Nikon D300 listed as NEW – D300s coming soon?

Update: the "New" label was removed from the Nikon D300 site. I got reports that several Nikon websites around the world are being updated (for example Japan is updating theirs today).

Here is the link:

Why is the D300 listed as NEW? Testing the new D300s template?


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  • Char

    No idea, but AFAIR, there has not been anything interesting coming out of this “something has been listed as new” stuff so far. And I guess they are not testing the D300s template on a public server, especially not with the D300 information. No information here that I can see other than that someone screwed up and listed the D300 as new, which it is not.

    • of course they do – the D3x was on Nikon’s official website a week before the announcement – it happens all the time

        • d300 is hard to find in germany even in online stores. most dont list them even. Looks like it is going to be truth

      • PHB

        Any similar activity on the lenses pages?

        I have a theory that a D300s might well be launched at the same time as the AFS revision of the 80-400.

        It is no secret that every AF lens in the Nikon lineup is going to go AFS within a few years. They may still sell AF lenses from old stock, but they are committed to having a system and AF lenses do not work on the new bodies.

        The lens for which AFS is most clearly needed is the 80-400. It should have had it from the start. It is slow focusing due to the limited torque of the focusing motor and the large front element.

        And even though the 80-400 is an FX lens, it really makes most sense on a DX body.I would see a 200-400 or a fast prime as being what they expect the FX-er to carry.

        They don’t always launch a new body with a new lens. And the D300s is not even really a new body so much as a refresh of an older one. And the 80-400 is the only lens missing from a very attractive DX lens lineup of 10-24, 35, 50, 80-400. That gives you a pretty full coverage of focal lengths with some fast primes in the mid range for portrait and low light needs.

        The 80-400 AFS with the D300s would make a big statement that Nikon is all done having to play catchup.

        • DNHJR


          I could not have said it any better and I hope this is what happens.

        • dxers are mostly value based photogs. they have their 70-300 AFS
          80-400 is clearly FX lens, worthy but size/budget telephoto for fx

          • Anonymous

            “dxers are mostly value based photogs.” What a load of BS, you FX snobs really are out of touch.

    • ProgressIsGood

      Keep up the good work. I love these rumor sites and take them with a grain of salt. I can’t believe anyone would gripe out accuracy on a RUMOR site.
      It’s like the Vatican griping about a fictional book from Dan Brown and that stupid people take it as non-fiction. It’s not his fault if people can’t distinguish fantasy from fact.
      I’ve been shooting with my D70 for too long and enjoy hearing the tidbits about the new 300s. If it has the right mix of features it may put me over the tipping point. I do understand that there will be people who bought the 300 two weeks before that will be angry that their investments resale will drop but that is the nature of the beast.
      I have so much glass invested with Nikon I couldn’t easily jump ship anyway so I just bide my time till the right body comes out for me.

  • I really hope the D300s rumor turns out to be a bust–I have a D300 and have a real use to upgrade for video, but to basically re-buy the exact camera I have kills me. I can’t get some more MPs or upgraded sensor? *sigh* might be time to check out a 5d Mk2

    • Alex

      You’re the kind of guy that Ken Rockwell loves to talk about. Ditch your practically brand new D300 for a new dslr that does video and has a few more megapixels? What’s the point? You might as well just get a dedicated video camera. The video that you get from a dslr will never be as good as the video you get from an actual camcorder anyway. As far as more megapixels go, I’m strongly against that idea for DX cameras. All that’s going to do is add more noise. 12 megapixels is more than enough for the semi-pros who use DX cameras. If you’re making poster size prints, look into a Hasselblad!

      • Anonymous


        Try getting the low light performance, shallow depth of field, & lens options of a 5D Mark2 in a camcorder.

        • Alex

          Uh, ever heard of professional video cameras?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I have. Care to mention a model that’s comparable to the 5D Mark2 in those 3 areas?

          • Closest cam you’re going to get in terms of image quality would be either the Red (One or Scarlet) or an HVX200, so looking at 6k at a minimum versus 3k for a 5dM2

          • Anonymous

            Exactly, and with the HVX200 you’re stuck using a 35mm adapter. Also, the HVX200 only has a 1/3″ sensor…

          • and those adapters are huge–a pain to fly on a steadicam

        • Desinderlase

          And what if you want to shoot 24p?

