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Happy Birthday Nikon D700!

Today the Nikon D700 is 3 years old (announced on July 1st, 2008). Happy Birthday D700! A quick look at Nikon’s website confirms that the D700 is currently the oldest DSLR camera in their lineup (even the already replaced D90 was announced after the D700). It is still hard for me to believe that a […]

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Nikon prices going up

I received several reports that the prices of some Nikon equipment went up in the last few days. Few of the mentioned items are: Nikon D300s body only (current prices: B&H $1529.95, Adorama $1599.00, Amazon $1449.00) Nikon D700 body only (current prices: B&H 2699.95, Adorama $2599.00, Amazon $2399.95) Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens (current prices: B&H: 2299.00, […]

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Nikon D700 slowly disappearing while being discounted


The last report I received is that Nikon Australia is also out of D700 bodies and they do not expect any new shipments. Some Nikon D700 cameras are listed as clearance at Jessops (UK) Few weeks ago I reported that Nikon’s warehouses in Canada have been out of D700 since early December. Vistek stores in Toronto […]

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Rumor: Nikon Canada is out of D700


The rumor is that Nikon’s warehouses in Canada have been out of D700 since early December. They have no indication if any new shipments are on the way.

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Nikon D90, D700 out of stock at BestBuy’s district warehouse

I would expected the Nikon D90 to be out of stock, but why the D700? Both bodies are listed as 0 inventory in one of the district warehouses, which serves around 400-600 BestBuy stores. The out of stock date for the D90 is September 7th, 2010 and for the D700 is August 3, 2010:

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Nikon D700 out of stock @ B&H

Nikon D700 is currently out of stock @ B&H. This is either a regular supply shortage or really good timing on Nikon’s part. It will be interesting to monitor the availability in the next few days/weeks. Nikon shortages are usually for new products – the Nikon D700 is already 2 years old. In addition, the […]

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Another report that Nikon D700 is no longer available

This is not the first time to report that the Nikon D700 is being phased out and and is no longer available for order in certain locations (see here and here). There is a another report from dpeview from few days ago about Cameta Camera not be able to order any new D700: “I struck up […]

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