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What is this camera?

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I received this link to a dpreview thread about the new Nikon camera that leaked few days ago. On page six at the bottom you will find this picture: My first impression was that the viewfinder is too big for an entry level Nikon DSLR but then I tried to find exactly what camera this […]

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Nikon D5000 started to come out of the woods

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Sent in by a reader: “A popular camera store here in Sweden has a special campaign where you get a free Nikon T-shirt when buying a D90, a D5000 or a selected lens.” Can someone in Sweden call this store for more details? Thanks. Source

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Just some crops for comparison

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Some crops form the spy shots:    and for comparison here is a D40 shot from above: As some readers have noticed, the pop-up flash shape is different and the mode dial button has 13 settings (the D40 has only 12). I think one of the settings reads “SCENE”, the rest appear to be identical.

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This is the real deal (Nikon D5000)

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A reader sent me the following link from a local Dubrovnik website (Google translation): “During the last three days in the historical center in several different locations recorded the advertising spot for the new camera manufacturer Nikon known. The main protagonist is a young man shooting in Vienna and model who always wears Versace shows, while […]

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Got 3 more (Nikon D5000)

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I actually got in touch with the person who took those pictures. The location was Dubrovnik, Croatia where a camera crew was shooting a commercial (possibly for Nikon). The pictures were taken yesterday. I also got 3 new ones (click for high-res):    Update: forgot to mention that the camera used in the commercial shoot was […]

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More spy shots (Nikon D5000)

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Click on image for high-res version.

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The next new entry level Nikon DSLR (D5000?)

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We now have the first picture of what could be the next entry level Nikon DSLR with a swivel display (D5000 or D500?). In addition we should see 12-15 mpixels, video mode but not full HD. The date? April 14. Picture source: Somethingawful

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