      • I’m getting my MFA in Photo/Video art–the idea of being able to use my photo lenses in my video work as well is what draws me in. Lol, and unfortunately I don’t have the 20-30k to drop into a Hassle w/ digital back. Your comments on video cameras vs DSLRs/Cameras with real lenses show your lack of experience with high-end video.

      • rwbenjey

        I think you completely misread what he said Alex. He’s NOT interested in upgrading just to get the video feature; he wants more options to justify an upgrade.

        • PHB

          The D300s is not aimed at D300 owners. It is aimed at D200 and D100 owners thinking about an upgrade. It is saying ‘buy now or wait 12-18 months’

          • Daf

            I’m a D200 owner – not interested in D300s
            Not V interested in Video.

            D400/D700s/x – yes

          • Another D200 owner who won’t thumb down his hard earned cash for a D300s. Just not enough reasons to upgrade and IF it is true, it will probably street for close to 2K. The D700 looks like a much better deal to me…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t fret too much if it is a D300s; the video capability will be rubbish enough that there won’t be much use with it. The readout time on these sensors are just too slow, as you can see with the jello effect on the D90, and the mjpeg compression is horrendous. Nikon’s video capabilities are still very basic, so use a basic camcorder for the time being.

      • Andrew

        Is that because its only 24 fps at 720? Not to mention you can only do a few minutes at this quality? It seems that’s pretty low quality feature. Anyone feel different? I’m no expert.

        • Anonymous

          24fps is what major motion pictures are shot in today.

          The problem is just what the poster above mentions: jello effect, and compression.

          Once those are addressed, these cameras will be indispensable among low budget film makers.

        • cencio

          i don’t think nikon means for the video features to replace video cameras. i use mine just for short fun movies of my family or friends.

  • afterdarkernikon

    Pro cameras beat the hell out of DSLR cameras. Why everyone wants something for other things.

    • Anonymous

      The reason many are interested in these DSLR cameras for motion is because of their large sensors.

  • The other interesting thing to observe is that on the UK site all the D300 “kits” have disappeared, unlike on the sites of other European counties such as the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

  • JoeyC

    I love all the video-bashing from morons like Alex who’ve obviously never used a vid-capable DSLR. The fact is, if you’re just a guy who wants to take pics of his kids or birds or whatever, and NOT a pro photog, the video capability is HUGE. Is a 6,000 Sony PMW-EX1 as good or better in low-light? Sure! But It’s another WHOLE THING to carry around, making you look like an even BIGGER loser than you already do with your DSLR around your neck. Worse, you’ve got to then SWITCH big-black-expensive-camera systems to go from stills to video, getting out your bag, etc. UGH!
    I sold my D700 to get a D90 in October and I’ve NEVER looked back. I have a Canon HV-30 that, yes, is smoother for outdoor soccer games etc., but which I almost NEVER use now because I LOOOOOVE the little clips I can get on the D90 and I don’t have to be the dork-camera-switcher guy.
    Like John, I’m also very attracted to the 5DMk2 because it SMOKES the D90 in terms of video and is of course a FF sensor in a more pro body, something I did sort of like about the D700. I’ve decided to give Nikon one more pro-body update, if they don’t roll out a 30fps capable D700-type camera I may switch to Canon. The sooner Nikon wakes up and realizes that video is the ONLY compelling reason many folks have to switch and get it right, the better off they’ll be. Canon has OWNED them up to this point on the subject.

    • Eli

      Wow… that’s nuts.

      Why didn’t you just add a D90 to your D700? If you care so much about video and have so much disposable income to constantly switch cameras, why don’t you just invest in something more serious?

      • rjm

        It would be nice – since the sensor is there and liveview already implemented – to be able to record high definition video. The technical difficulties at this point are significant though, and its going to be some time before all the issues are sorted out.

        Even when they are, it’s not going to be the make or break feature that so many people seem to think it will. In the grand scheme of things it’s just not that important.

        That every camera should be judged now primarily on how well it records video is just lunacy. I’ve just resigned myself to waiting it out in a bunker for the next 12 months until the fad blows over…

      • WTH

        maybe b/c he doesn’t want to unload all his glass? he does have a valid point though…

        • Anonymous

          Maybe because “something more serious” would be a Red One costing at least 25k.

