Nikon prices going up

I received several reports that the prices of some Nikon equipment went up in the last few days. Few of the mentioned items are:

Some of the reports came from outside the US. I would not be surprised if most of Nikon products go back to their MSRP. Expect also additional shortages in the next few months for some of the popular models that are produced in Japan.

Update: the new Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G is now in stock at Amazon for $1999 (sold by third party, original price was $1,699.95).

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    Ouuu shet!

    • The invisible man


      I planned to get my 14-24mm f/2.8 this summer, I checked the prices and bought it right away, B&H and Adorama are “temporary out of stock” and the prices went up quickly on that lens.

      I have a felling that we won’t see the D800/900 anytime soon (or with several months delay in availability).

      • WoutK89

        You mean, as was already expected/rumored, in the end of this year at the earliest? I dont really think much has changed in the plans, or we would have already seen it by now.

        • texasjoe

          D700 refurb is $2150 on nikons website. My D700 is a refurb and couldn’t tell the difference when I got it. It was like brand spanking new.

          • Panfruit

            That’s quite a good deal. You can’t go wrong with Nikon refurbs. My refurb d300 is still pumping strong after nearly 2yrs.

    • The invisible man

      In less than 2 days the 14-24mm f/2.8 from B&H whent from $1785 to $1799 and now $1829 !

      This is crazy !

      I got mine Sunday at $1875 from Adorama (I canceled my order at RitzCameras who was $1999 Sunday).

      • north

        This makes me happy I picked up the lens a few years ago when it was still selling for ~$1400

      • The invisible man

        I meant I paid mine $1785 from Adorama, sorry.

  • CFH

    Best price for 300s body in UK is £993.00 and that includes 20% tax. That is the equivalent of $1327 without the tax

  • Banned

    That was so expected. Glad I purchased the lens I wanted as soon as I heard about the earthquake.

    • mpb

      Yep, good for you. Really sounds like you have your priorities straight.

      • preston

        What are you getting at? That he’s a bad person for buying a lens? Because for some reason if he even thinks about his own needs during a time of crisis for another country then he is a selfish amoral person. Gimme a break.

        • Anton

          There is a proverb:
          War is war, but lunch is on time.

          • Global

            Lunch supplements the troops.

            Man pays for lens instead of waiting 3 months. Nikon made liquid money. Liquid money in the form of Y100M is giving by Nikon to help the tsunami victims.

            Seems win-win to me.

        • mpb

          I don’t necessarily think he is a bad person, though I do think he is incredibly smug and a little out of touch. You just have to wonder about someone who’s first thought after the disaster is “oh crap, better get that lens” and then expects some kind of pat on the back for his piercing foresight.

    • JorPet

      I just had my two new lenses (on that list) and D7000 show up yesterday.

      I would send both back in a heartbeat if it would undue what happened in Japan. Sadly, nothing will do that, so I choose to send money to the Red Cross for use in helping out where they can.

  • gt

    As much as I feel for Japan, no one in their right mind should purchase these cameras at these prices. They’re just not reasonable in the context of the DSLR market. $2700 for a D700 body only?

    • i think anyone in the market for a D700 is going to pass with this prices and wait for the new camera to be released, that if they arent in a hurry.

      • Was just about to get a second d700 as I can’t wait until wedding season is basically over before the d700 successor is announced. Now with this price increase my dillemma is REALLY starting to suck, not sure what to do…

        • gt

          Buy one used or wait. It just doesn’t make sense to spend $2700 on one of these. The successor will literally be $0 – $500 more in all likelihood.

          • Willem

            Wait, for what? They probably have something else on their mind then releasing a new model as scheduled…

            • Global

              Nikon may be trying to set the price-point for the D800. If D700 is $2,600 — then it can far more easily justify D800 at $3,000~$3,500.

              By the way, I bought my D700 for about $2,250. So this is huge inflation given the world events and markets. One could only advise someone to look out for the Canon 5DMIII (3) if Nikon sets prices over the $3,000 level.

