Nikon’s Facebook response

This is Nikon's Facebook response to their statement from yesterday that "a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses":

"We know some of you took offense to the last post, and we apologize, as it was not our aim to insult any of our friends. Our statement was meant to be interpreted that the right equipment can help you capture amazing images. We appreciate the passion you have for photography and your gear, and know that a great picture is possible anytime and anywhere."

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  • MB

    Nikon obviously hired some very stupid people in marketing who do not have any connection to photography.
    Same people obviously made all the decisions on how Nikon 1 should look like.
    Sadly enough we could find same kind of people among us.

    • MarketingTards

      Original Statement:
      “Nikon obviously hired some very stupid people in marketing who do not have any connection to photography.”

      Corrected Statement:
      “[Company] obviously hired some very stupid people in marketing who do not have any connection to [anything they make].”

  • fred

    Nikon needs to quit it with the Ashton Kutcher mentality, and get back to its roots. Imagine if the tone of their marketing was inspired by just one serious photographer, instead of by a philandering pretty-boy and a bunch of southeast Asian teenage girls looking for something that matches their Hello Kitty gear. Come on Nikon, give your White House press pool clients custom white leather D800’s, put gritty war photographers in your ads, and make at least one rangefinder-style body.

    • Bjrichus


      Nice summary of the situation.

    • Jabs


      Nice ‘laundry list’ of problems but alas, you don’t know how people really are today plus what sells.

      Digital photography has gone mainstream for quite some time and real photographers are now the minority and gear is now more important than photographers, as that is today’s reality.

      • fred

        Advertising shapes culture as much as it responds to it. Nikon treating photography as a serious activity would do good for the world of image making and consumption, and good for the sales of DSLR’s over compacts. Chasing the next iPod will lead them down the slope to irrelevance. They’re already on their way.

        • Martin

          You hit the nail there. I see it a bit like sports car manufacturers. Of course they make the vast majority of their revenue selling cars to rich aspirational playboys and overpaid TV personalities who could never hope to exploit the cars’ full potential and could be outpaced by a Ford Transit around the Nurburgring (stand up Mr Clarkson). But, nevertheless, if the cars’ design and philosophy does not remain rooted in real world racing performance then they loose their mojo.

          Likewise Nikon should pursue photograpic excellence, overlaid with a dash of consumer comfort and style, even though the majority of their customers mey never be ‘photographers’.

          • ZoetMB

            B.S. The overwhelming majority of people who buy sports cars buy them with an automatic transmission, which always makes me laugh. And the majority get driven on the streets in cities where the speed limit is 30 mph or on highways in rush hour where one is usually in bumper-to-bumper traffic. So it’s all for show. That’s why there are so many red “performance” cars and it’s why so many are bought either by young punks or older men: they’re both insecure about their sexuality so they show it off with a fancy car.

            I’m not saying Nikon should never do a marketing campaign featuring the best professional photographers using Nikon equipment, but that’s not what sells cameras to the masses. And TV advertising is too expensive to sell the high end to the relatively small number of pros and artists, who probably don’t watch much television anyway.

            Ashton Kutcher, for better or worse, does sell cameras to the masses and his new role starring on “Two and a Half Men”, one of the highest rated shows on television, will only help matters. And since most cameras within the same class do pretty much the same thing, you can’t sell the camera–you sell the brand and lifestyle (whether real or not) and the lifestyle Kutcher is selling is that if you use this camera, you’ll look cool and hot girls will be friendly towards you. The first rule of selling is don’t sell features, sell benefits. The second rule is if there isn’t much in the way of benefits to sell, sell the lifestyle.

            And remember, Nikon sells almost 3x more P&S cameras than DSLRs (although the DSLRs are priced higher).

            Now what Nikon could do is continue the Kutcher style campaigns in mass media but go more professional in specialty media, like photography magazines. The problem is that with all the info available online, the specialist photography magazines are on the decline. And really, for the high end DSLR, what could Nikon ever put in an ad that will convince you to buy the camera? The fact is that when the D4 or the D800 or the D400 is released, pros and serious photographers will evaluate those cameras by their merits and then make appropriate purchasing decisions (and adjusted by their own biases, since many or either fanboys or haters). Will any ad really make any difference other than keeping Nikon in one’s mind on a subconscious level?

            • Btw the ‘BMW m3 has automatic drive, and nikon still produces some of the most f****** amazing lenses like the 14-24 and 24-70 some just relax and wait till next year so that the d4 and d800 come out and smoke you away.

              cheers and kind regards

            • Jabs


              Exactly – expecting things to stay the same forever is like a death sentence for photography.

              Photography + Video = today’s reality

              Low price cameras that can do what the majority of people want to do is what sells and not what many want to force down the throats of consumers.