    • Duncan

      I’m right there with ya. I’m actually a Canon 500D user (with 720p video @ 30fps) and the main reason why I didn’t get a separate HD camcorder was because:

      1. I didn’t want to lug around another camera with me everywhere I go
      2. I didn’t want to switch cameras when I want to change from video to photo mode – It’s much easier to change format by turning the dial
      3. Upgrading from a Canon 400D, I only paid an extra AUD$500 to get a updated camera (yes, increased MP, Live View – not TOO important to me, but if it’s better..why not get it?!) and also because of the HD video mode. (As opposed to paying another $1500+ to get a pro video camera with easy-to-use manual focus etc.)

      This is the same reason why I chose to buy a 17-55mm f/2.8 to be the ONLY lens I use (I’m a walk-a-rounder)!

      You may ask what’s the point? I would say:

      1. Cheaper price
      2. Convenience
      3. Some updated features

      Definitely worth it IMO (for what I use cameras for)

  • shivas

    so it seems like instead of selling them side by side, they are eliminating the old D300 all together and are going to have the D300s replace it??

    If that’s the case, I’m REAL glad I just got my D200, because I would’ve killed myself had I sprung the extra $$$ for the D300 last month!

    • fotosniper

      You would have killed yourself to have a camera thats miles better in most aspects and outperforms your d200? umm ok

      • Amen. Gotta wonder about that logic.

        • dave

          Some people hate to spend money on something only to have a better model come out a month later at the same price, no matter what the features.

          • So it’s better to get an older model rather than the 2nd newest? Understand your point, but not his.

  • AZ

    On Polish Nikon official site d300 is listed without the NEW sign, also all the kits are present, same on Czech and German sites

  • Jack

    Com’on guys, informed rumors are one thing and we all like those, but this sounds more like paranoia this idea of template testing… It was most likely a simple SMALL mistake by a web master to add the NEW tag to D300. Com’on – let’s keep real!

    • again – small mistake, could be but my point is why would Nikon change this page – they did not have PRO DSLR announcements since Dec 2008? What were they doing?

      • dude

        NR stop asking questions

    • Remington

      Let’s see… According to the Oxford Online Dictionary

      Rumor (noun)

      “…a currently circulating story or report of unverified or doubtful truth”.

      Perhaps this site should just change its name to and then all you need to do is link to all the new Nikon press releases… simple verified facts!

      I like speculation and anticipation. It keeps people coming back for more and it also creates a lot of paranoia, too, apparently.

  • Zoetmb

    To believe that it says NEW because they’re testing a new template in anticipation of the launch of a newer model is completely absurd in my opinion.

    They probably copied and pasted from the D3X and forgot to remove the call to the NEW.GIF or it’s been there forever and no one ever bothered to remove it:
    alt=”D300″ title=”D300″/>D300  A new class of compact professional SLR with 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor; 6fps continuous shooting; extendable ISO range of 200 to 3200; and EXPEED image processing engine. Superb performance for pros on a budget.  

    • Zoetmb

      I had pasted code in the post above, but the code got changed back to text so you can’t see what was there, but there was a call to the NEW.GIF.

      • Zoetmb – code postings are disabled by default for security reasons. You could be right about the copy and paste, but my point is why would Nikon change this page – they did not have PRO DSLR announcements since Dec 2008? What were they doing?

        • dave

          From my perspective, it’s late spring… and that means hiring college interns as a cheap source of labor. Interns are much more apt to try some new whizbang thing or change something at a whim, and more apt to make mistakes. That’s why they are interns.

  • How is the D300s supposed to compete with the 5D Mark2? Nikon gets to get serious about how Canon is stealing Nikon users. The D300s is a joke.

    • Anonymous

      I agree

      • Lefty K. Monahan

        A joke that still would smoke a 50d, its actual competition? Yes, certainly.

        • Jeff

          not really, the Canon XXD and the Nikon XXXD (dx) aren’t direct competitors, the Canon is simply a lower end and lower priced model. The D300 is considered to be a professional DX camera, and is outfitting accordingly, the 50D is for advanced amateurs. Its just as comparable to the D90 as the D300, though it really lies inbetween the two, both in quality and cost.

  • Weston

    d300s is entertaining, but not realistic. I’ve not lost hope on a D400 in the next 90 days.

    • D400 is entertaining, but not realistic. The D300s makes much more sense, IMO.

      Large updates generally denote a large change from the previous model, AFAIK. Given the D300’s CMOS jump and resulting High ISO abilities, I have to wonder if Nikon has something big enough to rebadge. My guess is No. Flip screen + video + incremental High ISO treatment sounds about right for now.

