Nikon websites maintenance continues across the world

Update: The 300mm f4 lens is out of stock in all major retailers (see B&H, Adorama and Amazon).

Two more Nikon sites are down for maintenance in Canada: AF DC Nikkor D 135mm F/2 and AF DC Nikkor D 105mm F/2 (all of the down sites in Canada are for really old lenses). and were down for several hours earlier today.

AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4 IF-ED site is being updated in Canada


Here is the maintenance notice on Nikon Japan from yesterday:


D3 and D300 summary descriptions were removed from


Nikon D3 and D300 were introduced at the same time back in August 2007. Will they be refreshed at the same time as well?

I strongly believe that there is a reason behind all of those website changes - something is coming soon. We could see also a Nikon D3 refresh with some minor improvements - dust removal system maybe?

Go and check your local Nikon site and report back here if you find something interesting.

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  • Jean Paradis

    I guess this means that the D3s must be coming out soon! 😉

    • regular

      I think a D3s (a D3 with a new video function) makes more sense than a D300s.

      There are TONs of features to be upgraded in the previous D300, whereas I dont see as much things to improve in the D3. Canon is a hundred miles away in term of integrated features.

      • aFrIcanSH

        like what exactly?

  • Of course, Nikkor 300mm f/4 AF-S VR II Nano is coming!

  • NikoDoby

    Or a D3H ?!

  • Martin

    The text of the D300 on the German webpage is gone since about eight weeks. The text is there for the kits. Again, this is nothing new!!!

    • well it is fixed now – so they were working on that page. 8 weeks? Are you sure? Cannot believe Nikon will leave this blank for 8 weeks.

  • Sloaah

    The D3 would do very well with a good video function, being a perfect photojournalist camera…

  • shivas

    i suspect a D300s and D3H or D3s might be in the works to be announced this summer with fall shipping. . .it makes sense, esp since they were both announced back in August 2007 together. . . .

    WHAT’S really annoying is the fact that they aren’t dropping the price of the D300 or D3 right now, or substantially in the future. . . .

    Anyone recall what they did with the D200/D300?? or the D2 and D2x?? or D70/D70s?? Did they keep the older model to give consumers two different prices points? I hope they do, because I’d HEART a D3 for $2500. . .

    • Jeff

      $2500? good luck

      $4000 more like

      • shivas

        D3 is $4300 right now!?!

  • CDee

    If Nikon releases an updated D3 or D300 this summer (or a successor to either), does that mean the (US) price of the D700 is likely to decrease? I would think so, but hopefully those who follow those sorts of things more closely than I can give me some advice.

    I am thinking about buying a D700 and am wondering whether I should wait a little while for new cameras to come out. Is it worth waiting, though? Let’s assume, for this discussion, that a new D300/400 and/or D3 is announced in the next few months. Do you think the D700’s price will go down?


    • You should wait

      Yes, you should wait until the end of 2009.

      I believe (guesses based on different interviews by Nikon managers and information spread on the Internet) that several updates are coming in 2009.
      An update to the D300, an update to the D700 and even possibly an update to the D3. All these updates will add HD video along with other improvements.

      It is logical, as Nikon’s competitors are doing just that, adding video and other improvements (Canon 5D Mark II, Pentax K7, etc.).

      And even possibly at one time in the future an update to the D3X adding video especially.

      The updates to the D300 and D700 should come in 2009 and, for the update to the D700, worse would be at the beginning of 2010.

      So wait until February 2010. But I strongly think that the update to the D700 will come in 2009. If not, it will be at the beginning of 2010.

  • Jeff

    I could buy a D3h with video and self-cleaning sensor and already increased buffer being released with a D300 variant or successor.

  • Webmonkey

    On Nikon USA, D3x is no longer listed as “new”…..

    • yes, they take the NEW away 6 months after the official release – I think there is even a law about that

  • LC Ken

    The summary for the F6 is missing too. Could this be telling us an F7 is on the way?!

