Nikon D300 price drops

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  • Peter

    If you look t the ebay offer, it is in German and says “Schlussverkauf”. We use this word for end of season sale, back to school sale, … It can be also translated as “final sale”

  • Richard

    which price drop? this is the standard pice in germany since months.

    if you look at, the cheapest price is below 1250 € since months.


  • Paulo

    Here in the UK they have been UKP1099 for a long time but now Currys are offering them at UKP999 – although they had no stock when I last looked!

  • Juergen.

    German dealer Foto Koch listes all D300 kits and the D300 body as “Restposten”, means “remaining stock”, see,20

    Another German dealer Foto Besier Oehling listes the same as “remaining stock/bargains”

    Also Nikon Point Munich is an authorized Nikon service center (and Nikon dealer) which also lists the D60 in the same way

    So it’s clear: The D300 successor will be there in the not too distant future!

  • low

    it has begun.

  • fotosniper

    the end is near, i think we should fall back to the temple and concentrate our defenses.

    • WTH

      that comment almost made me spit out my food LOL!

  • Rick

    If indeed, the D300s is primarily a D300 with video the final inventory of D300 cameras will sell like hotcakes at a clearance price.

    • Nikkorian

      Hmmm. Obviously there will not be any outrages drops in D300 price.

      They will use this chance to up the price again. I expect something like 1450 Euros once its readily available — as compared to 1300 Euros for the D300.

  • dave

    Adorama has dropped the price to 1569.95 when you add it to your in-basket. B&H lists the suggested retail price, but drops the price to 1569.95 when you add it to your in-basket, too.

    I wouldn’t read TOO much into it, because I’ve seen them both do that with the D300 earlier this year. Then, the price drop lasted one or two weeks and went back to their normal price. I don’t remember exactly when it was but I was REALLY tempted to buy one at the time. Might have been January. Might have been just before or after D90 introduction.

  • funny

    not a day too soon.

  • cj

    I have a couple of grand burning a hole in my pocket and a worn out d70 screaming for an upgrade.. but i will pass.
    I hope a d700 upgrade (i.e. full frame sensor with hd video) will be next up. And, dear Nikon, I would love to take it on holiday with me this summer.. I’m one step away from giving up my lens investment and switching to canon.. so, hurry.

    ps. Yes, video is important to me. No, I don’t give a damn if all you really cool guys out there don’t care for video, I do.

    • Djonah

      Hey join the club!
      I’m waiting too for a FX with video and D3X sensor in it!
      So nikon get your tech guys to work and make it a dream comming true!

      • I was told someone somewhat in the know that video facilities had been built in the Thai plant, but not in Sendai. If that’s the case, then I’d imagine it might take awhile (esp. in the current economy) to retool the Sendai plant appropriately. Given the mkII competition, I’d assume it’d only be a matter of time. However, that time would be a littler later rather than sooner, I would imagine.

        So what I’m saying is, “Don’t hold your breath.” Patience for it is fine, but don’t go crazy thinking a video-enabled FX cam’s going to appear next week.

        • Nikkorian

          retooling for a new camera design is more complicated than only adding video. only change is the built-in mic and sound processing.

  • Zoetmb

    Camera/lens prices constantly go up and down. Some of it is driven by Nikon’s price increases, some by the exchange rates, some by the retail competition.

    The D300 sold at B&H for as low as $1486 some months back. It was $1670 about a week ago. $1570 right now, as posted.

  • chris

    guys, did u read the first few comments? an official nikon service point is selling the camera with the tag “last stock”! succ will be here soon!

    • yes, that’s the whole idea behind this post – I did not want to say it directly, but this is the feeling I am getting based on the emails I have received. I would say the replacement will be announced in the next 60 days.

  • John

    A couple of months ago you could get a D300 brand new for $1,499 at Adorama or B&H. Then the prices went up – a lot. Now a D300 for 1599 or so seems like not the greatest deal, but it is better than the recent prices have been. Thom Hogan indicated that the LAST shipment of D300s was on its way, so maybe it’s finally come in and the price has dropped a bit accordingly. At some point this shipment will be exhausted and who knows what the price will do – maybe it will stay pretty high if the D400 or D300(s) comes out at a higher MSRP than the current D300.

    – J

  • Anonymous

    yea it seems evident that there most likely will be a successor. good NR i good reporting

  • Remington

    D300 prices in Canada are $1799.00 regular retail. They are usually at $1699.00 and drop to $1599.00 at least once per month for a short time (i.e. 2 days). At current writing Vistek lists at $1699 while Black’s Photo lists at $1599… Henry’s tends to follow whatever price drop Vistek makes but currently lists at $1729.

    No big price drops yet up here.

    • Charles

      They’ve gone down to 1599.99 at the camera house in Calgary

  • Neil

    The interesting thing will not be the announcement date but the availability date. If they indeed announce within 60 days then I wouldn’t expect to see delivery until November/December which is typical (announce months in advance of availability). This would mean that D300s wouldn’t lose their value immediately but would begin to lose it as the availability date nears.

    • Lately Nikon is pretty good with that – new products are available (limited availability of course) 30 days after announcement (used to be few months) and if you pre-order on time you can get it from the first batch.

  • s10

    i like its body design

  • blago

    Forget to get the update in your hands before christmas 😉

  • Chris

    No price drop at my country’s online retailer yet. They usually drop the price before something got discontinued for good(as in no more new stock). The owner of the operation seems to know something, they drop SB800’s price madly 2 weeks before any news of discontinuation.

    That said, D300 price online have been $1330 here for months, brick and motar shops selling it for 1250~ with a nikon bag and a 4GB cf card.