      Could be wrong. But at this point, I could be equally right.

  • John Dosy-Doe

    I don’t understand why people keep nagging about this? So Nikon added a few extra features to the D300 and they are calling it a D300s. Why is that such a bad thing? Anyone who is in the market for a D300 will probably appreciate the new features even they might not have a direct use for them. This is not a a different camera than the D300, just a newer version of the same camera. In my opinion, this is a good step for Nikon. With the current economy situation releasing a complete upgrade (i.e, D400) will result in sales suffering and not recouping the R&D money. They probably have a D400 prototype, but instead of going ahead and releasing it now, they are waiting for more favorable market conditions.

    If you are a D300 owner and drop it to get a D300s, then, in my opinion, you are simply the type of gadget minded person that wants the ultimate technology…you will always be paying a premium to be up to date.

    The bottom line is that I think in this market, Nikon is better off releasing new/updated lens options rather than new camera bodies.

    • Bingo. The only people that can possibly argue your point are the video diehards (see above). I’m not one of them, so it’s hard for me to sympathize seeing that it’s a function that they’ve done without forever up until the D90 was released. Now it’s a must-have?? I don’t buy it. *shrugs*

      Agree w/ you completely though- release more lenses.

      • Anonymous

        Believe it or not, many video diehards are seeking these cameras almost exclusively for video. Prior to DSLRs with video, they were in the prosumer camcorder market. This is why the video capabilities are the main deciding factor for these consumers.

  • Andi

    To compete with the 5D MkII, they have to upgrade the D700. And I think they will do it. For now the D300 has to compete with the D90 …

    • rwbenjey

      Agreed. People, the “rumored” D300s and the 5D MkII aren’t even in the same arena. STOP comparing the two as if they were.

  • Yama

    Let it not be true please…
    I also desperately need the video function for my major, for this reason I switched from D300 to D90. It turned out, the video quality of D90 is totally unacceptable.
    I might have to consider switching my whole system to canon, especially when I have a 5D mark II on order for $2160, which will have manual control over all the video function really soon.

    • JoeyC

      Mind if I ask where you picked up a 5Dmk2 for that price?

      • Yama

        Sold by AAFES, $2166 after 15% off.

    • So is this a new major that didn’t exist a year ago? Must be if you *NEED* to have video in your camera. Before the D90 came out, the only thing available was point & shoots.

      So either:
      A) People in your field got by w/ different tools (and apparently did well, because the field is still valid (ergo, you’re in it, right?))
      B) You have entered a brand new field. Exciting times! But if so, then how can you not have the proper tools and still pass? You said the D90’s unacceptable. If that’s the case, then the 5DmkII must be a requirement as there are no other options. How does that old maxim go? Buy the tools you need NOW. Have any good Nikon lenses for sale? 😀

      • Yama

        My major requires both photography and filming. I just want one piece equipment to do both. 5D mark II with manual control over video seems to fit the bill perfectly.
        I do have several nikon lens that I really like… I’m growing quite attached with my 85 1.4D… also the wireless flash system of nikon’s—Sb600+SB800… but I won’t miss 50 1.4G at all.

        • As much as I really do hate to see someone convert to Canon, it’s not the end of the world. If you like your current lenses, get a $25 Nikon-to-Canon converter on eBay and you’re set.

    • Alex

      You might not find the 5D Mk 2’s video to be totally acceptable either. Yes it has higher resolution and less compression than the D90, but it’s still 30 FPS (not 24P), and it’s a CMOS sensor so you’re going to get that wobble effect when panning too quickly. This is what the guys who were arguing against me above don’t seem to get. Sure, the 5D2 has more lens options and more depth than a professional video camera, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s better quality. You’re never going to see a full length feature film that was shot on a 5D, and there’s a good reason for that.

  • Jeff

    Am I the only one who thinks Nikon web team just sucks? Seriously we have had so many false alarm “The website is down, that next camera is being added” only to have the website come back up with no noticeable difference.

    Answer me this: why would Nikon test a web template that they have used previously, on a online site, as opposed to a local network server, where they wouldn’t be putting ‘new’ next to a 22 month old camera body?

    I don’t buy this ‘template testing’ the template works.

    • Remington

      Perhaps it’s all part of their marketing strategy to create some buzz.. More than one company has used this strategy in the past.