        • If you’re a pro, adjust your prices accordingly. Hobbyists are the ones who realistically are most affected.

          • JorPet

            That was my comment in the previous thread. If it puts money in your pocket, then it is worth it. If it is just a hobby (as in my case) you wait.

            As for the price difference, I would be very surprised if the D700 replacement doesn’t come out at $3,500. Some due to the increase in the value of the yen and some due to the increase in technology and some due to inflation.

            • Global

              Are there any statistics on Hobbyists vs. Working Use of D700 owners? I would be curious. I know the D3 line is almost exclusively pro, but for some reason I feel the D700 is mostly hobbyists.

              Could be wrong.

        • I’m in the same boat as you.
          I was waiting on the D700 successor but after what has happened I didn’t know what to do.
          I ended up getting a D70s and hope I never have to use it. Then resell it when the successor comes out.

      • Steve

        Who knows how long it will be until Nikon ships their full frame replacements now?

        My sister had a difficult time a few years ago buying a new computer. Every few months a new model with better features came out. She kept waiting and waiting.

        At some point you have to jump into the technology/product river. I think some people who were waiting for a D700 successor, are going to buy one now, and enjoy shooting with it for the next year +

      • Geoff_K

        Absolutely, I would not pay the past prices with the new camera possibly out this year. No way would I pay more for it. I can make due with what I have until the release its replacement.

    • Chris

      I expect these price increases are from retailers not Nikon

      • WoutK89

        yups, otherwise they would go back to all prices along the web being equal, as each retailer has their own price still, I dont see anything Nikon did.

      • JorPet

        These prices are just going to MSRP in most cases. Nothing wrong with that, especially when there may be no replacing the stock on hand for months.

      • gt

        Except for the part where the Nikon Store is charging $2700 for a D700 as well

        • JorPet

          MSRP for the D700 is $2,699.95, D300s is $1,699.95 and the D7000 is 1,199.95.

          For the lenses MSRP is:
          14-24 is $1,999.95
          24-70 is $1,889.95
          70-200 is $2,399.95

          Just because they have been discounted by the retailers doesn’t mean the MSRP has dropped that low.

          • Global

            If the major stores create the SENSE of low-supply, then they can virtually create a “bank run” and scare people into buying sooner at higher prices. That’s a scam.

            Nikon should have a 3 month supply and will be able to keep producing cameras. There is not ONE piece of evidence that Nikon won’t be able to manufacture enough D700s — especially given that demand has been so low in wait of the D800.

            If the major retailers coordinate and concentrate their efforts, they can create the bank panic effect when there is no panic and where there is no scarcity!

            That’s a kind of collusion to set prices, which is an anti-competitive practice and violates the trust of the public while taking advantage of a tragic event.

            On the other hand, let’s wait and see and no need to rush judgement based on one or two days.

            • gt

              yeah it’s kinda unclear what drove them to immediately increase prices. It’s clearly speculative / profit driven. It’s not a short supply issue – not yet anyway

      • D700guy

        Most likely, but then again it has to do with available supply verses demand.
        In any situation, that alone dictates prices.
        So, given the ability of Nikon to provide the vendors with products, it would make sense that a retailer would raise prices. When that retailer’s stock is exhausted, it makes no revenue.

        • Global

          Thats wrong. You are leaving out speculation and collusion of major retailers to hike prices while promoting a vision of scarcity where there is none.

          Consider gasoline prices — there is NO SCARCITY of gasoline.

          But it is $4.00/gallon when it was $3.00/gallon 6 months ago, why? Because speculators drove up costs artificially and the news has been a useful idiot in promotion of a vision of scarcity where there is NONE.

          Thus, even if there were an infinite supply of D700, these retailers could act in a way that drove up prices and psychology would push buyers to purchase “before i can’t get one!!”

          • JorPet

            Well, you fail at Economics, but other than that, just keep going.

            The D700 has been in pretty tight supply over the last couple of months. B&H was out of them for two weeks prior to the quake, not sure how Adorama was doing during that time. Many places around the world have been stating that there was little or no stock available and pointing to that “proving” the replacement was due out soon. In reality it appears that Nikon does not create an excess of their pro bodies, preferring to create just enough to satisfy known demand.

