Nikon School also doesn’t list the D700

Maybe just another typo, but the Nikon School US website doesn't include the D700 camera:

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  • Interesting. I think the D700 replacement is nigh.

    • Matt

      I just hope it doesn’t cost $3499, like Thom Hogan expects it could!

      • KT

        Well, if it inherits the 24 MP sensor from the D3x and come with an updated AF system as widely rumored and have HD video, how much do you expect it would cost, even at 3499 it would be a steal.

        • Rob

          For the D3x sensor maybe. For the D3s sensor, it’s not that hot. A week or so ago Nikon had the 10% off store coupon. If they let you use that on their ~$4300 D3s, it’d be ~$3870 for a full size camera with the same sensor.

      • MattC

        no joke! although many of us will gladly bend over just to have it asap! (myself included)

        • Charlie Martin

          Just keep standing up. I have a “Just Say No to Crack” Policy. Will at my LCS today, the stores Nikon expert indicated that they have the D4 on order. I mentioned the D700 and he had the ” Loose Lips Sink Ships” attitude and switched the subject back to the D4.

  • kyoshinikon

    It doeslist the discontinued D90 though…

    • John M

      Probably because there is still a lot of D90 inventory out there. The same can’t be said for the D700.

    • Carsten

      and the SB-600 … D700 the unwanted child?

  • D40-owner

    It’s actually very simple to have a winner body to replace the D700:
    – Call it D700s
    – Sensor: same as D3s
    – Video: 60p, full manual controls
    – Drive/mode/AF dials as in D7000

    That’s it. No other change needed.
    I would buy that camera in a heart beat.

    • Jeremy

      As would I. Wouldn’t need to buy another until the D800s came out, 4 years from now.

    • JonMcG

      This would be nearly enough, it needs to have dual card slots similar to the D7000. Having a backup card going constantly or just additional space is critical. But I agree, your feature list + dual cards and I’m sold…

      • Dexter0508

        maybe a SD and CF combo will work nice

    • Daniel

      I don’t think so. Still using 12mp sensor will not make any sense.

      • Rob

        Why not? Prints aren’t getting larger, so if you’re a print photographer and 12MP suited you 3 years ago, it will always suit you.

      • Landscape Photo


        I’m not interested with a 12mp D700s. I own a D700 and its high-iso response is plenty enough.

        Even the DX D7000 is 16mp. FX has much more room for 24mp.

        • D700 will not have D3s sensor in it. They would have trouble selling it. Any of us that own a D700 are going to trip over ourselves in the rush to get a D800 with these extras (video and more iso which very few of us use now, I personally have never shot over 800)yeah right, why would we do this? hello!! Would we not just get a d3s at the same price once the D4 is announced. That way we are guaranteed to have a 100%vf + dual CF.

          • Gerry

            Well if you have never shot over iso800… then why does nikon even make anything with something over 800? Since you dont use high ISO, then I am sure that nobody else does.

          • Evaldo

            Birdwatchers do need more than 800 in forest.
            Higher Mpixels means a higher zoom! Not a joke with the 7000 we can have for the same crop size (usually 1024 wide) a higher – zoom – effect.

      • kyoshinikon

        Ive printed 40x60in with a 10mpx image…

  • texajoe

    Then they better start teaching us about the D800!

  • Nathan

    Maybe we woke up in an alternate universe where the D700 didn’t really exist.

  • JonMcG

    Yeah, not sure what to make of this considering they are listing the SB-600 and not the SB-700 but I think we’re getting more and more sure there is going to be a D700 replacement made known in the next two weeks… Man, I can’t believe how anxious I am to know! Seriously, like a kid here on Christmas eve..

  • Aldo

    well… I think it’s meaningless since I can see the discontinued SB-600 flash in this list.

  • You people are killing me. lol

    I’ve had a bank account with cash full and just waiting for the #$@#$) D700 replacement… if it’s a D700s I’m pretty much going to jump in front of a truck. lol

    Nikon needs to seriously move on from the 12MP stuff… not that pixels are all that matters, but we’ve been on 12MP sensors in so many of their cameras for how long now?

    • Dan

      +1, my accounts full and waiting for a camera, if they bring out a D700s i will be racing you to jump in front of that truck

  • Landscape Photo

    We may possibly face one of the 4 scenarios for dSLR announcements on 24th of August:

    * 18mp D4 (having a “balanced” & iso-improved perfect sensor plus all the bells and whistles of a flagship body) & 20-24mp D800 (new sensor or an improved version of D3x sensor), D400 will come next year

    * D4 & D400 (because Sony will unlikely allow the rumored 24mp A77 sensor at the same time, Nikon may probably re-use 16mp sensor of D7000, 24mp on DX is anyway unnecessary), D800 will come next year with the same 18mp sensor of D4

    * D4 & an entry level FX concept, smaller than D700 with basic controls, using 12mp sensor from D3s, D800 & D400 will come next year

    * D4-only dSLR, D800 & D400 will come next year

    The first 2 options are the most plausible ones however.

  • I would not read too much into this as maybe the web person who did the update just skipped or missed the D700 for the school? Then again I have heard of some software issues with this model.

  • Where’s the SB-800?

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