    • Don´t think Nikon will make another film SLR. But it would be cool.
      I think Nikon will upgrade the D3 with sensor cleaning and video (1080p). and the D300 with Video, better sensor, build in GPS.

    • ChrisL


  • Cha Tan
    • shivas

      was waiting to buy the 105 f/2.0. . . .nice!

    • D’oh! Just picked up a 135 DC f2 recently. Ah, well. This lens is great. It could *definitely* be well-served by an AF-S update, tho’! (AF is less than ideal)

  • Anonymous
  • funny

    that would be nice. a D4 and D400 with a couple of lenses would send canon running for the hills as they did 2 years ago when the D3/D300 simply put everything else to shame.

  • Anonymous

    keep doing the percentage rating system! i thought that was a really nice feature.

    • I am still doing it only on rumors – the above are facts with a small speculation on my site on the D3 – I do not have anything concrete on the D3 and for the D300s I rated it already at 85% probability.

  • And on the UK site the NEW sticker on the D300 has disappeared again…

  • 3space

    Please Please, I would love to buy a D3 with 1080p video… 24fps or better yet offer 48 fps HD video and I would be set…… I wonder if they have the guts to release a NX 3 with support for RAW video files….

    Nikon has everything to gain and nothing to lose in the quest of DSLR video supremacy

    • Anonymous

      Why not 24fps & 48fps?

      I agree %100 with your last comment.

      • 3space

        yes both 24 fps and 48 fps… Most all indie films and music videos are shoot at a base frame rate of 24 fps. But both often need slow motion. 48 fps would be a great high speed frame rate for both. You can time remap a 48 fps shot by 50% and stay in sync.

        I own both of nikon’s new 14-24 and 24-70/2.8 lens and shoot with these lens on the red camera…. lets just say if they would release a D3 with 1080p video, the correct frame rates and a proper codec then the nikon would checkmate the indie/music video market.

        • Anonymous

          My fingers are crossed…

  • dothevampire

    I am holding out to purchase the D700 for that exact reason. I will be extremely happy if the price drops but am preparing my self for a not so significant drop. I’d love to have video but the D700 is and will be an amazing camera down the road. As I’ve been saving my pennies I’ve seen that at least with older Canon models, there are some nice price cuts when the newer model arrives. I’m not to skilled in the ways of Nikon but hope they follow in this pattern.

  • PHB

    D3 is surely going to be withdrawn without any replacement. The replacement for the D3 is the D3x. Anyone who wants really high ISO on an FX sensor is going to have to get a D700.

    On the up side, I would expect the price to drop on the D3x if the D3 is withdrawn.

    An update on the 300 f/4 is interesting. I think that we are going to see very little new stuff coming out in the high end range for a while. Nikon has recently refreshed all their big primes and two out of the magic three constant aperture f/2.8 zooms.

    Makes much more sense for Nikon to focus on the mid level pro lenses, the $800-$2000 range.

    • sjms

      you sure don’t shoot much do you. thinking that the D3x is the replacement for the D3 is fairly daft. granted it is a 24MP wunderkind but as a performance product it falls just a wee bit short. and please don’t say the D700. it is a good backup camera to the D3 but just not the same. i have exactly that setup.

      • I agree, the D3x is not a replacement for the D3, which is why I think we will see another improved D3 model for a price similar to the current D3.

        • PHB

          OK so maybe they add in a bigger buffer, and an SXDC slot like they are doing on the D300. But the only major ‘feature’ they could add at this point would be HD video which people seem to be saying they don’t want.