      • Jeff

        Why, so the 5% of their target market that sits on their webpage and hits refresh for 12 months waiting for a new product to show up, or spend all day on a gear forum can get excited over a phantom? I seriously doubt it, it just doesn’t make sense/

  • Nothing better?!!!

    What an extremely weak rumor if it could even be called a rumor!!! This “rumor” made me laugh.

    You really are on the lookout for something to put on your blog!!! It surely is not something worth posting!! That was a funny rumor that has nothing in it but desperate hope of assuming something from it!!!

  • low

    ok everyone, calm down. i think the error is actually supposed to say d400 rather than d”300″

  • steve

    Nikon comes out with a d700 that does video, and I will order it the same day.

    I love my d90, but really want to go full frame. However, as mentioned above, I have 4 kids, and I love being able to switch into video mode, and grab some short clips. I am not going to be filming Terminator Salvation with my dslr.

    • Desinderlase

      Then D90 must be perfect for you.

    • Eli

      Be patient, it will come. I’m certain that every new Nikon DSLR will have video, aside from the D4/x (but maybe even them, I have no idea of course).

  • While I do not believe this is solid proof one way or the other of a new camera coming out, I agree with the way it is posted as possible confirmation of a coming D300s. This along with recent comments by Thom Hogan on dpreview, have me convinced that the D300s is coming soon. I would have much preferred to see a D400. However, currently the D90 has a number of features that the D300 does not, and even slightly better IQ. So, if they are not ready to release a D400, what is wrong with them improving the current D300? This is not a mojor release, it is like the D70s that updated the D70. It may not convince current D300 owners to update, but makes the new D300s a little more attractive for people moving up from D40-D200’s.

    • shivas

      i’m a new D200 and still waiting, lol!

      I just haven’t seen anything shy of the D700 worth upgrading too, and I refuse to pay more than $799 for a camera body. . .my stupid D200 was only $599 from best buy, had I bought it back in 2007 when I was considering it, I would’ve literally lost well over 50% of my investment, that’s as bad as real estate in FL or CA!!

      • Tomao

        The D200 was that cheap in 2007?? wow

        • rwbenjey

          No, the D200 was that cheap in 2009.

      • acarodp

        This looks a weird way to see the thing. I bought my D200 in april 2006 and paid something like 1800 $ for it. So roughly 3 times what you paid. But I have three years worth of images from it, you don’t. If you buy a camera for the camera, the camera is the investment, and a bad one unless you buy leica or so. If you buy it for the photos, the photos are the investment. I’m not saying you did the wrong thing waiting, but just saying that is not a matter of cost, but a matter of what you did or did not achieve because you did not buy the D200 back then.


  • I wouldn’t upgrade to the D300s if it turned out to be real. I have a D300 and it works just fine. Actually, that’s an understatement. The D300 is an outstanding piece of technology.

    The only problem I have with it is that it would force down the price of the D300 in a similar manner as the D2X/D2Xs, so I will probably get a little less for it if I feel like selling it when I upgrade. If I don’t feel like selling it and keeping it as a back up body, then the D300s isn’t going to really make a difference.

    It’s not the upgrade for me. That’s about it, really.

  • dave

    Why is the D60 listed as new on the Nikon – Canada site?

    • Zoetmb

      Same reason…sloppiness on the part of the web master and/or marketing people. My guess is that Nikon contracts the web site changes out to an external company and that changes only get made once in a great while.

      There is a great deal of inconsistency on the Nikon web sites. You can see this in the language used to describe which lenses work for each body on the U.S. site. The same specification is described differently for different bodies because when creating the spec copy for a new body, no one bothered to go back and see what the copy was for the previous body.

    • Oh, I know someone that told somebody that heard it from someone else who overheard that they actually were posting a template of the new D600, but the lazy webmaster forgot one of the zeroes. LOL! How lazy can you be? A freakin’ ZERO!!

      Don’t rush to congratulate me when the D600 is announced 😀

    • Link?

  • Zoetmb

    Why do people assume that Nikon would expect them to upgrade from a D300 to a D300s? That’s not what this is about, if it’s real. It’s about a process of continuous improvement, much like how Apple makes subtle upgrades to processor speeds, buss speeds, memory and hard disk size in-between more major updates to its product line or how a car company comes out with new models every year, but you may only upgrade every two, five, seven, ten years or whatever.

