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  • Mike

    48 x $3000 CDN = Yikes! The end result is amazing. I was curious about seeing the results. Thanks for posting Admin!

    • John Dosy-Doe

      and you are not even taking into account the lenses 🙂

  • pebachter

    Nice idea, but poorly done. Too distracting background imho. For this fan focued shoot they should have used a closed tent so you could not see neither the cameras nor the people around. Just focused on the people.

    • Joe Boston

      Putting a tent in front of the cameras would give you a 360 degree view of a tent. 😐

      Tell me how that would be effective?

      • Alex

        I think he means putting the cameras inside the tent too…

        I think you’d still be able to see the cameras if you did that, but you could easily photoshop them out because everything else (other than the model) would just be white.

      • pebachter

        Would it be hard for someone who built a rig like that to set up a tent with 48 holes for lenses plus some cleverly installed flash devices? Not too hard to imagine for me

      • pebachter

        Gosh, where’s your creativity….

  • afterdarkernikon

    Invisible tent eh?!

    D@mn I’ve been waiting for the miniTTL for nikon and now its delayed.

    PocketWizard are your engineers sleeping?

  • Jeff

    WTF, it was supposed to be 50. weak sauce

  • Loa

    Seriously, I wasn’t expecting much from this set up, and even so I was very disappointed.

    What is amazing, interesting, surprising, worth mentioning, spectacular… about this except the price tag?

    The Matrix was 1999, probably filmed in 1998. Full motion video, not some choppy images presented one after the other.

    10 years later and a huge step backwards? I really, really don’t get it.


    • fotosniper

      when they shot the scenes in the matrix they used computers to morph the images into each other to create the smooth transitions. this extrapolation took large amounts of computing power. hardly possible in real time. stop being a jackass and appreciate somebody doing something cool rather than sitting on the internet and acting all high and mighty.

  • Zoetmb

    I agree. The effect is mildly diverting especially when the subjects were caught in midair, but it hardly seemed worth the extensive effort. If they had a put a video camera on a circular track and had it spin around the track very quickly, you would have had a little movement of the subject, but I don’t see how it would have been much different and it would have been a lot simpler, assuming you could avoid vibration.

    So 48 bodies, 48 lenses, 12 computers attached to the cameras, the rig, lights (I assume), the post-processing computers and a staff of six? eight? ten? So how many hundreds of thousands of dollars was used to get this effect? least Nikon sold some cameras and some people got work for a few days.

    • fotosniper

      well sure, if you could put a camera on a dolly, tape on some rocket engines and let that sucker fly close to the speed of sound, sure you would get the same effect. but would the studio allow a rocket propelled camera ring anywhere near keanu? no. why do you think they called this technique “bullet time” because to simulate the effect the camera would have to travel the speed of a bullet.

      • Zoetmb have a point, although I said “with some movement”. If it stage was 40′ in diameter and you wanted the camera to spin around one circumference in one second, it would have to travel about 85.6 mph, but that’s not impossible. There are probably some amusement rides that come close and this could be built on a far smaller scale which would make it easier to reach that speed. And that’s far from the speed of sound, which is 1100′ per second or 750 mph.

        In any case, still not sure if it was worth the effort.

        • fotosniper

          one second is an eternity compared to instantly.

  • The effects from The Matrix was shot with a similar rig, but featuring loads of D1:s instead of the D700:s, so I hardly think that solution was less expensive :S

    • Mike

      Plus, this was done on the spot in seconds, where as the bullet time scene in The Matrix took months. Funny isn’t it that the more technology marches on, the harder it is to impress the gear heads. Space Shuttle landings used to be televised live, now we only hear about it when it blows up. Be appreciative of what has gone on here. This was a “we did it because we can” artsy shoot, not a lesson in frugality or a search for approval. 48 angles at the exact same instant. That is impressive. Processed and shown in a 360 degree presentation minutes later. That is impressive. I can’t even look at 48 JPEG images closely in a few minutes. They conceived it, built it, wrote the software, and we have critiques that it should have been shot in a tent. Good grief Charlie Brown.

  • OK, I get it – this is the worst rated post since I started the rating system.

    • Phil

      I like it…it’s just that some people have overly high expectations. I say keep it up 🙂

    • D40-owner

      Hi Admin,
      I also voted for “Dislike”, but not because the several links weren’t interesting. I enjoyed reading/viewing them.
      The problem is that what I expect from this site are rumors, leaks and general gossip on future Nikon products, not current news.
      Probably most of other “dislike” votes were in the same line of thought.

      Keep up the good work!!

      • I’ve been doing this for months now – once a week (usually on the weekend) I post all the Nikon related links that I came across during the week – everything that was not worth a separate post.

      • Joe

        Nahh, I just vote dislike because I find it amusing

  • dexn8r

    Thanks for posting this. Always nice to see the far out stuff like this.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the web site of “Big Freeze” the company that set this up. They have some great videos on there.

  • vendetta

    no need for D700s. Buy good old D1H, 2000×1319 is enough for hd video

  • PJS

    The big news here is the purchase of Metris. It opens up wonderful opportunities for future camera technology. Now if Nikon could just get someone who knows how to develop software…

  • Anonymous

    Off to go buy some radiopoppers… I can’t wait forever!

  • DHO!!! I’m dying for the PW’s!!! Radio poppers ‘beta’ generation sucked so bad (and cost me over a grand) that I refuse to use anything they produce… worst fit-and-finish EVER.