          No D3 would leave a heck of a big gap in the price lineup,

          • sjms

            oh please! the bigger buffer is an option which i have already. adding a SD(HX) slot is taking a D3 down a notch. it was a real waste doing it on the Canons forcing two different types of media on the user for one camera. I DO NOT WANT VIDEO IN A D3. i want it to do what it does best – still images. if i want a cobbed together does everything model i’ll wait for the D90 update. and if i really want to go full tilt there will be the Scarlet modular instrument.that way its “lego” build to the need instead of these rather half hearted half a#$&* toys for boys/girls. i have an infatuation with with creating an image not with the newest BS item destined to be lasts years big thing in no time

    • nikkor_2

      Nikon’s D3 stands alone in shooting sports; coupled with fast glass, it is the sports shooter’s current camera-of-choice. The D3x is aimed at another market segment. I shoot sports; I see the D3 and Canon products in use; I do not see the D3x at any venue.

      At present, I see Nikon releasing a new D3 with an increased buffer; the D3’s existing buffer is oft-discussed by sports photographers. And I see further tweaks to the D3’s AWB, too; AWB — while much improved in the D3 — could still use further improvement. I do not see any video in the D3.

      It’ll be interesting to follow the release(s) here.

      By the way, I see more than one Nikkor released here, too.

      • sjms

        just send your D3 back and drop $500 + tax and shipping and it 36-38 raw images at the push of a button.

  • bo

    woohoo…135 f/2 AF-S 😀

  • Sakaze

    If we compare Nikon with Canon

    D3X=1ds mark 3
    D3 = 1d mark3
    D300 = 50 D

    So, it is clear that D3x is not a replacement for D3. I think D4 and D400 is coming, D800 is the one after D4.

    • Jeff

      your understanding is correct, more or less, the 50D is really a cut below the D300.

      THe thing is the D# series from Nikon gets refreshed every 4 years, I could see that being shortened to 3, but not 2. So I do not expect a D4 and D800 yet

  • afterdarkernikon

    Wohoooo massive updates is coming?
    This is Nikon and I am waiting ….

    • rjm

      With the press events scheduled for November, you’re gonna have to wait a while…

      • James

        I said I will be waiting so I really don’t care how long. What I have is currently still ok for the things that I do.

      • What’s coming in November, did I miss something?

  • Blago

    let’s hope they release already the new semi-pro-grade flash , some fast wide normal and short-tele primes. bodies come and go – the glass-flash hardware lasts. I can do my work with the camera I already have , and if I wish to upgrade there’s always a d3(x). Wider choice of lenses/flashes is needed i thing. Something PRO-grade to match up with the d3(x)es.

  • The glass lasts, true. The flashes NOT. Remember the SB80-DX? Right…

  • Hanns-Josef

    The German website is not new. The information for the D3 and the D300 ist away for more than two month.
    And also the microsites are missing since then.

    So this is not realy a new information.

    Greeting from Germany

  • Chris

    I own the D3 and also the D300 and don’t miss anything except of new prime lenses. The a higher buffer-capacity and the sensor-cleaning-unit on the D3 would be nice to have, but for me that would be no reason for updating to a D3s, D3h or D4. On the video-function I give anyway a shit. I need a new 24mm, 35mm, 85mm and 135mm prime at least on the level of the 24-70mm/f2.8. I think many other people think so too, so I expect something unexpected if Nikon will release now a replacement of the D3 / D300. Integrated GPS or respectively and integrated WLAN functionality with an incredible low power consumption would me make counting my coins. Or a sync-time of 1/500s or faster!


    • sjms

      None of the above. i think the current economic situation is going to put the brakes on lots of new toys you all think you must have. integrated GPS? bad idea. what are you going to do flash it up to Galileo (EU), Compass (CH) and Glonass(RU) capabilities as these grow up? the US GPS isn’t the only thing in the sky anymore. built in WLAN? no! standards change too much. i like being able to move the WT4 from a D3 to a D700 as i need. plus this is a real power puller too (and that not going to change for a while) in addition to being relatively slow in moving data.
      you want features but don’t think of the consequences of their implementation. this is where keeping it modular has some distinct advantages over a monolithic build. thats futureproofing things.