    If there’s not enough of a qualitative difference between the D300 you already own and the D300s (again, if it’s real), then don’t buy it. I currently own a D200. I didn’t buy the D300 and (probably) won’t buy the D300s. I might buy a D400, depending upon whether there is substantial IQ improvement.

    When Nikon eventually comes out with a D4, they’re not expecting every photographer who owns a D3 or D3x to upgrade either.

    That doesn’t mean the D300s won’t be a worthy product — it just means it’s not for everyone. No single model ever will be.

    • Exactly. Kind of like computers. If you have a 2.1ghz CPU and Intel/AMD come out w/ a 2.6ghz, how many people need to go out and upgrade? Not many! Of course, the overclocking gearheads will, but for the most part, it’s just like you said- incremental upgrades.

  • Mike

    When the D70 became the D70s, Nikon offered firmware to D70 users to bring their D70 upto D70s specs minus the larger LCD display. If there is a sudden discontinuation of the D300 for a D300s, we D300 users may get a firmware upgrade too. Who knows, maybe Nikon will release an external mic adapter so the D300 can have stereo sound if the firmware somehow allows a movie feature. Anything is possible.

    • Nau

      extremely unlikely but good idea

  • Nau

    if you ready to switch brands just coz one of the models that came out not something that u want…. u probly should start focusing on you photography more rather thn on gadget wars
    for all of you who want video … this generation of DSLR is far from good for it… very limited use
    in a year its gone be replaced by second generation which actually might be general purpose-friendly … who gone come up with it Nikon Canon Sony ? who knows … so you gone jump the fence again ? hm… does any one actually buy lenses ?

    • monty11

      nau, don’t be silly … who needs lenses, everyone knows its the camera that takes the picture 😛

  • funny

    nobody needs a D300s. it is silly. Bring a true upgrade. I so hope the rumor proves busted.

  • NikoDoby

    Nikon needs to take away their web team’s chairs. These website “mess ups” must be punished 🙂

  • pete

    nikon and canon have not sorted out AF on video yet. canon is closer but it still lags and is quite clunky to use on the MkII. so those that want video as a truly useful feature will probably have to wait a generation or 2 before it becomes a viable alternative. its still in prototype mode as far as i;’m concerned.

    • Shhh!!!!!!! That’s a secret! All the gadget hounds haven’t thought that far in advance. If you don’t say anything, they’ll buy the first thing that comes out 😀

    • Anonymous

      Those who want to use these cameras for film making want to have %100 manual focus anyway…

      It’s the people who want to casually use the video function to record their families and such that want auto focus.

  • silverfire

    I’d much rather prefer that instead of speculating ‘D300s coming soon?’ that you just post the screenshot and relevant info, and let us draw our own conclusions.

    The kind of leading we’re getting with the speculation sometimes skews our perceptions of each rumor.

    But do please keep on posting anything with any remote shred of concreteness!

  • Dan

    It is odd to have a camera that was released with the D3 to have “NEW” imprinted on it considering it’s the D3x, which is the D3’s spiritual successor to be the other camera imprinted with “NEW”.

    I wouldn’t think of any web designer to commit such a simple mistake considering there are only 4 items in the professional category.
    I would however, believe a web designer lazy enough to mod an existing template especially if the upgrade would just be to add an “s” and a phrase like “video capability” in the literature.

    The D300s makes sense. Nikon was surprised with the 5D MkII’s video capability (considering the D700’s features), perhaps already had a D400 in development but its video capabilities weren’t as good. They might have decided to just add the video they had initially designed for the D400 onto the existing D300 which still owns the 50D and continue to develop something really good for the D400.

    Hopefully, Nikon can modify Sony’s new Exmor R sensors to rival that of the 5D MkII’s video capabilities.

  • WaitingfortheD400

    The “new” label has dissappeared.

    • Hornet’s nest stirred. Job accomplished. Label removed on schedule.

  • I just want to be able to buy a new D300 a couple of years from now when the shutter count starts to matter. For me the only thing this camera is missing is 100 iso.

    Not to say there aren’t improvements I could end up depending on. I would never have bought the D300 because of the sensor cleaning, but since I went ahead and turned it on for start up and shut down I’ve had zero dust problems.

    • believe it or not but on D300 is ISO 100 (LO1) better than ISO200 even though it is not native. Color, noise and dynamic range is all better. only less recovery headroom in highlights.