              With new Technical developments, then a segment of the market place becomes irrelevant as what once took only a seasoned Pro to do years ago, can now be done easier and often better by mere cheap gear.

              1. Panoramas
              2. HDR
              3. D-Lighting
              4. Fill flash
              5. Red Eye reduction
              6. Smile only shutter release
              7. Focus tracking
              8. Best shot selection

              and on and on.

        • paf

          @fred – very well put. Agree 110%.

        • Jabs


          Nice sentiments but that ship sailed a couple of years ago as cameras went mainstream – as in became a commodity item made mainly now in China in humongous factories like what has occurred to manufacturing in most fields.

          The Internet is now the tool to teach and spread the serious nature and beauty of photography and I personally love web sites like, where you can see the amazing talents of photographers worldwide easily plus learn much.

          Compacts plus cell phones for photography and videography are what people use to express themselves now and thus both have gone mainstream and become a bigger part of our lives. Flikr, U-Tube, Vimeo and Facebook are where people now are sharing much plus hang out. They post smaller files with different forms of expressions and thus a changed world oblivious to ultimate megapixels and technical excellence now.

          Photographers like you and I need to now embrace change in a changed world instead of wishing for the past to come back.

          IT’S dead and new ways have expanded the reach of photography and that unfortunately is lost on many ‘serious photographers’ and thus they probably will die or be forced into so small a niche, that there will be fewer and fewer of them around.

          Look at Ron’s web site and see the thrusts of a new millenia and then learn something yourself. You GO where the people are or you get left behind and die.

          Ever heard of AR or Acoustic Research (the original Company in Boston, Massachusetts)? They made amazing products (reference loudspeakers plus turntables) and then change came and killed them. AR’s LST1 and 2 plus the TSW910 and MGC-1 were amazing products and they got too expensive plus too complex, so no one bought them, as they also were too huge and looked different, as in from another generation or time, hence apply that now.

          EVERYTHING (just about too – lol) must change = life’s path.

    • Anon

      still waiting for that Nikon S5, a S-mount camera with a digital 24×36 sensor and an old fashioned rangefinder in it. Never gonna happen though :C

      • Jabs

        @Anon – lol

        Maybe you did not look closely at the new Nikon 1 V1 – hmmmm!

        You better off wanting or waiting for a new F7 than a new S5 – lol.

  • Joe

    I bet Henri Cartier-Bresson used a D3X…

  • Jabs
  • Boris

    Oh who gives a shit what is said on Facebook!?

    • PHB

      Oddly enough I was asked to sign a pledge today not to subscribe to any site that only offers login via Facebook connect.

      Easy for me as my FB account is locked out for six months now due to some stupidity on their part.

  • Jabs

    Nikon’s new thrust towards Social Networking got lost in the translation from probably Japanese to English and people are now clearly discussing it, so Nikon WON lots of publicity.

    Got you talking and complaining while burying the talk about other Manufacturers and their new gear = publicity win.

    Now, just for them to Release the newer FX and DX gear via Social Networks and VOILA’ – they have accomplished their goals.

    Old guard Marketing ways being trumped by new ideas for a new camera system with younger people targeted and focused on WHERE they are, while being marketed differently to make more money to give us here the new shiny toys that we love – brilliant strategy lost on you all.

    Nikon 1 System is NOT being marketed to Pros or us here.

    It makes the money to pay for the manufacture of your upcoming D4, D400, D800 and D4X, perhaps!

    You asked Nikon to loosen up and change HERE constantly and then when they DO exactly that, you now complain more because they took care of a certain Market before you = you are selfish idiots who don’t know what PAYS the bills for Nikon.

    • Melvin


      The consumer market subsidizes the pro market. The pro equipment, while excellent pieces of technology, is only there for brand prestige and to showcase what they can do with that brand.

    • Panoramicus

      Jabs said
      “You asked Nikon to loosen up and change HERE constantly”

      Exactly ! Nikon have probably made their boldest move in the last 20 years and still getting so many complaints!

    • Ren Kockwell

      Gimme a break, Jabs. This was neither bold nor intentional. It was simply a dumb mistake that required a retraction because the statement was totally off-brand and flies in the face of everything else Nikon does from a marketing perspective.

      My agency provides content to dozens of large corporations for Facebook. It’s a big task executed typically by younger, less experienced content generators and moderators (who more than likely don’t even work at Nikon) because companies want a FB presence but don’t want to pay to do it right because it is so labor intensive. So this was just a simple dumb misstep by a young writer/account aid—it happens. But the public doesn’t know that, and if you want to play the FB game, you get what you get. Everyone today is looking for these things to leap on. You can be right 99% of the time and get obliterated by that 1%, and if you’re not careful, it then can define you.

      So is it a big deal? Not at all if you know how and why it happened. But few do, and FB is a popularity and gossip medium at its core, so why is everyone surprised when it blows up like this? Same thing happens with juicy gossip. It’s a politically correct world out there.