  • Udo

    The german Nikon homepage and the prodcut pages are done “page not found” …

  • Nikon, put video

    Yes, Nikon, if you read this posting, put HD video on ALL YOUR CAMERAS, even on the pro ones.

    Do you have any other choices when your competitors (Canon, Pentax, etc.) do put HD video on their DSLRs and when buyers are incited to favor DSLR cameras that have HD video on them? You have no other choice, unless you are wiling to lose many sales!

    So, for the updates to the D300, D700, D3, and even D3X, put video on them along with other improvements.
    For video, on these cameras that are basically top cameras in their respective market segment, try to put 720p AND 1080p at different fps speeds: at least at 24 fps and 30 fps. And also at 60 fps for the D3, D700, and D3X.
    For the other Nikon cameras, just put 720p at at least 24 fps and 30 fps.

    HD video, yes, it is becoming now a basic feature of the DSLR cameras, thanks to Nikon’s competitors (Canon, Pentax, etc.). It should even be on P&S cameras at 720p at at least 24 fps and 30 fps.

    Why video on a DSLR camera? Mainly because it is much better to travel with one tool doing two functions (still photos and HD video) than to have to travel with two bulky tools.
    Apart from this reason, there are many more reasons why video on a DSLR camera is a better proposition than video on the tiny sensors found in the camcorders (low ISO video, interchangeable lenses, bigger sensor to capture video, and many more good reasons to have HD video on DSLR cameras).

    Nikon, give your customers what they want and you will be rewarded by many sales and you will avoid losing sales to competitors. That is as simple as that.

    • sjms

      your reasoning is flawed. which puts you in th ADD catagory for needing something new to play with every few months. you are eventually going to make a choice if you are serious about one or the other. the audio capability is so limited in these cobbed cameras which puts you needing a better recorder and mixer and more and more and more. you will learn

  • Udo

    The german product page is back but the homepage is still down (page not found error). I found no updates to the product page (D3 and D300 have still no description as in the NR post). Wait … the D300 specification page is also not longer available … We will the what comes next …

  • Udo

    The german homepage and the specification pages are back … but no new D400 or D4 and also no update for the D300 and D3. Sorry. I know we all are waiting on it.

  • Mats

    On the Canadian website, the 200/4 Micro-Nikkor isn’t even listed in the righthand column. I soo wish for an update there!

    • Char

      Whats wrong with the current one?

      • Mats

        Nothing really, to be honest.. It’s just that I haven’t got it and have postponed its purchase in wait for a new one with, for instance, nano-coating.

        And I should have said lefthand column, not that it matters a lot..

        • Obscula

          I am waiting for a new one also.

  • George

    The 300mm f4.0 AF-S has been under maintenance on the Nikon Canada site for almost a year now, sorry to burst your bubble!

  • Anonymous

    If Nikon simply adds D90/D5000 quality video to the rest of its products, they’ll look like fools. They really need to improve the quality of video for their higher models, significantly.

    • 3space

      agree, they must step up to 1080p and improve the codec…. why not add video support to DX2. If Red can release Red Alert and Redcine; software that color corrects, processes RAW video and exports to multiply video file types then nikon should be able to follow.

  • Pete C

    I think it’s something a little less dramatic.
    if you got to you’ll see the IIS7 holding page.
    This is native to server 2008.
    I suspect it’s simply an infrastructure upgrade, and the pages you are seeing are made up from old files or data. Technical snafu.

  • Anonymous
  • anon

    Nothing about the D4000? Sad – it would make a great walk-around camera for the vacation…

    • I think the D400 will come later, D300s will be first.

  • Mr Nikon

    The Nikon D700 is now priced at $2,349.95 at BHPhoto..Why so low?…is the D700x about to be released?

    • anon

      Probably not, the updated cameras are the D3 and the D300, not the D700…

    • afterdarkernikon

      ITs not so low priced. It’s been like this for months now in B&H.