  • Jon

    I’m still using my two D70s bodies, they’ve taken a beating but keep on going, The same with my 80-400vr. I’m ready to upgrade, I’d go for the D300s as well as a new AFS 80-400. Have no problems staying DX.

  • afterdarkernikon

    Hahahahaha. I hope Nikon is reading this.

    For sure Nikon will not survive if they depend only on pleasing the pros.

    They should please the amateurs as well. Video on DSLR will really please alot of amateurs plus put more megapixel they will go crazy and buy them.

  • MB

    D300 is not as NEW anymore, Nikon is reading this posts also.

    • Jeff

      or they caught it themselves, since the webmaster is supposed to go around the page checking for errors, etc…

  • Jim

    The internet can be ridiculous.
    Do you know that people actually quote your rumors and words as a factual source on other websites all over the place?

    So far I haven’t seen a rumor that you have started that has come true. How many times have you started some rumor about d400? How many have been right? NONE.

    • Jim, I have no control over other sites – I suggest you contact them directly. I can tell that you are new here and I am sorry to disappoint you with the information I have.

  • Jim

    Why is this story still up? It is no longer listed as “new”.

  • Jim

    You tagline should be “where there’s smoke, there is fire, and I am holding the matches.”

    • Remington

      Perhaps you didn’t see my post earlier… According to the Oxford Online Dictionary

      “Rumor (noun)…a currently circulating story or report of unverified or doubtful truth”.

      Key words “unverified or doubtful truth”. I think this is exactly what this site provides being a “Rumor” site.

  • Jay

    Anyone notice the Nikon Europe site no longer lists “New” after the D300 listing?

  • Jools33

    The Nikon store website in Sweden has stopped listing the D300 completely – you cannot order it – the DSLRs they list are: D5000, D90, D700, D3, D3X – see:

  • Jools33

    I should add D60 to the above list.

  • TheRealJim

    Guys, leave admin alooooone!
    Seriously, if you don’t want to get rumors, go to

    Admin, I might be one one the only few, but I truly think you’re doing a great job, and no matter what those folks here think, we’ve never been this close to get a D400.

    Keep up the good work!

  • zack

    Nikon will regret this move if it’s true. They should’ve upgraded D90 firmware and that would do the job. It seems that at this point NIkon can’t make a camera with better bideo capabilities or fix the existing, but what they do is to push that video capabil. into existing cams. Very stupid move.

  • Bad inference!!!

    How can you infer from the fact that the Nikon D300 is listed as NEW that a D300s is coming soon????????!!!!!!!!
    You really have to get back to Logic 101!!!

  • Jools33

    Agreed a bad inference – but they might be onto something all the same…
    Why would Nikon Sweden suddenly delist all signs of the D300 from their internet store?

  • Neil

    The clearest sign a D300s or D400 is coming is that I just bought a second D300…

  • I.T

    to be honest?

    this is a waste of time and money
    its obviously fake
    think about it from nikon’s point of view
    why the hell would you release a D300s?

    has nikon ever released an S version of their 000 cameras?

    look down the line
    only plusable things to come out are
    D400, D500,D600 D800 and D900
    adding video to the D300 is a bold marketing move and to think about it
    why would they even bother adding such a minute difference?
    plus if you think about the body size
    a twin cardslot would not work out
    even if the second card is SDHC

    this is an obvious fake
    but yeah i’m still waiting to be proven wrong

    i was told that a D400 will come out in August from someone in nikon
    and that it will have the same ISO performance as the D3/D700
    and there will be a replacement for the D3 having double the ISO performance
    and 16mp FX so yeah

  • Jet

    Regardless of the name, it is about time (based on previous times taken for release of new models) Nikon released the upgrade for the D300. Surely it wont have the same high ISO performance as the D3/D700, being a DX body, but I’m sure it will be better than the current offerings. And HD Video… Yes Please 🙂
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    • I.T

      yes to an extent the ISO performance won’t be 100% the same as the D3/D700.
      but the DX upgrade will offer similar performance to the FX counterparts
      where as the D700 will be replaced next year in july.
      possibly carrying the proposed 16mp D3H chip
      but putting video is not advisable unless nikon wants to ruin their semi pro line like canon.
      seriously the 5D mk2 is just purely a marketting gimmic.
      NO professionals buy it.

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