      • Jabs


        A simple answer for you!

        Do you then believe that ‘Reality Television’ in America and all over the world is NOT staged and then real?

        LOL – while you try and answer this.

        Yeah – everyone is a fool and there really are Teenage Ninja Turtles and Transformers do exist, right?

        SO, it went viral by accident then?

        So ‘mindless nitwits’ or bubble headed nitwits run Nikon, eh? – AT LEAST the Marketing Division then???

        Yeah – they had a ‘zit faced’ clueless High School dropout who had this as their first assignment and they messed up royally?


        Who started Facebook, then?


  • Melvin

    The response could have easily been converted into something that invoked a buying frenzy of Nikon gear. But their response is weak. Should have said something like, “Prove us wrong. Here’s a $50 off coupon to any nikon lens or camera if you print this FB post”.

  • Al

    “a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses“

    How come they haven’t apologised to the female photographers? I guess it’s only men who are as good as the equipment they use then …

    • Should we apologise to males for countries being referred to as “her”?

    • Corinne

      Most intelligent women know that “he” is shorthand for all people where saying “he/she” would be awkward. Guys like you make my ovaries hurt.

      • Zeroamalogue

        It’s good to know some of us still understand the English language.

    • WTF

      I think they should have corrected it.

  • Don

    It’s all part of the I am coming campaign. Men are only as good as their equipment; photographer men included.

  • Don

    Hey, if it really doesn’t take good equipment, why are we buying it?

  • Mike

    I don’t understand why so many people took offense to Nikon Facebook comment. Seriously people, it does make a different what equipment we use… if that wasn’t true then the pros wouldn’t use the best equipment they can get their hands on.

    Obviously you still need the creative eye and you need to understand the principles of composition, but it bugs me when it bugs people when they are asked what camera equipment they use.

  • BenS

    Nikon does care ! They apologized .. thats a class act. Love Nikon !

    Now if they could only hurry up with the d700 replacement 🙂 .. i dun believe i said that …

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    That’s it! I’m switching to Canon for some reason!

  • Corinne

    That’s it, I’m switching to Hasselblad!

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    That’s it! I’m switching to Fisher-Price!

    • paf

      Finally! Now you can appreciate the true “colors” of equipment!
      Glad someone else took the step in this direction too.. I kinda felt alone…

  • Amused

    Found these Nikon FaceBook responses light-hearted & amusing:

    “Why apologize? A photographer can’t exceed the capabilities of his equipment, and Nikon makes some of the finest photographic gear on the planet…or out in space. Leica and Hasselblad make the rest!”, BW

    On why apologise-“Because there are plenty of people who have lots of money and buy all the expensive gear and still can’t take a decent photograph to save their lives,…”, TTK

    • Kenener

      I dare everyone to shoot a good photograph that exceed the capability of the equipment used. Sports or moon photography using 18-55mm, insect 1:1 macrophotography using 18-55mm, or may be close-up portrait with wide angle.

  • fov

    Nikon’s statement reminds me of Ratatuille’s “anyone can cook ! ”

    You can be better than others, but can you beat yourself regardless of equipment choice ?

  • Hhom Togan

    Bleh and meh, the people in the net are too sissy sometimes 😛 Life is too full of real drama to worry about these things. If you are among those who are “offended” by Nikon’s statement: get a life, there are better things to do than wasting your time like this.

  • Moth Flopwell

    Nikon…get your head’s out ur asses and give US what we need and want.

  • k2

    You can’t blame Nikon for performing poorly in PR recently since they have diverted all their resources to the coming D800 and D4. Well hopefully 🙂

  • Mindlessbuttonpusher

    People need to get over THEMSELVES! People get offended these days by nearly everything. If you honk your horn in a calm manner at an intersection because the guy ahead if you is playing with his Sony NEX 5n instead of watching to see if the light has changed, he’d get offended. The answer to Facebook is to get off of it, and start living your life in the real, physical world 😉 It’s OBVIOUS that Nikon meant nothing by their comment, and should never had to issue an apology–sad world we live in. All those who were offended: “Get over yourselves!” Its like a tire company saying “Your ride is only as safe as the tires you have on your car.” Why are we even on this forum or any, discussing equipment, if the lenses we used don’t matter? I switched to Nikon after 10 years with the company with white lenses. Why? Because of what Nikon has said. I was tired if rack focusing and blown out flash. I switched, problem solved. The statement is true I you are a pro and “really” push your gear to it’s limit. If you sit on forums all day and whine about gear, you probably really don’t know what it can do anyway. No apologies here.

  • Much adue

    This is “manufactured outrage”, and nothing more.