  • Mutt

    OMFG where the hell is my D300s??? I need video now. Or else I’m going to crap my pants and go to Canon. I hate Nikon. They never make exactly what I want them to, or if they do they ask ridiculous prices. Like they’re 70-200 is almost $2000. Sigma makes one for like $700. What the hell Nikon?!?! I though you were supposed to be a competitive optics firm. And don’t even get me started on how the Nikon software for controlling their cameras has to be bought separately. They charge like $200!!!! that’s something that every other manufacturer gives you for free!!! WTF!?! Also all the third party one’s suck, since OS X crashes with any non-proprietary software. FML!!! How the hell am I supposed to make a living without being able to compete with my colleagues on every technological level?! My biggest competition just bought a 5D2, and now everyone’s going to him to get video of their product or wedding. Holy crap Nikon! I’m loosing business because you can’t get your head out of your ass and make a !@#$ing camera already. It would take like 3 seconds!!! just add the video coding from the D90 into the D300, and give it a bigger buffer. BAM!!! done, I should be a !@#$ing over payed engineer.

    To hell with this crap!

    Anyone want a D300 and 12-24 f/4DX with a 16-85 DX and a 85 f/1.8?
    I’m done with this crap.

    Also Admin, you should probably turn down the suck with your patent searching, sicne so far you’ve only found technology from the early 2000’s, and you start these epic long threads bout the next new lens that doesn’t even exist. Especially since if you scan through the patent you come to the part where it tells you what fricking focal length and aperture it is…

    • sure, anything else you don’t like?

      • Jeff

        don’t worry about this douche-bag admin. keep up the good work.

        • I am thinking of removing the comments all together – it will be a “read only” blog. This is just waist of bandwidth.

          • Jeff

            I was about to protest, then remembered the forum… perhaps that’s not a bad idea, stops obvious trolls, like the guy above from wreaking havoc. If you do that I would recommend creating a discussion of each post in the blog.

            my $0.02

          • Jeff

            whoops, change “blog” to “forum”, in the last sentence

          • The problem is that the forum software is not as mature as the blog software and it will require everyone to register in order to comment (I can enforce that on the blog as well).
            I am a one man show and NR has thousands of readers. Every single post/word is questioned/evaluated by many people from around the world. There is no easy way to solve this issue and make everyone happy. Maybe juts a more strict comments approval/filtering would do just fine. I dare you to go to any other popular blog and post this type of comments – it will get removed instantaneously, so why should NR be different?

          • Misora

            While I understand how you feel, and I had run a site that had a commenting feature for a while… People will always post things that you don’t like. But, part of the beauty of this rumors site is the commenting section. I’m sure Nikon reads these boards. I’m glad that I can post here and let them know I want a D400 (you hear that Nikon? a 14-16 MP D300 with a better ISO ability). But, if you go to a larger site, they usually do keep their comments. They’re not removed, as users will start to question the legitimacy/fairness of the contributors.

            Anyway, keep up the good work. This site is good. This post–maybe the content was kind of dumb, but when Nikon isn’t putting anything out, I hardly see how that’s your fault. There are always going to be people out there who purposely try to bring you down. Don’t worry about it.

            • Yes, you are right – just some days are worse than others and yesterday was bad.

          • Anon

            Don’t remove the comments section just because of that comment he wrote! Reading the discussion in the comments section of each blog entry makes this site great.

    • Ken Elliott

      >> Holy crap Nikon! I’m loosing business because you can’t get your head out of your ass and make a !@#$ing camera already.

      I guess you being a whiny jerk has no impact on your business.

    • Mike

      Mutt, that was too funny. Did you jump from Canon to Nikon after a similar rant after the D300/D3 were released? Complaining about the crappy noise and low megapixels of your 30D? I’m not sure if you truly had a pickle up you a$$ or you were summarizing all the gear head comments of those who think an 18 month old camera is old news.

      Admin, people like that only discredit themselves, don’t worry about removing their posts. Remember too that there are far more people who are appreciative of your efforts at diggin up anything about potential Nikon gear. But for every 1 positive comment, you’re likely to get 10 negative. People like to rant more than rave. Keep it up!

  • merkuree

    I will say that we all have been waiting for the nextgen D300 for a very long time….and given the specs for the recent canon and sony offerings….it will be difficult for Nikon to wow people. My perception was that Nikon had moved ahead of its competitors with models like the D3, D700 and D3x… However, the progress of canon and Sony plus the apparent delays of Nikon to react with new products leads me to believe that the Nikon egde may be shrinking.

  • Joe

    Woo dislikes beat the likes!

  • Blash

    OK… Can you post another topic .. it kind of gets boring coming to NikonRumors, and you guys not have nothing but the same old stuff. You guys havent made a new post for 3 days !

    • So what do you want – quality or quantity? I have nothing to report, it has been very quiet lately. I do not make up those rumors – when there is nothing to report, I stay low.

  • Ken Elliott

    The BigFreeze rig was very cool. But it appears that a lot of people don’t understand what is really happening. This is not an attempt to make great bullet-time shots, this is a marketing demonstration of their capabilities to capture in near-real-time. They didn’t create it just for this event, they have several rigs located in different markets around the world. Their goal was to show off to their customer, and to do that they need everyone to see it. Thus the tent is a bad idea. They want all the Hollywood folks to have a chance to step into the ring, then see themselves in 360. Darn smart marketing.

    Admin – thanks for showing this.

    Very sad about the Pocket Wizard news. It appears that all the problems related to getting the stuff to work with Canon sucked all the engineering resources. But by the time the Nikon stuff is out, we might have a much better product. Sucks for the Canon users to have paid for the early versions with so many problems.

  • rwpl

    ADMIN – How about – once in a month put the most crapy, ridiculous and improbable rumors from the last month (not posted – the ones you probably put to trash after reading ;] ). So we could all have a bit of fun :))))

    What do you say?

    • Yes, I can do something like that. This was the idea behind the weekly Nikon news/links posts. Thanks.

  • Jesse

    new drinking game. take a shot every time he says “like” in the video

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