    • Why is it so low? It’s called the Canon 5D mkII. Like afterdark said, this price isn’t exactly new.

  • Mr Nikon

    I have afeeling Nikon will release a D700x with the same sensor as the D3X very shortly…..

    • Jeff


    • sjms

      and you think its going to be powered by that little battery?

  • Anonymous

    “ and were down for several hours earlier today.”

    Afterwards, at least on the German site was a survey lunched, that asked you how confided you are with the site itself.

  • Matt

    I had basically convinced myself to get a 135 f/2 but the usual vendors all seem to have run out. I started wondering if this was really a backorder situation or a discontinued item. I sure hope they replace it.

    • I just picked one up (used in Tokyo). If there is an update coming out soon, you’re better off waiting. Great pics, but the AF definitely leaves a lot to be desired (using it on a D700).

  • Zoetmb

    The Germany website DOES have the D3 and D300. It was updated to include some new D300 kits with a 16-85, 18-70 or a 18-200. I don’t know why the D3 description was missing, but it’s there now.

    The D3 and D300 are also still on the international site:

    The D3 and D300 are also still on the Japan site:

    The D3 and D300 are also still on the US site:

    Obviously, the D300 will eventually be discontinued and something will eventually replace it (so you’ll eventually be right), but I still feel like these supposed reports are the equivalent of a geek taking any communication with a woman (like she grunts “hello” to the geek in an elevator) as a sign that he’s wanted when the woman barely knows he exists. It’s all just wishful thinking by fanboys.

    (I also don’t know why that Nikon sites across the world seem to make changes on the live Production site, rather than making changes on a development or integration site and then quickly loading the finished pages onto the Production site, but this seems to be the way that they work. I’ve been involved with corporate web development for a long time and I’ve never seen anyone else work this way.)

  • donde?

    OMG a Nikon engineer working in the latest-and-coolest-camera-design-team farted yesterday during work. Is that a sign that the quality of the camera will be very bad?

    Please, please not, say it aint so, say it aint true…

  • Believe it or not Nikon Canada still have the D200 listed on the SLR page of it website. . .

    No joke.

  • tibor

    Some stores in Vancouver still sell the D300 for about 1800 CAD… this is ridicoulous, as if Canada was hole of the world … not ?

  • george

    so…. ( zo auf deutsch…) dear admin…,

    get serious, dont underestimate us….if you have some serious rumors or news please post them..and thanks for doing that so long,….but when it comes to going to rain….nikon will release a waterproof camera….

    of course one day nikon will replace current models and you are going to be right sometime….but… you gat the point…..


  • JOhn Dosy-Doe

    I always wondered:

    Do Nikon folks who know read these type of threads and simply point and laugh at us!?

  • george

    of course not……

    • John Dosy-Doe

      not even a chuckle?

  • they’re laughing all the ways to the bank…

  • afterdarkernikon

    I suspect this will be the last time we will use the “website down for maintenance” mode to detect new updates.

    Maybe from now on, they can dynamically update content of their site without shutting it down on maintenance.

    Just my opinion.

  • bob

    Do you guys know about new wide angle primes for FX? I am still shooting film (645) and I have made no decision yet between Nikon and Canon. In the past I had a Nikon F801s and I loved it. Canon is still in the game for me, only because they have 24/1.4 and 35/1.4. If Nikon presents new fast 24, 28 or 35… a D700 will be in my bag the next day.

  • eyrieowl

    just a thought, but did you notice postponed their review of some Nikon…lens(es)? Just speculation, but was wondering if that could indicate that Nikon is releasing some new lens or lenses this week and had to delay their review until the release date. The way they worded it “you’ll understand why” made me wonder…

    • I just email them – let’s what they say. I don’t think they are big enough to get Nikon lenses for review before the official announcement.

    • I just got a response back from – the review is about the 105mm f/2DC, nothing new.

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