    Was it a bit haughty for Nikon to post this? To insinuate that it’s products are better? Maybe. But the fact that there is “outrage!!!!!” is so unbelievable silly. We have become so thin-skinned as a society.

    PR-wise they did the right thing by apologizing. But it’s ashamed they had to.

  • MB

    Nikon statement was something like:
    “You are as much of a women as the size of your breast implant”
    “You are as young as much Botox you inject”
    And indeed this is a sad world we live in where too many people would have agreed with this because they need to get over THEMSELVES.
    On the other hand in photography there are good, not so good and really lousy photographers no mater how much money they spend on their gear.

  • Ant

    Some good appreciation of what’s going on here and some which could be characterised as paranoid. What we see here is the eternal battle for the soul of marketing. Alas many people think that good marketing is based on talking as loudly as possible, whilst those in the know appreciate that good marketing is really about understanding what your customers value and positioning your product in those terms. Of course that all counts for nothing if the product doesn’t live up to it. This was a cock-up, but hopefully it will be learned from.

  • D700guy

    So, now we have what; 4 months until any possible DSLR news surfaces? Feb 2012 right?

  • I have a d80. I really want a d3x. I think equipment will help me take better photos. Anyone willing to go to my site and tell me if I should just give up the idea of taking photos? And wanting the best Nikon has to offer? Cause I think I could use the best equipment they make. Maybe I am a dreamer but I think I can really use a d3x. I take no offense to their post. If you use crappy tools you will get crappy results period! You think the pros are walking around with d1’s? We live in a technological age where these cameras are evolving. And when you look at what they had ten years ago you can do better with a new point and shoot camera.

    In the film days all you needed was a great lens. And some good film. And for the most part the film and lens did make a difference. Today it’s a lot more complicated and it’s evolving. I am expecting that the new f4 will be brilliant. And so will the d800. It’s evolution revolution and Nikon is at the forefront. The d4 will either make or break them. The tsunami already has cost them the sales of their d700 and 300s and d300x. So now they gotta make a darn awesome camera…..

    • Kenener

      sadly, most people think that camera/equipment has NOTHING TO DO with the pictures. Like, they could take moon closeup photos using their 18-55 lens, or flash photography without flashes. They are so proud with the “it’s not the camera, it’s the man behind the camera that matters”, they think that better equipments WILL NOT make pictures better, AT ALL.

      Let’s say about equipments, and then say anything about photo/results, they will quick to say “no!! equipment doesn’t matter blah blah” without thinking.

    • having seen your blog and assuming that landscape photography is your thing you should ask your self why do you need a d3x? Just in order to be be able to print big? Well than I say go with a (used?) canon 5d mkII, the 17-40 and 70-200 f4 L and you are set with FF lenses for less than the d3x price 🙂 otherwise go with a used d3 or d700 and be happy for years to come… A d3x won’t make you better pictures than a d700 – it will just let them look better in large print size.

    • Jabs


      The D3X in the hands of a ‘master photographer’ will do what no other camera in 35mm DSLR land can do, including any camera from either Canon or Sony.

      Aim for the best and learn your craft as the D3X will indeed expose your shortcomings as a photographer and more importantly, the FILES from it show that clearly, as in no contest from even a D3s.

      Look at the files and not the people who write crap and never examine the files themselves but merely make arbitrary guesses from flawed data or nonsensical baloney.

      When you zoom into the RAW files of a D3X under Linux 64bit, I see NO artifacts and that is the only DSLR that I have seen that from at extreme magnifications like 1600%+ with those huge files.

      It is not about print quality as even a cheap P&S can do great prints, but it is about 16bit files with greater tonality and nothing else. Outrageous quality for a price for those who KNOW better or have the discerning eye and equipment to see it clearly themselves!

      • See you understand. I am looking for the best quality I can get. My d80 was a great place to start for me. After shooting film for years it was great to try digital with one. I had originally decided on a d300s but after shooting with one it did not deliver the photographs I wanted. I wanted that depth. I wanted the shadow detail not just black spaces. I wanted to see the shade in the tones. I was seeing the short comings in my d80 and knew that I could do better. I got to the point that I felt that I was wasting my time even shooting with a d80. So I tried to figure out how to get the best photos with what I have for now. I shoot all my photos in manual mode. I adjust the asa the shutter and f stop. I control the camera. Just as I did with film. I am just patiently waiting for some d3x’s to show up for sale for a reasonable price. Since the tsunami the price has went up. It will fall as soon as Nikon releases their new d4. Maybe I will just end up with that camera instead. Do you have a gallery of photos from a d3x? I would love to look at it if you do. Most of the photos I have seen taken with one are not very good. So it would be nice to see some. You sound like you have a good handle on how to use one…

  • David

    What’s with Nikon Rumors and Belly Fat?

  • Ben

    Nikon actually responded to customer feedback? This is a day that shall long be remembered!

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