            Now that the quake has cut the supply lines and possibly stopped production for the foreseeable future. It is entirely possible that all available stock is spoken for. If you didn’t have a shipment on the way pre-quake, you may not being seeing one for months.

  • It would be good if this price increase goes to the earthquake victims.

    • Johnson

      Nikon Japan is donating 100m Yen to the Red Cross Japan. They are doing something.

      • gt

        for the curious: that’s about $1,235,000 in american dollars

      • Del-Uks

        Canon gave twice as much… whatever it means.

        • preston

          Canon makes OVER twice as much. . . whatever it means.

        • preston

          This is not a generosity competition. I am happy that so many companies and individuals are helping in whatever way they can.

          • gt

            its not a competition but it does highlight some of the problems nikon shooters inherit because of nikon’s smaller size.

            canon could probably handle a few of their factories being knocked out without passing the price increase on to their customers. They are subsidized by the diversity of products they make

            • Global

              Just as an expansion on the above person’s comment, I highly doubt Canon could handle a few factories being knocked out. Canon does not make more significantly more cameras than Nikon. And they are not immune to the social effects of such a disaster. Thus, their damage would be relatively equal to Nikon.

              As a conglomerate, Canon would be more survivable. But its camera division is equally vulnerable.

          • PJS

            You are right – it’s not a contest. It would be nice if everyone here would donate a little (or a lot!). The Red Cross is here:

            Most likely tax deductable for those who care…

        • Mark

          DEL-Uks: And how much did you donate?

      • JorPet

        For US AT&T wireless customers, you can text “redcross” to 90999 to donate $10 through your cell phone to help them address the current issues in Japan.

        You can read about donating to the Red Cross through ATT on the ATT site here.

        ATT is also waiving all international charges to Japan from the US if you have friends or family there. Check out this link on that:|consumer

        • JorPet

          Just an update to say that the text donations have allowed the US Red Cross to send a $10,000,000 donation to the Japan Red Cross. These groups are excellent at getting emergency food and shelter were it is needed most.

  • Johnson

    The D700 is still staying on $AUD2195 in Australia ATM and only some pro lenses’ price have gone up a little bit for about $60-$100.

  • I’m glad I purchased my D300s when I did. It will be interesting to see how much the prices will increase for the next year or so. One thing is almost certain, Nikon will need the cash-flow so the low prices and rebates will be coming to an end.

    • gt

      Ironically, nikon prices have been higher than average already. certainly higher than canon and sony equivalents. An across the board, sustained price increase is going to put a major bullet in nikon’s market share – which by all accounts has been slipping in favor of sony even as it stands

      • Geoff_K

        If they squeeze we amateurs with disposable income too hard, there are other camera’s out there that take wonderful images. /shrugs

        • gt

          ultimately, that may be what it comes down to. If people want to shoot DX and have no prior camera equipment, I usually recommend pentax to them now-a-days. It’s the only DX system with a full range of appropriate glass

  • D700guy

    I noticed that the 35mm 1.4G is back in stock at B&H today.
    That wont last.

  • Greg

    In Canada I see the price is still under $2200 for the D700. If it is Nikon raising the price I can somewhat understand it but if it is the retailer, like Adorama, B&H or Amazon it just goes to show they will take advantage of others misery. I would never buy from them because of this business practice.
    I can’t see Nikon raising their prices because Canon is their main competitor and Canon did not receive damage to their plants. Nikon will lose business to Canon if they made such a move. I can see them lowering their price to compensate customers and reward them for staying loyal. (I can’t believe I said that)

    • Where in Canada? Here in Victoria, BC, the cheapest I’ve found is $2299.

  • gt

    It feels like July, 2008 and the D700 was just released!

    • Global

      The D700 — now with upgraded Nostaligia Price!