    I’m waiting for it to drop under 1200 dollar, or more specifically, under 1140 dollar (4k magic mark in my currency 😀 ), just pray it doesn’t go out of stock…

  • Joe

    Looks like my purchase just after Christmas for 899 GBP was still a great deal! Especially if the replacement is just a D300 with video.

  • Hey-nonny-mouse

    Prices have gone up in Switzerland:

    By contrast prices for the 12-24 DX have plunged since the announcement of the 10-24 DX:

  • That’s all nice and peachy but where are the NEW PRIMES? I’m slowly sick of waiting for nice wide angle, well built primes. I’m seriously considering canon in the next couple of months if this doesn’t change. I’ve been loyal to Nikon forever now, but it just seems that they are always behind canon. I won’t even mention the how behind nikon is in the lens department…

    • rwpl

      wide angle?
      YOU GOT the NIKON 14-24 2.8 prime SUPER KILLER.

      What do you want more?

      • Depth of field my friend. f1.4 =).

        • Neil

          How much meaningful depth of field would there be? You won’t see much subject isolation even with that extra 2 stops.

  • Blago


    May I dare to know which Canon dream lenses are you considering , because of the Nikon lousy-lousy-lens line ?

    • I shoot with prime lenses mostly and to be honest with you I would love to see a well built 35mm f1.4, 24 or 28mm f1.4 from nikon that has fast AFS not just like the new 50mm f1.4 afs which just drags to be honest with you. My older 50 is much faster and snappier then this lens will ever be. ohhhhhh my dilemma. And the next thing is the build quality of canon primes vs nikon primes. the new nikon 50 just feels weird. it feels like a toy compared to canons 50mm f1.2. Older nikon primes were solid and build like a tank for example 85mm f1.4 which i love, but its time to move on. i can’t keep waiting any longer.

      • rwpl

        See you! ;]

  • Nikkorian


    1.) Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L IS USM is better in tests than the Nikon one.

    2.) Canon EF-S 17-55mm 2.8 IS USM offers an IS that Nikon doesn’t offer in this lens.

    3.) Canon EF 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 L IS USM offers an IS AND a USM which Nikon both doesn’t offer in its 80-400.

    shall I look for more?

    • The Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS USM is a fabulous lens. Unfortunately, it only works on Crop sensor bodies. You couldn’t use it on either the 5D Mk II or the 1D. Your number 1 and 3 lens are also great lenses, although I only own #1 and #2. (I use a 50D. I also have a Nikon D90 and wish its build quality was more equivalent to the D300).

  • Dragos

    Blago, I could have a try: TS-E 17mm f4 L; 35mm F1.4; 85mm F1.2; 135mm F2 L and 70-200mm F4 L IS USM. This is my dream collection I am slowly building … but I wish I could use them on a D700 ! 🙂 Or that Canon offered something similar to D700 in most respects, plus a beter flash system.

    I know, I know there are very good Nikkors out there to (read: envyous of the 14-24). (sigh) If only one could combine them with the above canons in one super-collection!

  • rwpl

    Canon is generally more affordable at the moment ( Just look at the price od 50D vs d300 ) with his cheap semi-pro DX bodies and f/4 lens line.

    But Nikon still is the best choice for pro users. the D3(X) just crushes canon pro line + D700 which is a great dlsr and were done.

    • Don’t get me wrong I love nikon cameras, but the lens line pretty much can’t compete with canon’s.

    • Jeff

      Actually from the tests I’ve seen the D3x isn’t really much better than the Ds mkIII, especially considering its like 15 months newer. the D3 sensor is definately better than the 1D mkIII, but it still has decent performance. so I wouldn’t say crushes, beats yes, crushes, no.

      Where nikon really pulls ahead is in semi-pro cameras, like the D300 and D700, Canon does not have a direct competitor to either (50D lies between D300 and D90) and the 5D mkII is like the will be D700x, but it’s AF system is crappy.

      Canon has no 14-24mm f/2.8 equiv though. which is an amazing (and amazingly useful) lens.

      Canon typically has better telephotos, Nikon has better wide-angles, they meet somewhere in the middle. where Canon is smart is the f/4L zooms, Nikon would do very well to replicate that. Nikon flash system is better, but Canon’s system isn’t terrible

  • Blago

    what about 14-24 / 24-70 / 70-200 @ 2.8 ? or nikon tilt-shifts ?

    as for the super-fast primes… you may be just right.
    at 1.2 (85 & 50mm) you get a excellent craftsmanship , not so excellent image performanse wide open and slow autofocus. Not to mention the price…
    maybe just 35mm and 24mm mkII are worth it ?

    • 14-24 is a bit wide for me. I own 24-70 which is a superb lens and so is the 70-200, but as i mentioned before, i love shooting with primes. I find myself composing much much better than with zooms. Weird, but that’s what it is in my case. Shooting with primes bring simplicity to my shooting and i find myself constantly searching and pushing for better composition.

    • Jeff

      the 85mm f/1.2L outperforms the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, just barely but it still does.

  • Well, just to sing the song, here in Denmark my dealer has the D300 for 9.500 kr. ~ 1.750$, that’s is a 200 $ pricedrop.

  • Emanuele Aymerich

    In Italy the official distributor (Nital) sell the D300 (body) for only 1.260 euro from 3 months. The price last year was 1.850 euro.

  • WaitingfortheD400

    At the D300 is also listed under “Restposten” (= remainder, remnants, remaining stock)

  • It goes for as low as € 1.169 at Digital Street – Netherlands, and € 1.199 at Digital Factory – Spain.

  • Jet

    Argh.. dont know whether to wait for the D300 upgrade or just go for the D300. I would like HD vid..

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