies and try again – maybe this was cached from the last time we had this problem? Thanks.

      • Anybody else experiencing the same issue (different names is displayed when posting a comment)?

        • The invisible Man

          Yes !
          Mine was already filled with “The visible Man”
          Just kidding, no problems here (so far…)

        • The problem is not wide spread – only some readers are experiencing it.

      • Jabs

        Hey Administrator,
        Maybe you ask them to SCROLL BACK and erase the data in their post AFTER they post it – until you fix this issue.

      • GlobalGuy

        Do you have a link to the problems? (Trouble-shooting discussion). I believe your readers might be able to help you. We could mass-email the host and ask them to fix/research the problem.

        • Now the hosting company is saying that is not their problem. Anyway, I have a subscription with a security company (sucuri.net) and they are currently working on cleaning it up.

  • JorPet

    Reading through this and seeing someone posting under my ID.

    Kinda creepy, you know

    (the Real JorPet)

    • GlobalGuy

      Just be glad there is no monetary account associated with it. Otherwise, they’d probably have your credit card number.

  • Magnuss

    boing again admin

  • Yes, my webhost confirmed that there is a problem – they are not sure where the source is from, but it is a network-wide and not specific to NikonRumors. I will contact again sucuri.net who cleaned it up the last time.


  • I may temporary disable the comments until this is fixed.

  • Dweeb

    Here is one more Administrator,
    Me (Jabs) posting as this person.
    It seems to happen when I CLEAR my cache and then go to your Home Page and then also clear my cache and then CLICK on the comments, then again clear my cache on the comments page.

    • Dweeb

      Wow cool. You really want to be a Dweeb too?

  • Dweeb

    Like I said here earlier, the use of the D3X (not necessarily by Nasa) started several months ago around the delivery of the Kibo lab mission or before. I have no idea why Nasa bought D3s instead of D3X. Like me they probably can’t afford it.

    • GlobalGuy

      Low-light shots. Sorry, but they are moving quite fast in space, pixels alone won’t be best for anything in shadows. You need to be able to capture as much light as possible in as short of a time as possible. Anything in direct sunlight, however, would take the D3x.

    • Just a Thought

      Since the space station is not shielded against cosmic radiation, the smaller pixels on the D3X might be impacted more than the larger pixels found in the D3S hence NASA went with the D3S. I wonder how long it takes for radiation to eventually fry the sensors?

  • OK I contacted the “clean up” company (sucuri.net) – waiting on their response. I don’t think this exploit is caused by weak security of NR, it seems that it got distributed trough the hosting company (I contacted them as well, waiting on an answer).

  • T140Rider

    I was wondering if Nikon would skip the D4/D400 numbering.
    In many Asian societies 4 is an unlucky number.
    I know there was the F4 & F401 but many companies skip product numbering that begins with a 4.

    What do NR readers think?

    • Victor Hassleblood

      I just can’t picture Nikon being that superstitious. Would be really annoying and quite a change of mind too. You said it yourself, 4 has been used before and I still have two F4s somewhere. Nice cameras at their time. Can’t wait to see a D4.

      • Jabs

        You both forgot the Nikon 4004 AF camera – LOL!

      • Eric Pepin

        The question is, will there be a D7. The F line lasted barely to the F6 but realistically in pro terms to the F5. We are already approaching the D4. 4 years after that the D5…

        kinda odd to think about.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        So let’s call ’em Paranoiasonic from now on, shall we?

  • nikonbeliever

    (This is D40-owner)
    I am seeing the problem, this time the Name is filled as “nikonbeliever”, and I can see his email too.

    Interestingly, this never happened while I used Firefox at home or at work, but I am now at a friend’s house with IE8 and it happened.
    Could it be IE?

  • The invisible Man

    That look like what I had last week, my files been renamed & deleted.
    I did not appened again after I updated Windows security.

  • The invisible Man

    Hi Admin, just wanted to mention that I’ve never posted here before so I’ve never entered any Name/Email at all. (Not The Invisible Man)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Administrator,
    Back to being logged in as you!

    Jabs here.

    Could it be SCRIPT related as in Java Script???

    says – Logged in as [NR] admin. Log out?

    • No, it’s a some kind of malware that injects spam link into the site. The problem is that I am not sure how it’s coming to the site – I have taken all security recommendations.

      • I think it just takes the name of the last person who commented. I could never recreate it on my Mac – I tried with 4 different browsers.

      • Jabs

        Hey Administrator,
        There is cross site scripting.
        There also is a possibility of a malware link in your ADS,too.
        Sometimes, I notice that the name that shows up has not commented here and also when I go to a new subject (like the Coolpix Projector one) that a name shows up that has not posted at all there.
        Why I mentioned scripting issues, is that I use NO-Script in Firefox. How come then when I post, my name does not show up as other posters?
        Could someone be bringing a malware infected computer here also?

  • zzddrr

    Hey Administrator,
    I just tested your theory about the malware taking the name of the last poster.
    I posted as ZZDDRR in the comments on the Coolpix Projector camera area and now the name and email info on ZZDDRR, showed up here when I clicked on comments in this area.

  • the problem is not persistent and is not showing for everyone every time (I guess this is the good news)

  • venancio

    Hi Admin,
    Just got home, and the problem is now showing here too, and using Firefox in WinXP.

    (This is D40-owner posting)

  • Click

    WOW, those were some excellent shots from space !!!!!! NASA has all the “toys”…

  • Luke

    hmmm my mac seems to work fine…

  • Luke

    P.S I need my fix of D90 Rumours! Im dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just a Thought

    Is that a NEW Nikon in space??
    Goto http://englishrussia.com/index.php/2010/07/14/russian-astronaut-shooting-earth/

    Scroll down to the photo with heading Weighting in weightlessness – has a guy doing some kind of exercise. In that photo check the left side. There is a huge lens with a camera, both attached to the wall. Look closely at the camera. Do ya recognize it? Better grab the photo before it gets pulled off the inet. Hint – it’s not a new Zorki.

    • not sure – it looks like mirrorless… I’ll ask around on twitter

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