  • I was planning on ordering a d700 with a 24-70 2.8 and had it in my shopping cart at b&h for weeks. Went to order yesterday and saw the price had gone up $300. Checked on Adorama last night and it was still at the reduced price, so I made the purchase quickly. This morning prices were up $300!!

  • Joaquim

    Well a Nikon D700 Body only in Brazil cost at least R$7500 which divided by U$1,70 (our dollar commercial currency) cost about U$4.400. I guess everyone is luckier than me! 🙁

    • Global

      Why don’t you get on a plane (buy ticket in low-price times) and buy one in the United States directly in dollars?? Or buy one USED here (there are many). You can buy a used one for $1,800~2,000, used.

      Then you can photograph your vacation trip, as well!

  • Common this will only harm these retailers in the end .

    • gt

      How so? The retailers only have a limited number of cameras and they know they won’t have anymore for a while. They’re going to charge top dollar for those because they know some people will pay.

      I think ultimately this hurts Nikon more than it hurts retailers — even if Nikon isn’t the one demanding these prices

      • Global

        Baseless speculation.

        There are plenty of D700 — supply is not empty. The retailers only say this because they want to drive up prices.

        Just like gas prices — we have a SURPLUS of supply, in fact, but retailers raise the price based on speculation. Taking even more margin based on fear as well (Saudi Arabia said it will pump out more gas even if supplies did fall somehow magically).

  • Distanted

    I think this is just the beginning of what we can expect, the third largest economy just went off-line…the welfare of a lot of nations rests on the speed with which the Japanese are able to recover.

  • fredflash

    What about the D7000 – will the price go up? Or are only the professional bodies affected? Has anyone an idea?

    • broxibear

      As far as I know all the DX bodies come from the Thailand plant, the only effect there might be is if the sensors are made in Japan then sent to Thailand for assembly ?
      Here in the UK the D7000 prices have been falling since release, it was £1100 but now the body is around £890.

      • farettig

        The d300s is a dx body

        • broxibear

          Yeah I know, maybe the reason for it’s price increase has nothing to do with direct production and shipping costs since it’s made in Thailand ?
          I’ve never understood some of the pricing policies, amazon seems to change their prices day to day… I bought a SB900 from them for £280 (the same price as the SB700), the day after it went up to £330 ?

  • Anna Seed

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a the D700 continue in the Nikon line up after the new model is out at a lower price than the new model like the D90.

  • be happy with what you have
    the prices have and will go up even more and the wait
    i am waiting for a new lens with all the delays i can save my dollars

  • JW

    just picked up a new 85G today from an authorized dealer for 1699 US. Dealer said his nikon rep expects some major shortages and he shouldn’t plan on getting any of these limited items for some time…. glad I got mine today….

  • Joe

    wow, and I felt bad for paying $1800 for a 70-200 VRII….

  • Danbar

    The D3100 also took a nice hit also to 599.00 from B&H. This was coming to be my wife’s camera, but she feels that $600.00 is just a bit much at this time. Should have pulled the trigger last week!!!!!!…what a chump.

  • I paid $2600 for my D700 two and a half years ago…

    …but don’t get me wrong, it’s the best camera I’ve ever used for the money. Still is.

    I really need a second to replace my D300s…

  • Oh, and I paid $1350 for my 14-24 two years ago… new.

    • gt


    • gt

      for the record, that was a wtf of envy / disbelief at the current situation we find ourselves in.

  • Ah, crappy. But understandable.
    I just bought me a 17-55 f2.8 last night.

  • CRojas

    I believe the retailers are the ones that are taking advantage of the situation. Shortages on these products are merely speculation and they are betting on that. I was saving to purchase a 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII this summer, but it’ll wait until normalcy is reestablished and prices get back down.

  • Kestutis

    In Europe prices are still low relatively, for example in Poland D700 about 1750 Eur and D3s about 4000Eur and in many places it is in stock. I think it’s all about currency, because USD fell a lot to JPY in these days.

