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Nikon will be the main sponsor for Dario Franchitti of the Indy Car series in this weekend race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The race will be broadcast by ABC on Sunday at 3:00pm. Franchitti is currently the points leader. Here are some images of the car and corresponding links for more info:

Source: Indycar

Source: Catchfence

Source: Autosport

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  • FrancoDMD

    YAY this is my rumor, now I feel important 🙂

  • Ric

    It has begun. 🙂

  • R R

    I wonder if it has vibration reduction? maybe Silent Wave 12 cylinder motor! and Nano Crystal spoilers? go Nikon! 😉

  • JPC

    they chose the right guy to sponsor, dario is last year’s champ and has led all practice sessions for the up coming race. best of all, he’s married to actress Ashley Judd who regularly attends the races giving Nikon the “extra mileage” media wise

  • Craig

    If you photograph this car with a Canon, does the camera blow up?

    • jg

      Nope, the car has a special coating on it that prevents it from appearing on Canon sensors. The photo editors will see blank race track in the images they receive from the shooters at the track. The shooters will blame Canon. When Nikon announces a new D4 in a couple of weeks, numerous Canon pros convert to the D4.

  • Pitty he doesn’t drive the 4 car.

  • rhlpetrus

    Hmm, I didn’t like the way they painted it. Should have been silver with black/yellow details. Just MO.

  • Awesome! Always love Dario!

  • After reading this here I went to his website and Nikon isn’t even listed as a sponsor– obviously there is some sort of deal made, but I think it is a one-off type of thing. Too bad! I have tickets for the Vegas race in October and I would LOVE to take some pictures of the Nikon car.

  • DrDMD

    I may be going to the race, if I do, I’ll make sure to take a few pics!

    • send some pictures over if you don’t mind

  • Worminator

    So is this a one race sponsorship? If so then the timing is … significant?

    That’s a huge chunk of cash, you’d only spend it if you are planning to follow up with something really important in terms of product.

  • Tom Rockwell

    wonder what Canon’s car looks like

  • Joe

    Awesome…..but the Canon already involved in F1 so so many year.

    • -_MCFM_-

      yes,but only as side sponsor,not main sponsor as nikon with dario

  • DVX

    Lets not forget that Canon was in F1 for many years with Williams:

  • Joel

    Honda and Nikon, my two favourite companies!

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