The 360 Project (with 48 Nikon D700 cameras)

Similar to 360 degrees “surround picture” at the  MTV Awards two years ago, here is another project with 48 Nikon D700 cameras arranged in a circle to create "The Matrix" style images.

Here are the actual 360° photographs:

and the behind the scene video:

The 360 Project - Behind the Scenes from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

“The 360 Project” is an exploration into the crossroads of photography and motion pictures. It is a study of peak dance movements, captured simultaneously by 48 cameras aligned in a circle.

There are two components to “The 360 Project” – “Ballet 360” features ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School, “Krump 360” features dancers from Northbuck Krump. The two styles of dance represent polemic perspectives in both technique and origin – one is beauty, the other beast.

The resulting images resemble a type of digital statue – a frozen, peak moment, embodying the essence of each dance form in 360 degrees.

Behind the scenes crew:
Director - Ryan Enn Hughes
Cinematographer - Barry Cheong
Location Sound - Barry Cheong
Timelapse Camera - Arash Moallemi
Set Photographer - Melissa Tait
Editor - Ryan Enn Hughes
Sound Mixing - Zelig Sound
Additional footage provided by Melissa Tait, Matthew Wilcock, and Ryan Enn Hughes.
All content © Ryan Enn Hughes 2011.

Via Nikon Canada

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  • Jabs

    Sorry but this is off topic, but I had no place to put it.

    So that’s what happened to all those Red D3100’s. I wonder if the Nikon 1 series will also be marketed exclusively at certain places now in America or wherever Best Buy is around the world?

  • juicebox81

    speaking of the D700… they are in stock and ready to ship on if anybody is still interested!

    • Where’s my…

      …D700 replacement. I’ve been waiting since I bought D300 in 2008 right before D700 was launched. In 3 years, have there been no advances in digital imaging worth making an updated model, or is it just the Tsunami?

  • Very nice!

  • broxibear

    New IAMNIKON interview with photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen…I did hear a few months ago that Kadir van Lohuizen was testing a new dslr for Nikon and his images will be used in upcoming marketing…don’t know which one but D4 sounds like a good guess ?
    The other photographer I heard who might be testing a new Nikon dslr was Ami Vitale

    • Mac

      Perhaps a red D3100! 🙂

  • broxibear

    I don’t know if this is a Nikon D3000 review, or some sort of psychotic attack this girl decided to film and post on youtube but here it is lol…

  • Troll Boy

    Just placed my pre-order for D800 on Craigslist ($7,999) US, and I only had to give half up-front! Can’t wait till it comes out!

    • Art

      Man, I feel ripped. The guy on Cragslist charged me the full amount to get on his waiting list. How did you get away with only putting half down? The demand must be bigger than the Cragislist guy was expecting I suppose …..

      Anyway, he said that he expected to get a “pre-shipment” mid October so by the end of the month, we should have our cameras while everybody else is still waiting!!!

      • Troll Boy

        He wouldn’t take a check, either, so I had to give him cash, but that’s OK, we’ll be sitting pretty once it comes out.

        • Art

          Ha! I one upped you! I managed to get by without giving him any cash. What a pain that would be to drive across town and all. I sent my deposit in by Western Union!

  • gallon

    Seems like this 360 project article has been up for about a week now. Got anything new admin?

    • No, do you have anything new?

      • broxibear

        Damages upheld for suicide induced by overwork at Nikon plant in Japan…
        “The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal filed by two companies and finalized a court order that they pay compensation for the 1999 death of a 23-year-old temporary worker who committed suicide because of overwork-induced depression.
        Major camera maker Nikon Corp. and a Nagoya-based provider of temporary employees will pay a total of ¥70 million to the mother of Yuji Uendan, who took his own life while working at a Nikon factory in Saitama.
        The Tokyo High Court ruled in 2009 that Uendan committed suicide due to depression caused by overwork and that both the temp agency and the company where he worked failed to exercise due care.
        According to the ruling, at the time of his death Uendan was in charge of product inspection and working irregular and long hours in a windowless room with no space to relax.”

        • thanks as aways broxy, this is a nasty story

  • Jabs
    • Yes, saw that. This is not the D4. I believe this is the D2x and the D70. Nikon has used the same drawings in many other patents. Nothing new I would say.

  • broxibear

    This is the most detailed review I’ve seen so far of the Nikon mirrorless so far, the conclusions seem to echo what most expected, lets see what the others say…
    “Instead of taking a chisel to your typical entry-level DSLR, the J1 and V1 cameras from Nikon seem to be designed as point-and-shoot cameras with upgrades. Whatever the design approach, the J1 is stuck competing with models from Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung—but at a significant disadvantage.
    That disadvantage is the J1’s image sensor, which is smaller than the sensors used by Micro Four Thirds cameras and Sony and Samsung mirrorless cameras. As a result, the Nikon J1 falls short in most areas of image quality when compared to other compact system cameras—let alone DSLRs. Image quality is certainly better than what you’ll find on a point-and-shoot camera, but with so much competition in system cameras, that just isn’t good enough.
    The J1 isn’t a bad choice if you’re not troubled by price and you simply want a reasonably stylish and compact camera with good video and great shot-to-shot speed. For all-around value in this part of the market, however, Nikon’s first effort is a few years behind the times.”

  • ignacio genzon

    Gimme an fing brake. 12 yearold technology, and a big stuck up dork. this is so boring.

  • Alvin Alley dance did that live years ago.

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