  • What are your thoughts on purchasing through NextTag? I see ads for this site everywhere. Some of the smaller companies that sell a D700 new for $1879? I don’t know much about online purchasing (people always tell me that it’s cheaper), I just don’t know who to trust. The lower price tag is tempting, but I can’t help but feel that will come with issues.

    • Rory

      Scams and grey market. Bigger risk, bigger reward.

      • Global

        A new D700 does not sell for less than $2000 — do not buy.

        • Thanks for the heads up!

          I’ll save the extra and make sure to go through someone reputable 🙂

          How do those companies stay in operation if they aren’t credible?

  • Analyst

    Yeah, currency, and supply and demand. Seems like there’s never enough Nikon gear to go around, whereas Canon and Sony are practically flooding the market with their gear.

    Nikon is really in trouble guys. I mean, think of any successful company – are they constantly running out of stock of virtually everything they make? Are new products repeatedly delayed? Are their prices unpredictable and always fluctuating?

    Heck no. That’s no way to run a business! Unless you want to run a business into the ground…

    • Global

      They just gave $1.5M to the tsunami victims — do you think they are THAT hurting? If they were facing collapse, they would have used that money to save their employee’s jobs or build a new factory.

      Nikon will be fine. Keep buying.

      Remember what the U.S. Govt asked us after 9/11 — keep shopping? That was ANNOYING, but its true. Don’t take this as an excuse to not buy. Your purchase keeps a country that is our ally going. Its not enough to donate to a Red Cross. You need to keep industry moving. That’s where people have jobs. The Red Cross only offers food, medicine and temporary shelter. In three months, its more important to have a job.

      If U.S. retailers are profiteering, they should be ashamed. And no, its not a supply and demand issue. Its an ethical issue. If they raise prices when they have supply ON HAND then they sell to less people less quickly. Selling to fewer people, less quickly, means that Nikon and other japanese companies are less liquid. Being less liquid means they are less able to support their economy.

      So, yes, this is an economic and ethical issue — US companies should keep their prices down. If Japanese companies need a little extra margin, let them take it, but don’t even pretend for half a second that B&H or Adorama are going to go out of business and somehow how need more margin. They might raise prices a bit — $50 bucks here and there, but not more.

  • Rory

    For those of you crying foul at the retailers for raising the prices, let me ask you this. Let’s propose you were going to have surgery (non-life threatening), and wouldn’t be able to work for two months after that. It is a week until your surgery, and there are many companies clamoring to have you work that one week for them. Would you not try to get more money?

    What about if your company was going out of business, and they offered you more money for your final week? Would you not take it?

    It is simple supply and demand. They will not be able to sell pro and pro-sumer level cameras from Nikon for quite a while. I realize these two stores make a good amount of money w/o Nikon and other suppliers out of Japan; however, they are a business. They aren’t a non-profit organization created to give you good deals on camera equipment.

    • Global

      Not everything is supply and demand. And so far there is plenty of supply, so this argument is getting boring and just being manipulated to support an increase.

      If Nikon takes extra margin because of its donations or if Japans taxes increase because of a national crisis or something similar, then, yes, price increases are justified.

      But if its just stingy companies across the sea using their retailing LEVERAGE in the market to profiteer, then that would be horrible and disgusting, becuase it could actually hurt the frequency and volume of sales in the mid-run and would thereby harm the victims by providing for less liquid support.

      Some retailers might be counting on NORMALIZATION within a short period — thereby scooping up as much fake supply shortage purchases as possible in the short run.

      When there are NO MORE D700, then we’ll say there is a shortage. Right now, however, there is an oversupply!

  • Scoobysmak

    Well I admit I was going to wait until summer to order my 14-24 2.8, I was looking for a rebate they might offer on either a D300s replacement or a D700 replacement with the lens (but will need the lens before the end of summer). I just bit the bullet and ordered my stuff Sunday and got a D7000 with it. I figure after this, either the 14-24 will be out of stock for a while and/or neither replacement will appear anytime soon (much less be available for purchase).

