Nikon D5000 started to come out of the woods

Sent in by a reader:

"A popular camera store here in Sweden has a special campaign where you get a free Nikon T-shirt when buying a D90, a D5000 or a selected lens."


Can someone in Sweden call this store for more details? Thanks.


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  • Anonymous

    is that DX on the sleve? isn’t that like wearing a shirt that says “hey, I need viagra!” jk 🙂

    I’d like one of those w/o the sleve logos though.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, I don’t need viagra, but I like it. It’s fun.

      Imagine they put FX on the sleeve. That’s like saying I’ve got a big sensor because I need an enhancement.

  • Yep, that’s an easy target for the FX fanboys such as ^^^

  • Anonymous

    ladies and gentlemen, nothing to get excited – this image is a fake. look at the first 0’s in the D5000 then look at the last 0… the last 0 is thinner in width compared to first two 0’s.

    why do it have to be D90 and D5000 only? what about D40 and D60?

    the lens selection is ver-r-r-ry awkward… a 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 60mm… and friggin’ 16-85mm and 18-200mm? sounds pretty old, what about PC-E lenses? what about 18-105mm VR? why include an expensive nikkor lens when “D5000” is supposedly to be cheap?

    nikon was selling this same shirt for years and years ((in the merchandise section)).

    • Eli

      “why do it have to be D90 and D5000 only? what about D40 and D60?”

      Because the D5000 is supposed to be replacing the D40 and D60.

    • Eli

      Oh and, if it goes to a real site, what makes you think it’s fake? This image is still up on their page. The last “0” may be *slightly* off but it’s not like, somebody photoshopped this, that’s their fault.

      • qw

        It’s one of the most respected Internet dealers in Sweden, so the site is real.Very real.

  • Anton

    You’ll have to wait for more details, the store is closed until tuesday (due to easter). 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I thought the D5000 was a given after the shots of big foot the adventure pirate.

    The interesting news now is about any lenses. I notice no new lens in this ad.

  • rad

    all of those are newer, (16-85) or remakes (60 and 24-70) whos to say this isn’t suggesting a new 70-200?

    • Because a new 70-200 totally wouldn’t be a “remake”, right?

  • Pablov

    I hope the D400 follows soon…

    If there is a lens announcement, I guess it would be some kind of DX kit for the D5000, unless a D400 is announced too (mmm, I doubt it)

  • Emil

    I’m from sweden, and that’s a rather well-known store here. I believe it, and I’ll call them on Tuesday (after the easter holidays) and ask for more details.

    • Pablov

      On tuesday 14th it’s supposed to be the Nikon press announcement 🙂

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    Bodies come and go, but glass last for years and years. I will not get too excited about any body until it is announced and ultimately available, but a new high quality lens is another story.

  • madias

    I don´t care about Nikon D5000 but i want that t-shirt !

  • Peter

    Seems the d5000 is gone from the picture now, only lists d90 😀

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