    The D7000 while not exactly what I wanted will do fine. If I can get accustomed to a few different things from my D700 might not even get a D300 replacement but if I still want a D300 replacement can sell the D7000 down the road. My only problem now is the D7000 is on back order, I hope none of the parts used are made in japan (well at least for the moment).

    • gt

      I’m seriously thinking about putting my upgrade dreams on hold for another year. This seems like the wrong year to be in the market for a major upgrade — inflated prices and shipment delays.

      I’ll settle for a moderate upgrade in lenses and the like, but I’ll move to full frame in 2012 I suppose — even though I’ve had my heart set on it for over a year now

      • I’m in the same boat…

        I have a D200 right now, the wife has a D70. I know the bodies aren’t the most important thing to upgrade, the glass is more important. But why would I invest in a 14-24mm lens to put onto a D200? I want to make the jump to FX because I am really wanting to have the latitude of the high ISO rating so I can shoot in lower light. So what’s more important? The high ISO or a lens that will crop on a DX sensor?

        It’s just a tough call.

  • Some Thoughts

    Some random thoughts:
    First, we don’t know why this price increase occurred for sure and these are reputable retailers.
    Two, the timing makes it look as if these retailers are raising prices due to expected shortages in this equipment due to the tragedy in Japan.
    Three, any inventory in stock now was manufactured and sold wholesale and shipped to these retailers before the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan, and thus represents additional profit margin for these retailers, not for Nikon.
    Four, if these price increases are a reaction to the disaster, then this leaves these retailers open to the criticism that they are profiting from the tragedy.
    Five, it would be nice if these retailers would explain the price increases. Both B&H an Adorama have had reps respond to threads on dpreview, but they just assure us that the price increases are not due to the disaster in Japan and they would never do that. But they offer no real explanation for the sudden price increases on these high end models that just happen to be made in the Sendai plant.

    So how about it, B&H and Adorama…could you explain to your customers the real reason for these price hikes? Even if it is due to expected shortages, please let us know.


    • broxibear

      “Three, any inventory in stock now was manufactured and sold wholesale and shipped to these retailers before the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan, and thus represents additional profit margin for these retailers, not for Nikon.”
      This is the one that’s hard to take…If retailers are ordering new stock from the manufacturer at a new higher price that’s one thing, but if they’re increasing the prices of stock they already have then that’s something else.
      I read an article on froknowsphoto, a retailer he uses are going to honour the old price of a Sigma lens even though Sigma increased it by $150 because he bought the stock at it’s original price…there are some honest retailers out there, you just have to look harder I guess ?

    • mala

      It is beyond impossible that resellers anywhere in the world would have received Nikon stock post-earthquake/tsunami. Ergo, the price increases are being applied to existing stock. Ergo, this equals price-gouging, despite all protests to the contrary and fervid declarations of integrity by said resellers.

  • mhmmd

    Logical result:
    a lower supply of a commodity will impose an inflationary pressure on its price …
    Also, Nikon will now be facing higher costs due to the damage done on its plants, and because the Japanese infrastructure was destroyed.. especially from the site where trade takes place …

    • The invisible man

      Insurance will pay for the factory damages (not sure about business lost).

      • JorPet

        Most companies have loss of use policies as well. If that is the case, then they will be reimbursed for that.

        It is the re-insurers that are going to take a bath on this one, just like they did when hurricane Andrew hit.

  • Matprat

    Nikon USA store has had 85mm G in and out of stock for the past week. I was able to order one yesterday and it shipped today. $1699.99. I have been on Adorama’s waiting list for 4 months for an exchange after my first copy had to go back. Adorama fails for not putting on top of the list for an exchange!

  • mhmmd

    I agree with the Mr that said that Nikon has the ability to supply cameras for the next three months without opening their plants….
    and i also agree that those retailers are rumoring that to bid up prices …
    but guess what .. cameras have ARE HIGHLY PRICE-ELASTIC, which means that raising the price of the cameras will lead to a more proportionate fall in the demand …
    they deserve it ..
    The ideal solution for Nikon currently is to stabilize prices .. or even lower them.. because they are now in need of a monetary-flow into the economy to compensate for the damage done by the tsunami

  • Baked bananas

    Nikon lenses are synonymous with legacy glass. I had no problem with paying $1920 for a refurbished 70-200 vrII (from the nikon outlet including tax and overnight shipping) and two grand for a 24mm 1.4. I am also glad I sold my 24-70mm 2.8 for a manual 50 mm 1.2. These three legendary lenses will be with me till the day i die, even if I choose to upgrade to a d800, d4, d5, d900 or what have you. The sad part is if nikon is going to get even more money from me if they decide to put vrII in the 24-70. (can someone say 3 grand?) The only good news is the fx tokina knocks the 14-24 out the box.

    Save your money.

    Get the good glass.

    Take pictures.

  • CRojas

    J&R still hasn’t increased the prices.

  • Nikonfan

    C’mon guys! I can’t believe that there are a bunch of Americans and the like complaining about their existing camera equipment being worth too much or a d700 body fetching retail at adorama. The fact is this, the Sendai Nikon plant and most of Northern Japan has been knocked out by the largest nartural disaster to a civilized country in human existance which includes one of the Canon Lens plants. Camera and Lens making is one of the most difficult manufacturing feats of modern times and these companies cant just flip a switch and start making cameras appear in New York. Sendai is not going to be making d700, d3s , or the d3x or their replacements in the near future which will cause a huge gap in supply down the pike. Nikon depends on its resellers for business otherwise they would sell all their cameras themselves. We, in turn depend on the resellers for reliable and appropriate pricing on equipment that puts food on our tables or helps preserve memories. You never discount a product that could be in danger of being scarece. You dont see apple discounting the ipad which is a consumer product. The d3 and d700 camera lines are PRO bodies that people like me NEED to make a living so people will pay any REASONABLE price for them. More power to Adorama if they can sell them at Retail or higher. Economics 101 people. PS I bought a refurbished d700 on the morning of the earthquake because I knew this would happen but I still mourn over the tragedy. This disaster has made me appreciate just how affordable this equipment is and how its really worth more than the small amount of cash that we pay for it. God bless the amazing people of Japan and hopefully they can get that d800/d4 to us soon.

  • h8

    Adorama bumped the 105 mm.

  • Smudger

    I’m sure that these good folks are not looking to take advantage of the situation and are only pushing up their prices to raise money for the refief fund……….Really.

  • Phil

    The vultures circle around at opportunity.

  • LOLCATmasterFTW!!!

    How sad is to see retailers doing this speculative moves… Nothing more than jackals festing on a disaster.

  • Scott Peterson

    Special added incentive……all equipment ordered after 3/10 glows in the dark.

  • sgts

    Profiteering, plain and simple.

    If you don’t agree with it, don’t shop there – however I think we’ll be waiting a long time to see some morality on the part of photographers when it comes to buying gear.

    I think once things start to clear up, we will see nikon etc drop their prearranged staggered release dates and rush out the new camera models.

    We will see new cameras sooner rather than later.

  • Rob

    I am very suprised at the pricing. Although these are imported grey products the D700 body can be purchaced at $2029.85 AUD and remember the dollar is about parity.

    Haven’t compare the other prices but most are there on the site.

  • Refurb d700 prices jumped since yesterday. I don’t know how to react other than WTF

  • broxibear

    There’s an interesting discussion at dpreview with some B&H customers saying their accounts are being blocked after making comments on the forum about the price increases, and why they’re happening?
    Here’s the link

  • hexabokeh

    Glad I am going back to my Nikon FE2 and shooting film. No ‘digital rot’ and blown highlights

    • LOLCATmasterFTW!!!

      Awwwwwww look at you, you look cute being a troll :), if you want to shoot film like a man get a Hassie 503 or a Horseman LX with some good ol´ Ilford Delta sil vous plait, in the meantime we are talking about something serious so be quiet ok?

  • OMG 🙁

  • Japanese yen rose, factory and port that produces components maybe damaged. this is pretty much expected..

  • I wonder if this changes now that the plant seems to be reopening within a week.

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